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  1. Dude. >_> Give him a chance, he really is as good as he says he is. Trust me on that. You two should play each other sometime. When the first two appear on the thread, my opinion will change. Sharpiro cares not if someone wants to waste their life infront of a computer game. Patriot batteries are killed by a single bomb truck. Simple.
  2. Mr_Lee_

    Favorite General and why?

    Soviet, you can fight me anytime you want... ...any general worth his stripes normally has something in his base for mobile defense. i personally use a helix with bunker/battle bus/ humvee. nice versatile defenses.
  3. You really are irrelevant. Make sense, spell properly or piss off. Killing patriots can be done with a few MiGs.
  4. Mr_Lee_

    Alpha's - can they be taken down?

    Badger, shush, please, for the love of god, shush. Auroras aren't fair. Nothing more to it.
  5. Mr_Lee_

    Favorite General and why?

    Masked Shah, I commend you on a job well done. txt spk nvr got any1 anywere Redhawk. Prove to the regulars you can walk the walk, then you may have the chance to talk the talk.
  6. Mr_Lee_

    Tactical Matchups

    Since we all seem to be overly fond of games where tactics like spamming units and rushes, I've devised the following as a set of what I would see to be 'guidelines' for tactically balanced games, and I will be suggesting this is how championship matches on 'War @CNCNZ' are played. - Use one of the recommended tournament maps - Set the starting funds to 30,000 - Turn superweapons off. - Do not start any form of attacking for 15 minutes. - No unit spamming or hacks. - Be a sportsman. I realise there are some problems that can arise, like if you both go for the same oil refinery, however, this really should be considered as a form of attacking, as could scouting, but that shouldn't really matter if you're a good player. These rules may seem blindly obvious, but I used to play by these rulesd with some friends, and it made for some of the best Generals matchups in my life. [/i]
  7. Heres something those of you with a GSOH will find hilarious: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfODSPIYwpQ Enjoy!
  8. Mr_Lee_

    Brokeback to the Future

    Sonic: Grow up! Its not intended in that way, its done as nothing more than a parody, to say it ruins the franchise shows a lack of a GSOH. GeneralZ: whats the problem?
  9. Mr_Lee_

    Holy Crap... o_0

    Telewest 10 MB broadband is teh roxx0rs in the UK - I have it now
  10. Mr_Lee_

    My "I have a dream speach"

    Badger, dear, we don't care, really we don't, you've just proved your leet skillz make you into nothing more than another spec on the forum idiot spectrum. Back on topic I have a bream...
  11. Mr_Lee_

    The Silo

    Anyone wanting to make a comment on BWare's fanfiction, entitled 'The Silo', should post it in here. http://www.cncnz.com/features/fanfic/silo.shtml Here's a link to the story for you.
  12. Mr_Lee_

    A CNCNZ Match-Up

    Rushing you say>? Is that how you win games badger? (P.S - the 10mb is at home, the flat will have higher)
  13. Mr_Lee_

    A CNCNZ Match-Up

    Next week im getting 10mb broadband for my gaming, however, im away for the weekend in a hotel, so I'll be playing some other time very soon.
  14. Well done Sonic and King. I'll add some more if you like; - When you hear glass shatter you start frantically looking for Austin. - You annoy people who are patronisiong by finishing everything they say with 'What?' - You refer to your daughter as 'the million dollar princess'. - When you get excited you shout 'Woo' then strut. - You end your phone calls with 'Have a nice day'. - Everytime you bite an apple, you spit it at the nearest 'uncool' person. - You start using the expressions 'slobberknocker' and 'government mule' also if someone runs away, he's 'running like a scolded dog'. - Everytime an attractive woman goes past, you start saying 'JR, the puppies'.
  15. Mr_Lee_

    A CNCNZ Match-Up

    Well, some of us poor souls have router trouble, and are getting it fixed within the ext few days, so I can finally bring tactical justice to all who stand before me.
  16. Mr_Lee_

    A CNCNZ Match-Up

    It does? Could have fooled me!
  17. Mr_Lee_

    If you could write a movie...

    I'm in the process of writing a rather long novel, seeing that as a film would be immenhse for me.
  18. Mr_Lee_

    Kassad v. Kwai, General's Challenge.

    There are definite attack routes he takes, so having a few akong the lines, with a GPS scrambled worker really does stunt his attacks before they reach you.
  19. Mr_Lee_

    Boss general mod in skirmish mode

    The addon at the DEN includes no AI. Try scripting it yourself, by having a read through the many tutorials at Deezire.
  20. Mr_Lee_

    GLA portrayal fair?

    The 'frenchness' of the USA is representative of them in the storyline, and the way of countering the 'shock and awe' in a war of attrition. The USA of ZH really had no staying power.
  21. Mr_Lee_

    Alpha's - can they be taken down?

    Come on Badger, stop yawning and amuse us. This is one disadvantage to the Aurora in that the best wya of actually getting to a target may be using Supersonic, but the best way of getting out may not be the way in.
  22. Well, if it is true it does give China a REALLY unfair tactical advantage.
  23. Mr_Lee_

    ---what is this?

    I'm agreeing with Ziggy on this one, it does look more like something to help with aiming, because of the hasty way in which Chinese vehicles are constructed.
  24. Mr_Lee_

    Is force firing considered cheating?

    I'm not even dignifying another one of your stories badger, they're un-necessary at the best of times. Each map tends to have a choke point between bases, this is the best place to exploit your advantage. Exploiting an advantage is a very tactical thing to do (take note some of you) and without such things, Generals and ZH would be nothing more than "unit spam"
  25. Mr_Lee_

    A CNCNZ Match-Up

    Oh look, unit spamming! What? its tactical? My arse is it tactical. Nice to see people playing nice balanced games of Generals and ZH. If my router would configure to actually play I'd make some people finally shut up 8)