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  1. Avalanche90


    does anyone know if the original CnC is available for free download somewhere?
  2. how do i get a lvl started in CLE?
  3. Avalanche90


    what doesthestealth tank that looks like its out of the matrix supposed to be? Nice map, though, a lot of detail in the environment.
  4. Avalanche90

    My Mod :)

    Is the page for the mod download page not up anymore or something because I tried to go to the link and it said the page is not available.
  5. Avalanche90


    I'm having a similar proplem. I try to play renegade online, and it says the WOL portion has an error and says to reinstall it. So i reinstall and I still get the error.If anyone has any idea whatis going on please help.
  6. Avalanche90

    new mod

    when are you going to release this mod?
  7. Avalanche90

    Need Help On My WWII Mod

    thx if you dont mind i could use some help. The bad thing about putting some screens on here is the models and skins arent started, so the game wont look any different it just plays different EDIT: HMMM... I tried running it on RA2, and it got almost all the way through the loadingscreen, and there was an internal error w/ RA2 anditshut down theprogram and went rightr back to the TibEd screen EDIT: I think that im gonna switch the theme of the mod to something else considering this is my first mod this is far too complicated
  8. Avalanche90

    Need Help On My WWII Mod

    how do i post a download? once i figure this out ill post a demo for my mod on here. EDIT: does anyone know what weapon the chem sprayer trooper uses? I couldn't find it in the weapon's list
  9. Avalanche90

    Need Help On My WWII Mod

    will someone please help me?
  10. I have recently started work on a WWII mod, and if you are interested in helping you are welcome to ask (I need someone to do modeling and skinning). This is my first RA2 mod and I could use as much help as I can get.