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    attacking civilians

    The obvious option is to make a map filled with neutral angry mobs...
  2. Mr_Lee_

    Kassad v. Kwai, General's Challenge.

    Kassads GPS should allow you to Demo Trap choke points without being seen, and you'll be able to bomb obvious avenues of attack. As I said, Manuverability is the key, put a tunnel network out of his attacking patyhways and you'll be ambushing him left right and centre, this really is the key to defeating the wonderful tank general.
  3. You mean theres other things we do with our time other than play Rock Paper Scissors?
  4. Mr_Lee_

    annoying your friends...

    Is this not grounds for a ban again? Pretty please? Can we get back on topic aswell... Practice makes perfect, however, devuising hypothetical situations in your head makes for some interesting possibilities, however, don'tlisten to the garble of CNCNZ ZH forums, you could be there till you die of old age and ZH would never get played.
  5. Mr_Lee_

    Hello all, I could use some help

    Madbadger, if you swear at Acerz or anyone again I will report you and if it happens in the articles forum, your ban should come back. I'm not having a nonsensical poster insulting my family or any other worthy CNCNZ poster because they can't accept ideas. Hackers are a necessity for the Chinese later on in the game, however there are other more potent ways of starting a fund for these hackers, and mass spawning is not one of them. Imagine if 2 chinese fellons turtled with 15 hackwers each? The game would never end. the use of black Lotus and the Cash Hacks is a much more potent way of collecting resources. 'Idle Hackers' are also a potent building disabling weapon - have you never used them to virus a building? I didn't think so :roll: Flexibility, Badger, is a weapon that is much more potent than money. Acerz 'troop crawler' idea was a good one, that way you can have a mobile supply group that can defend itself and stay mobile despite the obvious problems of being stuck in a base. I for one will implementing something similar into my strategy as the Infatry General, whetre I'll be able to have some sort of mobile defendable supply pile.
  6. Mr_Lee_

    Newbie-Cant get Maps to Work

    Have you clicked the tab on the Skirmish screen called 'unofficial maps' - they should be there. Madbadger, you really are irrelevant 97% of the time.
  7. Your best bet for this would actually be asking the Lion at the DEN. His new monitor is widescreen and he got tghem all working fine on there.
  8. My favourite bands are as follows: Pink Floyd Queen Rammstein Pink Floyd was a mistake I made on ordering a Queen CD from a friend through illegit means one christmas, I ended up with 'Dark Side of the Moon'. I listened to it and loved it, it had a lot of meaning to me. Queen was my dads fault, he's always liked Queen and since being forced to listen to it in countless car trips, I found myself actually enjoying it. I then watched Live Aid, and I was in absolute awe of 'Radio Ga Ga' - I've never seen so many people react to a single person on stage. I listened to live songs etc by them, and I realised it was pure genius. That and Brian May is one of the greatest guitarists ever. Rammstein was friends choices couped with my desire to have something that sounded mechanical industrial. I played it to myself and I found I couldn't help but nod my head to it, and then air guitar to it. I found myself at a concert with one of the most amazing stage shows I've ever seen, and I came out physically drained. It was ace.
  9. Mr_Lee_

    annoying your friends...

    I think I smell another tall story...
  10. Overkill was nearly really my thing, and spwaning that many drones for the sole purpose of destoying a bunker is a bit of an overkill don't you think?
  11. Scout drones for the tomahawk launcher is correct. Using the Hellfire or the repair drones adds a little damage, but the potential for an extra missile is much better than a few hellfire missiles or a soggy paper bag machine gun.
  12. Mr_Lee_

    annoying your friends...

    Erm...what? Dragon Girl, if you have nothing constructive to bring to a forum, the thing you should bring is silence unmelegated.
  13. Mr_Lee_

    Kassad v. Kwai, General's Challenge.

    I noticed that. Same rules apply though, except don't try and fight fire with fire.
  14. Mr_Lee_

    annoying your friends...

    Cheaper too. Their ability to reveal stealth is also invaluable.
  15. Mr_Lee_

    Favorite General and why?

    Of course they do, what do you call toxin tractors/Quad Cannons and Radar Vans. its all the same 'Generic stealth revealer plus medium ranged Infantry killer'. Simple.
  16. Weaponary determines my drone purchasing. Hellfire drones for poorly armed units like Microwave tanks and Avengers. Scouts for humvees and Repair drones for Crusaders/Paladins and they really balance your force out. They are also excellent fodder against the Avengers laser.
  17. Mr_Lee_

    annoying your friends...

    Do you not think a $2000 scout is a bit much?
  18. Mr_Lee_

    attacking civilians

    No such thing, you'd have to make it yourself.
  19. Mr_Lee_

    Favorite General and why?

    Define unfair. Pathfinders can snipe and Hero units are still infantry at the end of the day. If you want to send heroes out into the field on their own then they deserve to die.
  20. Mr_Lee_


    OMG TRHE SKYZFALLINGKNXDINS?!?!?!?!!11111opmneoneoneeleven Why don't you learn that theres a counter for everything and get to discussing the actual logistics of tactics instead of boring the world with your repetitive topic habits?
  21. Mr_Lee_

    Sick of Bill Brown?? Do what I do!

    Whats the relevance to ZH there? ZH aint Battlefield 2. Heavy orhcestral music doesn not suit any of the ZH factions. You need oriental music, industrial music, or some sort of middle eastern music.
  22. Mr_Lee_

    Kassad v. Kwai, General's Challenge.

    Scissors own rock, and I own you all... ...Kassad uses some rather handy things like stealthed bikes, so use that to your advantage and capture Kwais artillery platforms, then pour your efforts into battle buses and bomb trucks, easily the equal of anything the inf general can produce.
  23. Mr_Lee_

    ---what is this?

    Its an upgrade, probably in mod or something, its just to help differentiate between tanks etc.
  24. Mr_Lee_

    Madbadger Unbanned

    Leopards never change their spots... :roll:
  25. Mr_Lee_

    Your Top 3 sites of 2005. (PCM)

    www.wwe.com > WWE web site, totally comprehensive and full of wonderment for wrestling fans www.cncden.com > The Lion really is the biz www.leepratt.net > My Website, currently being finished off in some parts, but otherwise up, in all its orange glory.