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    here we go newbie new

    Hello, and yes join the dark side, Join the Brotherhood, and be graced by our savior Kane!
  2. Scorpio XIII

    Block Checker Malware

  3. Scorpio XIII

    *is speechless*

    WTFH?!?!?! How da hell does Iraq "Harbor" Gays, thats news to me. I honestly say "Screw the Church!" sometimes, and this is one of them. As to Acerz post, that is so stupid, i dont give a shiz about gays, they do whatever the hell they want as long as they stay the frick away from me.
  4. Scorpio XIII

    Good game, bad plot

    Like ive said, the Gameplay makes up for the lack of a story, Generals IS a great game, mainy because I rarly play Campaigns in C&C games, mainly do online, or Vs. AI. (and the Skirmish AI is far ahead of YR)
  5. Scorpio XIII

    Favorite Side?

    NNNNUUKKKKKKKKEEEE!!!!!!!!! Mwhahahaha MAKE THINGS GO BOOM!!!!!!! Yeah, I really like nuclear weapons, I also like the USAF General too. I do play all the Generals often, just Nuke and USAF slightly more than the others
  6. Scorpio XIII


    Generals has NOTHING to do with any other C&Cs, which was its one of its downfalls along with NO storyline, but it does have excellent gameplay. The descreption only means its the newest C&C game
  7. Scorpio XIII

    Which Drone is Best?

    I use battle drones for quick battlefield fixes for my tanks and for Anti-Infantry or as Cannon fodder for Anti-Tank or AA weapons
  8. Scorpio XIII

    Avie/Sig rating

    Flak's siggie is from HL2 if ya didnt know its the Civil Protection (Police), the Elite Combine Soldier, and the standard Combine Soldier. My Sig is a Tau toolbar from WH 40k mod for Generals.
  9. Scorpio XIII

    Pic of the Day

    Those almost look like Cicadas, but i dunno, I dont care much for bugs. Camping: Doing unto others before they do unto you.
  10. Scorpio XIII

    Zee Instant Messager thread

    AIM and MSNM, used to do ICQ, but abandoned that
  11. Scorpio XIII

    instalation problem

    Of the 3 times I called they were clueless.
  12. Scorpio XIII

    Pic of the Day

    well the ice is often up to 3 - 4 in. thick (which was bad for me because I was still recovering from hip surgery, because I fell and broke it about 5 months earlier) , I went during spring break, the hotel I stayed in, you walk out the front door your on Red square (BTW my hotel was the one that had the Explosives under it from WWII :lol:) Yea, also what was kewl is I got to take a tour to the inside Kremilin walls, btw Kremilin means Fortress in Russian. Saw an art gallery. Went to the Red Oktober Chocolate factory (Red Oktober is the leading brand of chocolate in Russia) and GUM, the giant Russian mall. All in all it was pritty cool.
  13. Ok, this is my Rank request: Nod Templar Pic: (i choose this because i like to use the Templar Extra in Renny whenever I have the chance) I hope the Pic is sufficent (.jpg Format) Thank You
  14. Scorpio XIII

    Pic of the Day

    Say hello to the Red Square: Real sattilite image BTW ive been here
  15. Scorpio XIII

    skirmish problem

    That seems about right
  16. Scorpio XIII

    adding russia

    sounds like Generals
  17. Scorpio XIII

    Units i need

    lol yeah that may help
  18. Scorpio XIII

    Comand and Conquer Gold

    yeah, im a part time pain in the ass, but I just got fired
  19. Scorpio XIII

    g'day everyone

    :lol: :lol: :lol: yup
  20. Scorpio XIII

    Buaaa! I am the chunk monster!

    Lol. Well welcome Chunk
  21. Scorpio XIII

    Reborn Trailer One!

    yeah, do so, they r kewl
  22. Scorpio XIII

    Religious beliefs

    im supposed to be christian but I like to worship Egyptian gods.....
  23. Scorpio XIII

    What did you do today?

    Played Renny, typed on this forum
  24. Scorpio XIII

    Weather report

    Was 86 degrees (F) sunny, now its night 73 degrees (F)