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  1. Hmm....I can't help you with such explanation. Could you post a more detail explanation about the codes you wrote? Maybe by posting the codes here, so I might can help you. And tell me the step that you have done in making those.


    well for Science:



    i changed

    Prerrquisite: SCIENCE_CHINA SCIENCE_Rank5

    DisplayName: SCIENCE:CHINAAnthraxBomb


    all other is same as was



    i changed

    DosplayName: SCIENCE:CarpetBomb

    Prerequisite: SCIENCE_CHINA SCIENCE_Rank5

    PoinCost: 1



    In specialPowers i changed:

    SuperWeapon: Carpet Bomb

    Science required: SCIENCE_CarpetBomb

  2. i added in sciences that antrax bomb and carpet bomb

    apear on china on level 5, i set up to who it belongs (china) and on what rank (5)


    then in special powers i fixed carpet bomb (to whos science it goes)


    and while playing game with china (skirmish) i didnt got nothing :/


    anyone explain why?