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  1. General Kane Nash

    Victory Games Begins Packing Up

    Not gonna happen, experience shows EA rather prefers franchises to get buried than sell them, and no, dont count on EA falling apart, they are too big and have too much of a widespread array of products to end like, for example, THQ.
  2. General Kane Nash

    Command & Conquer's Cancellation - The Real Story

    Bring Riccitiello back, remove the current directory and you will see EA back on track: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2013-07-31-ex-ea-ceo-john-riccitiello-is-skeptical-of-free-to-play What is scaring me is to consider who is actually in control of EA as he is actually critizising most of the company current policies, policie that were implemented during his reign.
  3. For all the hints and info we are getting the main reason why C&C was canned was thanks to the new EA CEO having no faith in C&C, bring back Ricitiello or even Gibeau (not that this is gonna happen) as the main boss and you will see C&C back on production. Oh well, with this and the hiatus brought to Dead Space, and no more Crysis there is no reason for me to spend a single more cent in EA games, no, I am not buying BF4, yes, I will keep buying CoD, I couldnt care less about multiplayer, the singleplayer is awesome, besides I already have the Wargame franchise for ultra-realism, plus it's an strategy game, during the Cold War! So I have dozens of units at my command while BF offers me only one single vehicle which I will have to fight with another 8 guys to get.
  4. Hello there, just requesting some help with this small project, I have managed to create a new dds texture and its corresponding XML file for the soviet twinblade following this tutorial: http://www.moddb.com/groups/c-c-paradise/tutorials/retexturing-existing-units-with-ease However, the tutorial doesnt explain how to make the files work (where to install them, if I need to create a whole mod, etc), could anyone tell me what to do next?
  5. General Kane Nash

    Command & Conquer's Cancellation - The Real Story

    Look at the new EA CEO and his cronies: http://www.ea.com/executives I suspect from now on, everything EA does will be sports, mobile and sims.
  6. General Kane Nash

    New GLA General Unveiled - Muerta

    I am latinoamerican, and I find this general awesome, and no, I dont see why I should get pissed about this, if you lived here you would know we have had guerrilla fighters, politicians and terrorists equal or more nuts than this general Also, obviously Muerte is a shot-out of Roberta, which makes it double awesome: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubUMbMG8QE8 "Ahora me lo mató, y a la mamá, a su papá y a la abuelita, y si la abuelita está muerta la desentierro y se la vuelvo a matar".
  7. So why, bcs you dont like it? You want EA to get the developers fired and stop anyone from ever getting new C&C games ever again even if there is people who actually enjoy EA's games despict their shortcomings? I may understand you say you dont like what you are reading and seeing, and saying you will pass, I would even sympathize for you demanding some old features to come back, but I think wishing something to die just because it's not of your liking it's going too far. Remember Westwood? What would have happened if they had though the same way after Sole Survivor's flip-flop or Renegade lacklusting sales? I mean, I didnt like RA3 after the initial hype as it turned out to be too cartoonish and in terms of gameplay it was very far away from previous C&C to the point it felt more like WC3, however a lot of people enjoyed it,also, while I found awful and disappointing Tiberian Twilight as a C&C, in terms of gameplay it was entertaining, and I demostrated and people at the official forums, and even here agreed with me it would have been a good game with some more serious design and as a spin-off similar to what C&C Generals 1 was. Just because not all EA games were good it doesnt mean they are may not pull out a good one next time. If it wasnt for EA investors' money we wouldnt have had Generals/Zero Hour, C&C 3/Kane's Wrath, Dead Space, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Crysis and Battlefield series, those are a lot of awesome games just to point out the most succesful.
  8. Well mate, either they make money from the franchise or it goes along with THQ, Gamespy, MoH, etc, etc, etc, you see, their main priority is with the investors, they are not going to live from just some fans approval.
  9. General Kane Nash

    Command & Conquer - Free to Play Wallpaper

    Thanks for the tip, it's very annoyin when you send a 1920px image and it ends like 1378px, everything worked well last year
  10. General Kane Nash

    Command & Conquer - Free to Play Wallpaper

    Many thanks for posting it here Sonic, by the way, I have to reupload one of the images (16x10), here is the link: http://img.photobuck...zps7a9b0ae5.jpg I am also attaching attaching it here as photobucket seems to insist in resizing it
  11. General Kane Nash

    New Generals 2 CGI Video

    Frakking awesome
  12. General Kane Nash

    WH40k Necron warriors

    Hey guys, I made a wallpaper featuring the necrons, was done using my new wacom, good hardware: You can find more sizes here: http://kanenash.devi...t.com/#/d4tfkql I am not sure if I should make a Tiberium Alliances wallpaper as so much people are bashing the game, I would like to wait for more info from Generals 2 before trying something related with this game.
  13. General Kane Nash

    CNCNZ.com News Back Online

    Thank you
  14. General Kane Nash

    CNCNZ.com News Back Online

    Code for youtube please