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  1. hey guys and girls! i got one question! maybe you know the answer for it! ehhm some of my mates and i wanna play C&C Red Alert On Multiplayer! So we installed C&C RA and wanna start a multiplayer game! and here is we are! my problem is how to host a multiplayer game? We want to play on LAN not Internet! í just see a skirmish mode and direct pc connection or modem! can anyone tell me how we can play C&C on LAN??
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    hey guys! uuhm! one question about renegade! i really want to play it with my mates on LAN! but without bots it is boring to play just with 3 person! My question is: Are or is there any kind of a or some bots for C&C renegade? there are bots on the Multiplayer Practice map! but it sucks! i really hope that there are some bots out on the WWW for renegade! please help me guys or girls with best regarts