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  1. thanks for the birthday wish buddy :D

  2. hey all, havent been on in a while. thanks for the birthday wishes =D !!

  3. wuz imposter! tell him to change his name =[

  4. i smell return, and i like it.

  5. i apologize for my ignorance about illegal material being mentioned Sonic...btw i am a conquistador, doesn't that pwn kings?

  6. tis ok !...ty

  7. yea a little late but its really ok...THANKS!

  8. nmenth before anything id like to say thanks for noticing my birthdate....

    i am reborn every year in the celebration of my life. it is not years between my rebirths, yet months - 12 months. spring is the season of renewal, and such is my nature...

  9. even immortal beings seek rest...it sooths the soul

  10. you do know i was born of fire and thrive in such chaos?

  11. knew you would...moved the bomb to malevolence's profile....watch your back fool

  12. since im am all powerful i knew inferno would put explosives on my page, so in knowing this before it happened i moved the bomb soon as it was placed....to HERE

  13. my worthy yet foolish adversary, i am immortal. i am life-force itself. do not test my patience, for you are growing less and less entertaining with your mockery of my stars.

  14. yea thought so, my star pwns you

  15. what u mean what happen?

  16. the power from my star far surpasses all of your "bombs" combined

  17. [commenthax]your profile will auto destruct in a day, thanks ;) [/commenthax]

  18. lolz yea it seemed familiar...

  19. whats your siggy about?

  20. so, we meet again...

  21. i know you are but what am i?