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  1. where have you gone?

  2. Woofna

    Possible C&C : X FPS Footage?

    Yeah. Tiberium is probably a working title. Tiberium Wars was as well. This is so generic.
  3. I want to play via LAN with my roommate on tiberian sun sometime. I have Vista gaming PC with an integrated ethernet port, he has the same type of thing with an XP computer. My computer tells me I have no network card ... I never have been able to get tibsun, or tiberian dawn, or red alert, or RA2, or any of them to work. What do I do?
  4. Woofna

    Picture wars?

    look wut i made
  5. Straight from EA games! All of these are completely legal and free for download. Full versions. CnC Gold http://www.commandandconquer.com/intel/def...?id=61#NewsMain Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon http://www.fileplanet.com/180412/180000/fileinfo/Tom-Clancy Prine of Persia: Sands of Time http://www.fileplanet.com/180411/180000/fi...Ad-Supported%5D Far Cry http://www.fileplanet.com/180410/180000/fi...Ad-Supported%5D Rayman: Raving Rapids http://www.fileplanet.com/180428/180000/fi...Ad-Supported%5D
  6. Woofna

    Post pictures of yourself!

    Ha ha ... she is Tess. And she is Mine. And I love her so much ... most wonderful girl on the planet. Be happy you get to see her.
  7. Woofna

    Post pictures of yourself!

    le sigh Only recent pics I have are of me and Tess. (I'm the dude.) I'm not very dressed up in these, but I'm gothique myself. Nice to see a true goth. All the kids I know are like, "OMGZ I WEAR BLACK I'M SO GOTH", but they're all just random kids wanting to get in on an image. Those corporate whores. Rawr!
  8. My Avatar became my sig. I doubt anyone recognizes my name until they see my sig. Beowulf changes his name ever week, so if he ever changed his anime theme. we'd have no clue who he is. Sorry for using your 5-month old name, but I forgot your current one and don't wanna check back on it.
  9. Woofna

    Fenring is a TERRORIST!

    "epic lulz" My sides hurt ... omfg ...
  10. Woofna

    What's in your Rig?

    Never posted my rig. I did finally build it though, and it plays C&C3 on max settings easily. Case: Modded Xion Hydraulic with 10 fans PSU: Antec Truepower Trio 650w Monitors: Dual Chimei 2ms 19' widescreen LCDs Speakers: Logitech Z-5300e 280 5.1 in surround sound configuration Keyboard: Saitek Eclipse Mouse: random usb mouse CPU: Core 2 Duo E6420, overclocked to 3.4ghz CPU Cooling: Artic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro RAM: 2gb of G.Skill HZ DDR2-800, overclocked to around 1100mhz GPU: Radeon x1950XT 256, overclocked to 675/972 (stock is 600/900) GPU Cooling: Zalman Hard Drives: 2x Seagate 7200.10 SATA in RAID0, and hot damn does C&C3 load fast Oh, almost forgot Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-965P-DS3 Rev 1.3 Budgetting made me change a lot of things. It's not at all what it was going to be. But a beast nonetheless.
  11. Woofna

    1.05 Impressions

    Now taking bets on Punwisp's ban. 10:1 odds, get your bet in! "admins suck" post ... v e r y constructive. Your attempted superiority complex fails. "lol i dont care im not angry" fails. You so obviously are trying be all big and hard. I bet you are 15 or below. Not to insult the mature teenagers here. I shouldn't type right now (This probably isn't funny, but it's funny to me right now as I am intoxicated)
  12. Woofna

    1.05 Impressions

    um how can it be? if i like C&C better then the old ones then it is my opinion its not good or bad, just what i prefer, and i actualy prefer generals over C&C just because there are better mods and units etc Dude. People can think opinions can be good and bad. FACT. We here at CNCNZ love the older games, you dis them.. Wait, I'm ****ing repeating myself. Here's the lo-down then. CNCNZ, majority, 95% or hell, even more of us our veterans, we like the older, original C&Cs more than the EA ones. People usually like to surround themselves with people who share the same views. You are surrounding yourself by people who think your opinion = BAD. I'd recommend finding somewhere where they think your opinions = GOOD. And you just said Generals > Older C&Cs? Oh boy... sorry about that, forgot to add the 3 XD and why does everyone keep saying im dissing the older ones? i say one thing about the older C&C games and pple think im dissing them O.o i like all the C&C games, but ive never been much of a fan of the storys, that doesnt mean i HATE THEM or im dissing them, im never much into storys of any games anyway, i just constantly go online and do skirmish battles... storyline doesnt bother me, of course there are negative sides to every game, nothing is perfect, yet when i say im not a fan of something about the game you guys constantly say im dissing C&C and getting all offended and insulting me when its JUST a game, what i meant in my last post was i prefer generals ZH over C&C3 because ive just had more fun on generals, infact ive only played 1 generals mission Lol i always use the shockwave mod and constantly go to war with 7 brutals going agianst me as a team... lots of fun C&C 3 does feal rushed but it is a fun game, just to me not as fun as generals. C&C 3 storyline maybe have went into a different direction(i would say a alternate timeline but who cares!) to C&C veterens then it prob failed, storyline didnt bother me, i liked it just because of the more modern directing(prob dont get what im saying Lol but thats fine) ive played the C&C games sense 1997 or 1998 about 9 or 10 years.. so yea. i used to play the older ones alot, then i played RA2 and yuri's revenge which was really fun when i was into that game (was very popular few years ago or is it still?) you guys really need to stop being offense, if you dont like my opinion then ignore my post and dont read it, dont make a pointless post and start insulting me. those of you who were dissapointed on C&C 3 maybe the expansion will be better? correct there mistakes and make the game better yet your asking me to leave the site when i actually didnt do anything? Admins arnt suppose to do something like that unless the member actualy "did" something wrong, such like spamming, flaming members, or advertsing viagra pills lol. Now im going to a diff topic sense this will keep going on and on, and i rather not continue this if guys are going to continue being "offended" over a opinion(or think imt rying to offend you, after all anyway im going to bed, cya I hate you a lot for a person on the internet.
  13. Woofna

    1.05 Impressions

    I disagree with every opinion you've ever posted, and disagree with everyone opinion you'll ever post in advance.
  14. Woofna

    I really like C&C3

    You should just stop posting and leave this site. =
  15. Woofna

    Pic of the Day

    The current overclock on my video card. =D X1950XT, FYI. Stock speeds are 621/900. For a GPU, I've got quite an OC. I'm already beyond the XTX speeds on my core and pushing it with the mem, but the XTX uses GDDR4 and my GDDR3 takes lots of overvolting to get the 1ghz speed the XTX's mem has. I don't feel live overvolting more than I have. "How much have you overvolted already woofna?" A lot.