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  1. Account is still logged in after signing out

    It happens from time to time, it's really not a huge deal at all. The "active" list prioritizes people who are continuing to browse, while inactive members are listed up to 20 minutes after they've stopped browsing new pages (or closing their web browser). Upon actually signing out, the user is typically supposed to drop entirely from the active member list, but it doesn't always happen. Nothing to worry about, your account is fine and shows no strange unusual activity whatsoever.
  2. Greg Black, the former lead balance and multiplayer designer for C&C 3 and Red Alert 3, has returned to Electronic Arts. What does this mean? Some are asking the question: Is a new C&C game in development? While there is no way to know, Greg Black is one of the most experienced developers within the Real-Time Strategy genre. Even after leaving EA (and C&C) after Red Alert 3, Greg Black continued to work on RTS games, most recently Blizzard's StarCraft II expansions. One might believe he wouldn't leave a lucrative job at Blizzard without a good reason. Maybe that reason is a new Command & Conquer game. Greg himself seems interested in calling attention to his new job, as hinted at on his own Twitter feed, with the message: "Survived my first day back at @EA It's a weird feeling being back after all this time. Can't wait to show you all what I'm working on." What do you think it means? Feel free to discuss, debate, fight, kick, and scream your comments below. Please note that this is complete and utter speculation, and we do not want you to take any suggestion of a new C&C game as fact until an official announcement is made by EA.
  3. Command & Conquer 365 - New Fansite

    Well, since he's obviously chosen to take action without comment, there's no point in keeping this thread alive. In any case, my decision still stands, we will not promote his site until he stops being sneaky and suspicious about it. And Sonic, seriously, if you want to remain a part of the community, just be a part of the community. There is no reason to sneak around and try to pull off this stunt. Start a fansite, create your own content, whatever. Just be up front about it. Otherwise, nobody will trust you, and this sort of "event" will keep happening over and over. The community doesn't need another site that rehashes the same information. What we need is a unique site that brings something to the table. Maybe that's something you can pull off.
  4. Yeah, I feel the same way. It would be really neat if there was a general-purpose RTS engine. I just hope it's powerful enough to make a decent game, but I admittedly have no knowledge of how to program this kind of thing either, so I can only wish you luck.
  5. Command & Conquer 365 - New Fansite

    I'm not sure what point you're trying to make, Banshee. Are you telling us we should ignore the plagiarism? Are you telling us that we should ignore Sonic's actions? How would you like it if I went over to PPM and just ripped all of your content and displayed it here at CNCNZ without any credit or reference to PPM? Yes, google plagiarizes, for the purpose of helping people find your site, and holding caches in case the site goes offline. Yes, the internet archive basically does the same. But guess what? Both are very clear about the source of the content. And if I want to, right now, I can have all of that content removed from both sites, and I can prevent them from continuing to archive. And neither of them is making intentional decisions that are specifically harmful to the C&C community. I don't see why you're trying to defend Sonic's actions, why you think it's unacceptable for him to start a website after abandoning and mistreating this one, and yet it's suddenly not an issue at all if he chooses to plagiarize from the same website he abandoned, or plagiarize word-for-word from Wikipedia.
  6. Command & Conquer 365 - New Fansite

    Sure, I have no intention of being unnecessarily hostile. What I do intend on is correcting my mistake of promoting CNC-365 on our news feed by alerting everyone to said mistake and explaining my reasoning fully. CNCNZ is a site that has the primary purpose of being a "community hub." As such, because I have discovered that we promoted a site that plagiarized almost all of their content, I am merely taking corrective action to alert people of said mistake. Sonic didn't hurt CNCNZ by lifting content from Wikipedia. But it hurts the C&C Community as a whole, by trying to frame his new site as a good resource for C&C materials, when all he is doing is stealing materials from other websites.
  7. Command & Conquer 365 - New Fansite

    I'd also like to point out that I hadn't noticed (until Plokite Wolf PM'd me) that the written content on his site is not even his own content. He is copying and pasting entire pages from Wikipedia. CNC-365's C&C Page (Image: view) Wikipedia C&C Page (Image: view)
  8. Command & Conquer 365 - New Fansite

    Colleagues? Colleagues? You are literally downloading images from CNCNZ, not even changing the file name, and uploading them in identical formats to your own site. I can't believe it took me as long as it did to notice what you're up to. I understand needing content for your new site, but if you're literally going to copy the images, including the order, gallery structure, and visual appearance on your site, then we're not supporting you. CNCNZ Gallery CNC-365 Gallery CNCNZ Filenames CNC-365 Filenames You claim your site is "powered by the community" but what you're doing is siphoning power from the house you moved out of. Edit: Aside from content you copied from CNCNZ, apparently you feel it is perfectly okay to create a website that is literally a word for word copy and paste from Wikipedia: CNC-365's C&C Page Wikipedia C&C Page I hate to say it, Sonic, but you need to just step away. I'm tired of dealing with this through PM's and biting my tongue when you continue to screw us over while trying to make yourself out to be the good guy. You attempt to close CNCNZ, so I have to take over so you don't screw everyone over. Then, when I'm running the show, you constantly question all of my decisions, so I politely and quietly remove you from the staff. You tell me CNCNZ and the community is dead to you, and then you start your own site. In order to look like you're not really involved, you create an imaginary "team" that is purely by coincidence using the same hosting service, wordpress plugins, writing style, legal page, and general layout as you did when in charge of CNCNZ. Now, after guilting us into giving you a news post, you have the nerve to steal CNCNZ's content? As a result of this, I have no choice but to ban your site from our news feed. Any posts that you make advertising your site will be hereby removed, any posts we have made advertising your site will be removed. I am not supporting a site that gets by deceiving and stealing from other community sites. If you have a problem with that, then I invite you to visit CNCNZ's legal page, which you wrote.
  9. Forged Battalion

    The biggest thing that disappoints me about the previews for every Petroglyph game is the presentation. It's like they assume that filling the screen with tracer rounds and explosions is the best way to get the point across that it's a good game, when all it does is leave me feeling confused and even uncertain if I want to play a game where I can't tell what is going on.
  10. The newest episode is here! This time, it's all about crates. One thing that always irritated me (and I'm sure many of you) is when you'd send your men after a crate, only for it to disappear and spawn somewhere else right before you got to it! Let's hope the boys in this video have some better luck.
  11. CNCNZ Updates - September 2017

    There is now a new forum for general C&C discussion. We've always been missing something like this, I don't know why it took so long to consider it. It's listed above all of the other Command & Conquer games. Poke through the forum and you'll understand why it's pretty useful.
  12. Command & Conquer 365 - New Fansite

  13. Command & Conquer 365 - New Fansite

    After discussing with the rest of the staff, I came to the conclusion that we should wait until your site was more complete. We initially noticed that your site had nothing more than a "Content coming soon" message, along with a bunch of missing information, and we thought it would be in everyone's best interest to hold off until you had something worth advertising. Now that you're making actual news posts, we can reconsider our position.
  14. Command & Conquer 365 - New Fansite

    Best of luck on the new project, Sonic. I really hope your new site does well.
  15. CNCNZ Presents: C&C Radio

    With great anticipation, we are proud to finally announce that C&C Radio is here! Featuring all of your favorite C&C Music, some audio clips from your favorite C&C games, and commentary from the CNCNZ staff, C&C Radio is sure to keep you entertained for hours. This marks the start of the festivities for the month of October, where we celebrate CNCNZ.com turning 20 years old on October 27th. To listen to C&C Radio, click the image above, click here, or click the "Listen" button at the top right of CNCNZ.com