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    dub comes to cncnz

    Because the truth finally came out... Oh, and it's almost illegal in 176 countries, didn't I mention that?
  2. Nmenth

    dub comes to cncnz

    Well, I guess you'll have to have a poll or contest or some such thing to give meaning to those letters. I mean, you can't just have two meaningless letters sitting there accomplishing no more than filling space... that's almost illegal in 176 countries.
  3. Nmenth

    The Question unanswered

    Here you go, freshly copied and pasted off Wikipedia:
  4. Nmenth

    Video of the day

    Ok... Whoever made a video of the same death repeat that many times really needs a straightjacket.
  5. That is a disturbing question. Though multiplayer is fun, I buy my games for solo use first and foremost. If the single-player (with AI) campaign sucks, I doubt I will be very pleased with this game. So hopefully, they put some intelligence into their bots…
  6. Nmenth

    Pic of the Day

    Got a reason for the egg in its hand, or is that just because Chinese lungs are commonly depicted with their eggs?
  7. Nmenth

    Video of the day

    Since this is a C&C site...
  8. I've been ignoring everything said about her past on account of hearsay, and I have not wasted any of my own time looking up this actress. However, she looks like a dumb blonde to me (or man in a wig... I can see Saracen's point from that particular shot of her).
  9. Nmenth

    Pic of the Day

    Ooooh, 龙 how original. :lol:
  10. Hmm... rip-offs :lol: I wondered where Sonic's skull icon currently in his 'about me' page came from.
  11. Nmenth

    Tesla Coils

    Not really, no. That would be idiotic. I'm am getting the impression that you know virtually nothing about electricity and Tesla coils and probably read an article or two on them that since you understood 90% of what they were talking about, assumed you learned it all. I did say a Tesla coil could be used as a weapon, but I'm going to take it back, because it is throwing you an undeserved bone. I am not going to go into all the minuet aspects that would be involved in actually making a Tesla coil weapon (which in the end, would be a serious waste of time and money anyway).
  12. Nmenth

    Tesla Coils

    Yes... they could be, but not like they are in Red Alert. Tesla coils would not be an efficient use of energy for a weapon. If anything, they would be a fear over function type device.
  13. Nmenth

    Tesla Coils

    Run a search on YouTube to find plenty of clips showing real Tesla coils in action. One of my favorites: The deadly base defense Tesla coils portrayed in the Red Alert world, are however, not realistic by so many standards. Tesla coils are not used as weapons in the real world.
  14. Nmenth

    Red Alert 3 OPEN for EVERYONE!

    Good news, I suppose, except it makes me wonder why I even bothered applying for the beta when they never sent me a key.
  15. Better yet, call them Tesla Coils. I mean, what is even the point in calling them by a different name? This probably sounds like something too small to concern myself with, but I do a vast amount of research on modern weapons (I have legitimate reasons for this, I'm not a fanatic) and it bothers me when game makers just slap a name onto something just because it looks good.
  16. I wasn’t implying you should have, just stating that it was so you could locate it if you wanted the full discussion. You had mentioned it said "c&c generals", so I thought, perhaps, it wasn’t recognizing ZH and you were then editing Generals, though you didn’t intend to (which the purpose of my post indicates won’t work). It was not necessarily meant to provide the answer you seek, I merely mentioned it as a possible problem. I am not an expert on TibEd, nor especially TibEd 2, but since Koen is probably your best bet for an answer, I gave you his own words which is the best I can offer.
  17. They may redeem their cast choice yet, nevertheless, I'll wait until I play the actual game in full before I make an ultimate judgment.
  18. Nmenth

    Pic of the Day

    Nice error window wallpaper, I've made those a couple times.
  19. This was already asked recently, this was Koen's response:
  20. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Generals was a good game, but it's not C&C. So they can make another one as long as they don't label it C&C again. Since they stripped Tiberium of its heritage, that shouldn't be too hard for them.
  21. Nmenth

    Greetings and Salutations...

    FPS = First-person shooter (Renegade) RTS = Real-time strategy (other C&Cs) You can play any maps by yourself by creating your own LAN game with only 1 player, however, there are no AI set up for them, so you will be the only one there. This might be useful for getting an idea of the territory, but it gets boring very fast.
  22. Nmenth

    What happened?

    Are you confusing 'typical' with 'theoretical'? Because it seems to me that EA is always late when it comes to C&C stuff (and that tradition is getting passed on into Tiberium).
  23. I'm not so sure other mods are a good place for inspiration, there are too many that are too alike as it is. Is your mod a mod simply because it could exist? If so, than what you do to find your ideas isn't important. However, if you had a plan in mind for creating a mod, than keep to the plan, don't ruin it by taking a dip in whatever cesspools people you don't know recommend to you. If your problem is you made a great storyline, but aren’t sure what new units could go along with it, try coding a few mediocre thoughts, you may get an epiphany out of it. I’ve completely scrapped full codes on multiple units before I found what I was looking for and I was pleased enough with the final result to say it was worth it. If your problem is you made an army of great new units without a storyline to go with them, then avoid admitting it to me, because you would lose all respect in my eyes. In my book, storyline always comes first, all else must follow and coincide with it. If your problem is you had some ideas for some units, but aren’t sure how to pull it off, ask, and I’m sure we can aid you more specifically.
  24. Nmenth

    Mina's PR0 Flash game

    I know, I had already planned on writing something like this and just needed an excuse to post it.