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  1. Not sure if its there on Hard, but on Medium, theres a Disruption Tower by the WF, just group the Nuke trucks there, they're hidden from view, and if by any chance they get shot, the WF drones will give them a fix up. As for getting the Nuke trucks, I took two then let the last one come to me after destroying the Tiberium Tower that blocks the escape. As for the Sonics, I killed a few but I dodged most of them.


    What I had Issues with was getting a Saboteur into the Tech Centre on the Far side of the map... a bonus objective, I know, But still...

  2. Well like I said in my Return Thread, a couple years ago I broke my hip at the femur... but how I did it was how it was bizarre. I was outside running, I slid on a patch of mud and hit my hip on a concrete curb, snapping it. May not seem odd to most people but it made the doctors go "WTF?!"

  3. Yeah... sure all the Jewish people in Europe made stories of them being put in camps and all the thousands of Jews that died, didn't die, they just went *poof*. Yeah, right.... idiots... Holocaust Denial is such a pile of S*** (Sorry for the language, but its true.) The Holocaust is a MAJOR part of Human history, leaving it out is unacceptable, Muslims shouldn't be an exception, it will only spread the virus of denial.

  4. Heh, yeah, don't get me wrong, I exercise plenty. I just was born a Computer/Tech geek not a Sports player. Its just never really appealed to me... don't even watch it on TV. Also be forced into Social Exile may do that too... Anyways, thanks for the warm Welcome (and sarcastic ones), everyone. I can definitely see the greatness of this forum has not diminished. (Not that I thought it would :wink: )



    Oh, completely off topic, but, I just finished bearing the GDI Campaign (Only did it to get to the Scrin one, and maybe get some more Nod data.) and am on the Scrin one :] (Finished the Nod one about a day after getting the game.)

  5. Yeah.... its been awhile... but I have returned. Life was kinda dragging me down after breaking my hip in '05 (Not sports related, I avoid sports like the plague) and the couple of surgeries afterward. (At 15 -_-) Then life threw all other kinds of crap at me. I kind of forgot about the great community here, then I wasn't sure If I should have even bothered coming back. But I decided I would. Don't know If anyone really cares....

  6. lol after looking at the site those xmas buttons are cool. Well tacky, but still cool for the season.. lol.. I'm in a festive mood. :P
    I see, you got your Christmas Smiley Up!

    I like how the Admins changed him to Dumbass Guest instead of normal Guest, GJ :owned::owned: