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  1. Rabbit

    Bug Fixing - Images

    metacafe and veoh are not supported by IPB Links from the following sites are supported: College Humor, Coub, Dailymotion, Facebook, Flickr, Funny Or Die, Gfycat, Google+, Google Maps, Hulu, Instagram, ReverbNation, Screencast.com, SmugMug, SoundCloud, Spotify, TED, Twitch, Twitter, Ustream, Vimeo, Vine, Wistia, YouTube, and internal links to content within the community.
  2. Rabbit

    Bug Fixing - Images

    It's a finicky bastard, but (hopefully) there shouldn't be anymore template errors.
  3. Rabbit

    Bug Fixing - Images

    So I believe I've fixed the issue. Time will tell.
  4. Rabbit

    Bug Fixing - Images

    Updated the database and installed two potentially missing plugins. Feel free to try again. Part of this update gave us the wonderful benefit of emojis.
  5. So we've had a number of users report certain bugs on the forums that I've been trying to figure out how to fix for the past few weeks... or months... I'm not sure I remember. In any case, I believe I may have an idea of what is causing the problem, but the issue is so sporadic that it's hard to test. Feel free to use this thread to post random png, gif, and jpg images, either directly linked, or uploaded to the forums and added to your post. Once I'm confident I've fixed the issue, I'll delete this thread. Thanks for the help, guys.
  6. Rabbit

    CNCNZ.com Administration Change

    I've come and gone from CNCNZ many times, sometimes for a long time, and I plan on hibernating once again. However, like Plokite_Wolf said, I'll still be around for a while, making sure the transition goes smoothly and ensuring the site does not crumble in my absense. I truly believe Plokite_Wolf's unwavering dedication to C&C and the community is exactly why he should be the one to lead CNCNZ into the unknown. Thanks to the donations of many generous fans last year, we were able to keep the site alive, and now that CNCNZ is safe from closure, Plokite_Wolf will continue to lead the site for a long time to come.
  7. Homage would be creating an inspiration with direct credit, not blatantly copying something and presenting it as your own.
  8. Rabbit

    What's the first game you really loved?

    The Dig was the first game that I ever really connected with. I've played countless other games, but honestly The Dig remains to this day one of my favorite games. The Steam re-release made me happy because it meant more people could try it out. The ending was a little fucky, I'll be honest, but the mystery and the exploration of an alien world was very exciting to me. The Dig got me interested in space, the idea of alien life, and small geometric shapes. As a bonus, Maggie was voiced by the same voice actress that voiced Sakura in Renegade, and the Allied Hover Transport in Yuri's Revenge.
  9. Rabbit

    PCG Poll: Create the perfect RTS

    This is why you shouldn't even bother replying then. If you don't care for the discussion, don't join it. Let the rest of us talk about what RTS means to us. Let us duke out what we feel is important or unimportant. The conversation had 7 replies before it turned into an debate about game mechanics. Game mechanics, like you said, are just one thing. So instead of calling the entire discussion "blase" before it even fully took off, go be negative somewhere else. Everybody was talking about what makes sense in an RTS and what doesn't matter in an RTS, until you had to turn the conversation into what the definition of a game genre is and how people who debate this have no idea what they're talking about. It seems as though the conversation (and survey) as a whole was mostly about game mechanics to begin with. And why is that? Because it's hard to define what makes a game great otherwise. It's hard to put into words why I prefer one game and you prefer another, without referencing at least one mechanic, because while mechanics don't define the game, they sure as hell define the gameplay. In this thread, we can talk about all of these different things, mechanics, artistic direction, or otherwise. If you really feel like you need to shit on the conversation just because it isn't up to your standards, then go shit on it somewhere else. Everybody else has already bailed because of this argument about basically nothing.
  10. Rabbit

    PCG Poll: Create the perfect RTS

    We don't define books and movies by those styles, but we can certainly categorize them by those styles. Your argument this whole time has been that the discussion is pointless because there are multiple ways to define an RTS, or a Genre. But the whole point of this discussion is to talk about what the best description of an RTS is. What a "perfect" RTS is. And lets face it. An ideal RTS game has base-building. It has been a core component of every successful RTS game I can think of, and when I think of an RTS game, I include base-building as a part of that. Is it a mechanic? Sure. But It seems silly to say that just because it's a game mechanic, it doesn't help define RTS. It is a huge game mechanic that can (and absolutely does) change the entire way the game is played and perceived. You can't say the model was never accurate. The model has simply changed over time the way gaming has changed over time.
  11. Rabbit

    Happy Easter From CNCNZ.com!

    Now that it's been a few days and participation has slowed down, I feel enough time has passed to post the "prize" for winning. It's a link to this wonderful picture of Kane himself participating in Easter Celebrations: Lastly, if you'd like to fiddle around with the eggs more, feel free to check out the entire list of eggs on the completion page.
  12. Easter is Here! And so is April Fools Day! The last time both fell on the same day was over 60 years ago! To celebrate, CNCNZ is hosting an Easter egg hunt! On the main website, we've hidden 30 Easter eggs on different pages. If you find them all, you'll be rewarded with a fun surprise! Here are some details: You'll have to search the main site! The game pages, the download pages, who knows! We haven't hidden any eggs on the forums because there are too many pages to search. Keep your search to one tab! For some reason, the software is limited to one tab at a time, which means you won't be able to just open up the entire website all at once in 50 different tabs. In some cases, you'll find two eggs on one page! All of the eggs are at fixed locations, refreshing the page over and over won't help! Please don't spoil the fun for everyone else! No posting links for at least a couple days! We'll remove the eggs in about a week or so, to give everybody a chance to find them. Good luck!
  13. C&C LEGO is back! And in this episode, we get to see the true fate of Kane! I'll give you a hint: KANE LIVES! After you're done watching this, check out some of the previous episodes !
  14. So, a fair amount has been in the works behind the scenes. I suppose this is indeed a fair time for a recap. Plokite Wolf has indeed been promoted to Lead Admin. This is especially important for some of the representative work he is trying to do around the community, and a reward for his endless contributions to the structure and content around the site. He is also essentially the successor to CNCNZ should anything happen to me. CNCNZ is now hiring. We've updated our hiring page, though we will likely make a more formal announcement later. I've renamed myself Rabbit sort of for the sake of the new year, the connections to my new "brand," and to eliminate confusion with another member of the C&C community. Within the next few months, we'll be activating a few new features, most of which we are not quite yet ready to announce. Nmenth's Research Lab is an example of our most recent new feature.
  15. Loot boxes are like quarter machines. You can see what you could get, but you don't know what you will get until you put a quarter into the machine and turn the knob. These are just more expensive versions of the same thing. Loot boxes (and quarter machines) would be gambling if there was a chance you couldn't get anything at all. (Not sure if quarter machine is a universal term, but if you're curious, I'm talking about something like this)