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  1. We haven't met exactly. Your work on C&C mods is why I ended up modding in the first place but then you acted like a complete asshole when me and Ben(OWA) showed the first images of AR and it's kind of coloured my entire view on you ever since. In any case we can all agree that the W3D engine is terrible. The rendering engine and netcode were bad even for the time.
  2. shhh ACK, we still love you. As for everybody else, besides the fact that alot of us are students/have full time jobs and BHP is an unpaid hobby we're currently doing alot that we're not ready to share with the public. So although from the outside it may look like we're not producing, we really are.
  3. to save myself the trouble of typeing it all out again here's a link to my origonal help request. For those of you who dont know us, we're the RA2 mod for renegade. Orional Post