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    Red alert2:Apocaypse Rising Update (WM &Grizzly)

    Yes they do look O.K,But a few fixes need to be made.From what other people have sead,the WMs turrent is to big and needs some more detail,nothing to much there to worry about .Also the GT's cannon needs to be longer and the bulb at the tip of the cannon needs to be in the middle.I will be booting up RA2 to have a look at this. Remember,if you would like a place to talk about the updates or just ask questions.Please join the forums :wink: http://www.apocrising.blazemods.com/Forums/index.php
  2. Yes that's right,we might not have a full team,but we will still bring you updates.What we have is an update for the War Miner and the Grizzly Tank.There are many fixes needed for the GT so it really is not done yet (so expect to see a better version in the future),but please post on how we might make the GT better and much closer to RA2 if there is anything you can think of .But the WM "I think" it's spot on.The only thing that these two objects need is some texturing (no the WM has no texture).But that will soon be fixed. The grizzly is a fusion of OWA, Sven and PaRaDoX's work (a bit of the turret came off an M1 tank that she made) and the Warminer is OWAs. Enjoy! Soviet War miner:needs texturing and a bit more detail at the most. Allied Grizzly Tank:needs a few fixxes
  3. Great news everyone.I have Emailed 3 people that can very well boost our mod.All three Emailed One Winged Angel back and want to join the team,and that is very good news.The three jobs that have been filled are: .texture artist .level edit (was not really on the list for the jobs we need but I think hes getting the job anyway >.<) .and an unwrapper But do not worry,we still need someone who can UVW map and a few more texture artists and more unwrappers.So if you can do these jobs please contact cfehunter or One Winged Angel. cfehunter:[email protected] One Winged Angel:[email protected]
  4. RA2:AR is a mod that aims to convert C&C Renegade into C&C Red alert 2. The Allied and Soviet sides will be fully recreated in all of their glory, as close as possible to their 2d counterparts. Presently we will not be attempting to include Yuri as an extra side purely because mind control is nearly impossible to do on the w3d engine. We are in fact the CnC Untold team with a few additions. We scrapped that mod due to the general community reaction so heres are new production. We have had a lot of models donated tto us from other dead projects such as [NE]Fobby[GEN]'s Renegade Revived, Sven's Verge Of Armageddon mod and we are hoping to revive some of the RA2 Vengeance stuff as well. We need a texture artist and UVW mapper, we now have unwrap artists and basic texture artists now all we need is somebody to colour the maps and get our tanks and buildings finished, position is open and we dont expect you to work excessive ammounts of time, just to do what you can If you think you can do these jobs or think you can be a great help,you can contact cfehunter at [email protected] Or you can contact One Winged Angel at [email protected] We need all the help we can get.Even if it is doing a few things here and there . credit for these pics go to: Renardin, AvroAero-Vengeance assets Sloth,[NE]Fobby[GEN]-Renegade revived assets Svensmokavich-Verge Of Armageddon assets