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    25 Years Online

    Everything is on socials now. W3D Hub discord is quite active.
  2. The never ending tragedy of Command and Conquer. Our hopes perpetually crushed.
  3. sith_wampa

    Tiberian Genesis Playtest Video

    Holy****balls this is amazing. O_O
  4. So it has been a few months, do you think we could have another interview? I'm interested to see what Reborn looks like now after months of development.
  5. I'm sorry, but those both look exactly the same as the Warhammer ones. EA ****ed up.
  6. I was playing every day for a while, and I was pretty high in the rankings too. I've been bored with it the last few weeks and haven't been playing regularly anymore.
  7. Some of these are wrong, for instance the Forgotten Factory is currently the Defence Facility.
  8. sith_wampa

    C&C Generals Minecraft Project

    It's similar to playing with Legos.
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    Now Playing - Games

    Which server and what is your username Oh, I see you're with Chronojam. I'm just east of you, about 300 CP away.
  10. That was pretty good, nice work.
  11. I can't begin to recall how many testers reported those major bugs, though that is irrelevant, because you basically spend alot of time playing what you make, so you knew about them anyway, right? Also just to add, you said to a number of people before the new year that Reborn would be out in January 2012. I can't wait to see what Reborn will look like after an extra year of improvements.
  12. Patches like 2.1? Which took months longer to release than initially planned? And when finally released, shipped with major bugs from the final release candidate which were never even addressed? And also made the balance worse than what it was in 2.0? Oh, maybe you we're referring to another "hotfix" patch called 2.1.1, which has also taken months and has yet to be released. The balance needs very simple changes to work. It's a shame that it takes months to release patches which do the opposite of what a patch should do. I've been saying this for a long time, you really should listen to the veteran players more. I really like APB but it's quite frustrating to see a dev team that can't get out of it's own way. If that's what you're worried about then why did CJ decide to rip into Iran?
  13. This is a completely fair assessment. And since the months following Gamma's release, this is a pretty accurate player count. I kinda miss the first couple weeks of Gamma, when two servers were being used regularly. Though the high player counts did (and still do) highlight the balance issues.
  14. sith_wampa

    The Most Overrated Sandwiches in America

    I've never been to one that looks like that, though there must be some that do.
  15. sith_wampa

    The Most Overrated Sandwiches in America

    That's a pretty awful Subway if I've ever seen one.
  16. LOL Good discussion. I am participating in the Tiberium Alliances Beta and I have to say I do enjoy it. It is pretty good for a browser game, though it has some issues which can only be expected with a pre-release beta. I'm looking foward to seeing this game develop. Also, it was my allies who destroyed nathancnc. On another note, RA:APB is planning to release version 2.1.1 soon, so everyone should go check that out. There have been a few key gameplay changes that I am sure will make for a new experience. It's nice to see the community getting back in the swing of things. Can't wait for Generals 2.