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  1. RA1 Tournament Video - ORA-milo234 VS 1505.Ai Please install Mail-Magic before download: RA1 Tournament 2005 ORA-milo234 VS 1505.Ai.rmvb
  2. Red Alert China Open 1v1 Tournament Rules (revised 11/18) As there are currently only 10 people signed up for the tournament, the tournament format has changed from Single elimination to round robbin i.e. everyone in the tournament plays everyone else. In the event that a large number of people enter between now and Sunday, the tournament format may go back to the original single elimination best of 9 version. Also the matches between players will now be a best of 3 (instead of 9) with random spots on the three maps: Money Map 2 p4s A Path Beyond For every match you win, you will gain 1 point. After all of the matches are played the winner will be the player with the most points. In the event of a tie, the tie breaker will be "head to head" i.e. whoever won the match between the two tied players will win the tournament. Players may now choose not to have a judge for the match if they believe the judge may lag the connection speed. If either one of the two players does not wish to have a judge present for the match, then the judge will not watch. However, in the event that the players disagree after the match about who won the game, the person who chose to have the judge will automatically be given the win. Thus, should you choose not to have a judge, your opponent may automatically claim that he won the game after the match is over and be given favor by the judges. Thus it is strongly advised that you play with a judge. The tournament start day has been moved to Sunday November 20, 8:00-11:00 AM NYC time
  3. RA1 1v1 Tournament 2005 China Open is coming soon. Come and jion us. RA1 1v1 Tournament 2005 China Open Rules (English Version by Milo234) Date: November 21, 2005 through December 28, 2005 (See below for details on the daily schedule) Time: 8:00AM-11:00AM NYC Time. Judges: ZzLr, Tabo Rules:Single Elimination Tournament. Each Match will be a best of 9, i.e. the first person to win 5 out of 9 games wins the match. The 9 games must be played in the following order: 1. Money Map 2 (TL v BR) 2. P4-s (L v R) 3. A Path Beyond ( TL v BR) 4. Money Map 2 (BR v TL) 5. P4-s (R v L) 6. A Path Beyond ( BR v TL) 7. Money Map 2 (TL v TR) 8. P4-s (L v R) 9. A Path Beyond (BL v TR) Download the maps of the tournamet: http://ra95.hostingposts.com/phpwind/attac...urnamentMap.exe Hopefully the tournament will have 32 players, but in the case that there are not 32 or 16 players signed up on 11/21, The tournament start date may be delayed until 11/27. The tournament will definitely start on 11/27. Not every player will play every day of the tournament. On any given day of the tournament, there will be 2 matches: Player A vs Player B Player C vs Player D. Each of these 2 matches will be a best of 9 (as described above) and will be watched by one of the judges, ZzLr or Tabo. In the event that the game disconnects, the judge will save the game so that the players can resume the match. Thus on any day of the tournament, 2 people will be eliminated, for which reason the tournament is schedule to last until December 28. Matches will be played on CGA or Kali. Players must be aware of what days their matches will be on or risk forfeiting. In the event that ZZ or Tabo are unavailable to judge on a given day there may not be any matches that day. In order to enter, a player MUST make a post on the message board in the following format: "I am (insert name) and I would like to register for the tournament. My QQ Number: 305723177 " http://translate.google.com/translate?u=ht...Flanguage_tools visit our tournament web site:
  4. RA1 Tournament Video - China Open 2005 - 3v3 Finals download link: