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  1. The explosion is a little blue flash that is in conquer.mix, nevertheless, I removed it to see if it would change anything. It didn't. I'm not sure what you speak of, how does the chaos drone's logic differ? I added DeployTime so the detonation would be delayed by .66 of a minute (~40 seconds). I could never test this to see if it would work correctly due the the whole crashing thing, however I did take the flag out long enough to see if it would make a differance, it still crashed, obviously. I changed some of the encoding (these shouldn't be relevant): [PICK] Armor=special_1 Speed=3 Explosion=TWLT100 ; At your suggestion, if I can fix it, I like the chronofs animation [LevelResonance] OmniFire=yes AreaFire=yes [sonicShockWave] Verses=5%,5%,4%,40%,36%,10%,100%,90%,80%,600%,50% ; I gave it special armor so it one-hit-kills (or at least critically damages) its own kind, thereby making massing them difficult
  2. I was playing with my ancient copy of C&C and thought I'd have a look at its trailers... I saw an ad for Tiberian Sun... I was rather surprised that they had been planning TS that far in advance, but it looked different, it showed the pilot view from inside a Titan. It was like Mechwarriors or something. I think it would be pretty cool to have a Renegade 2 during the time of Tiberian Sun. Drive around Titans and Wolverines and face off Tick Tanks. Better yet, stomp around in a Mammoth Mk. II, dual rail guns reducing most units to slag in a matter of seconds... It would be cool to run around as a Ghostalker and Cyborg Commando. Include Firestorm tech and have Cyborg reapers, maybe even the Cabal Defender... heh heh... Anyway, Renegade was my favorite C&C game for playing online until I couldn't afford high speed internet anymore. I think it would be great to have another one, but in my opinion, another Renegade would have to follow the Tiberium storyline. A Red Alert Renegade would just be another first-person shooter out there. There are too many others out there for a Coldwar type Allies vs Soviet to not be cliche.
  3. Anyone know if it is possible to make a missile parasitic (like a terror drone)? I tried tweaking the V3 missile just to see if I could, but only got a missile that did no damage when it hit. My ultimate purpose here is to make a mummy that can hurl globs of corrosive sludge that does damage over time to armor. If you have an alternate idea on how to accomplish this, do tell.
  4. I don't understand the ExitCoord rules... I've never really cared about them before, but on my latest project, I have ten different factory types of varying sizes, eight for infantry and two for unit. From the ExitCoords that exist, all I get is confused... Allied Barracks ExitCoord=-64,64,0 Soviet Barracks ExitCoord=0,0,0 Yuri Barracks ExitCoord=-64,64,0 All War Factories ExitCoord=512,256,0
  5. It is my opinion that some things should have a certain amount of professionalism to them. New campaigns is one of those things. seperate > separate (Spelling) kremlin > Kremlin (Capitalize proper noun) trator > traitor (Spelling) betrail > betrayal (Spelling) out > our (Wrong word) horwick mountains > Horwick Mountains (Capitalize proper noun) you > your (Possesive) trators > traitors (Spelling) trator's > traitors (Spelling & incorrect use of apostrophe) Trator's > Traitor's (Spelling) mountain's > Mountain (Double possession, Traitor is already possesive & capitalize name of mountain) possition > position (Spelling) ; There > ; there ...or... . There (Incorrect capitalization following semicolon) mission's > missions (Incorrect use of apostrophe) else-where > elsewhere (Hyphen not necessary) simmular > similar (Spelling) mountain's > Mountains (Incorrect use of apostrophe & capitalize name of mountain) Too much patience is fatal, be > too much patience is fatal, be ...or... Too much patience is fatal, Be (Inconsistency)
  6. I've had XCC for a while now and I have yet to get it to start doing what I want it to do. At first it was that I didn't really know what I was doing because it was a new program, but now I understand terminology and such that I didn't before... but XCC was still being as useless as it could manage. For some reason, I didn't think that maybe it hadn't downloaded properly until recently, however after reloading the thing, it keeps on not doing what I want it to. I have all the XCC utilities and mixer 1.45 (I didn't see any newer than that). Therefore I must reluctantly consider that I still don't know what I am doing. I would like it if someone could just show me how to work it, but that isn't exactly a very realistic wish... The first problem I encountered with the utilities is the string table editor, it works fine as long as I never run the mixer again after making changes, as soon as I do, no matter what I do with it, it will restore the entire string table back to it's original values and erases anything I added. I asked about this before and was suggested to get a different editor, but the suggested site could not be opened, I'd rather just know what the deal is with the XCC mixer. Is there any way to edit the string table manually without any programs? I have not seen any method so far, but it'd be nice if there was a way... My other problem is conversing TS cameos into YR. They seem to completely ignore the conversion, or perhaps I am still not doing it right when I think I am. What I have done is locate my desired TS cameo, I checked 'Use for conversion' and 'Convert from TD', then I extracted into the RA2 directory and named it ecache09. As far as I understood, that was the way to do it... it doesn't convert. If that is wrong, than I've apparently not comprehended the instructions I've read in various guides. I feel very humbled having to ask for help, but I have reached my limit in frustrations. I do not want to stay stuck with using TibEd and wordpad to make my mods.
  7. Ok, I did encounter a problem with the string table editor, hopefully it is easily remedied. I assumed when I saved my changes, it would then appear in the game, this was not so. So, is there a certain location the altered string table must be saved? If so, is there a certain name it must be saved as also?
  8. I know, I was refering to you: Well that string table editor you gave downloaded successfully, for which I am glad, I am sick of getting sent to sites that I can't actually access for whatever reason. I haven't tried it yet, but it is only the string table, what could go wrong? Oh yeah... pretty much anything. As for the other download... 2.45 mb... dial-up... really slow... I might get around to fetching that one some time, but it'll take about a half hour and I don't feel very patient right now.
  9. Ah, a side-effect of excessive anime watching :shock: Ok, concerning XCC mixer 1.45. It is erasing my string table changes every time I open it. I'd rather know what its deal is than be sent to fetch new string table editors. My internet is dial-up, I don't have fifty years to serf the web and download things. My cameos don't convert from TS to YR like they are supposed to, it is possible that I am doing it wrong (even if I don't like admitting it). This is how I had believed it was to be done: Located my desired TS cameo, I checked 'Use for conversion' and 'Convert from TD', then I extracted into the RA2 directory and named it ecache09. Assuming I was not doing anything wrong, I have already tried reinstalling the XCC utilities (with afore mentioned dial-up, very boring, I don't like doing it). I also tried a lot of similar variations in my cameo conversions, so a simplistic mistake is not likely.
  10. Nmenth

    Tiberian Sun Era Renegade

    Yes, I did know that Renegade 2 was canceled, and it seemed to also be following Red Alert, which would have been kinda dumb. Who knows what EA is thinking about, they probably don't even know themselves, but I would really like another Renegade, and the ability to hop into a Titan and tromp around... "Standing 25 feet tall and packing a 120mm cannon, the Titan is a force to be reckoned with." - Tiberian Sun Operations Manual. This may be wishful thinking, but some wishes do come true.
  11. Nmenth


    What? God(s) can exist in Sci-fi... I disagree with the Bibical Kane, quoting the Bible means absolutely nothing concerning Kane's origins. It is not an unheard of thing to have the bad guys quoting the Bible, it makes them seem more sinister. If Kane was some sort of uber immortal, why even bother with cloning technology? I think all of these odd enigmas around him are just to simply make him more of a mystery. The nemesis has to be exciting or the storyline would be a huge bore.
  12. Nmenth

    C&C after C&C 3

    What I want to see next is a another Renegade, but I'm sure a RA3 would follow. As for another Generals, that wasn't a bad game, but it did not belong in the C&C universe, and they should never make another one. They can make similar ones, but no more messing with the C&C storylines. USA/GLA/China? That has absolutely nothing to do with chrono technology or tiberium. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Generals and Zero Hour, I just played it today, I only have a problem with it getting the C&C name slapped on it.
  13. When I first became interested in making my own mods, I collected other people's mods and read what changes they had made in ini. By veiwing their examples, I could alter their codes to make my own things. It was a fairly crude beginning, but I think it was easier to understand what I was getting into rather than jumping in so deep I had no idea where I was. You can't become a master modder overnight and downloading everything that exists at once will only prove chaotic.
  14. Tried the StrEdit, couldn't get it to download. For animations, I had already done just that, but I discovered I forgot to save my changes (oops). I redid it, but haven't tested it yet. I made a new death weapon for Ivan so that the second animation only plays when he is killed and the first only when he blows things up. For the Dominator, I searched ArtMD.ini and only found this in the entire thing with referance to the two animations: [PDFXCLD];gs Dominator giant head Rate=300 [PDFXLOC];gs Dominator ring on ground Rate=300
  15. For some reason, the string table will remove all my custom names from time to time. I don't know much about XCC, so perhaps there is a simple explanation. On another topic, I wanted to put the old explosion graphics 'gtpowexp' and 'tstlexp' from dying allied and tesla power plants back in to the game when I noticed they were still there. Confused, I tried removing them and then putting them back in again, but to no avail. So what happened to these explosions that they no longer appear and how does one replace them? I also came across the alternate Crazy Ivan explosion 'crivexp2' and figured I might as well add that in to his bomb's AnimList. I haven't investigated deeper this yet, but I saw about four or so Ivans blow up and they all used the second explosion instead of the original... It seems too unlikely to be coincidental. I will probably put the alternate explosion into a Crazy Ivan death weapon only later on. I really don't see how I could have screwed it up any, I just made it 'AnimList=CRIVEXP,CRIVEXP2' on his warhead, but if there is something I am stupidly (or ignorantly if the case may be) missing here... Ok, one more thing. I noticed in Yuri's Psychic Dominator attack, it displays three graphics: Yuri's head, a red cloudy wave, and a ring with a warp effect. In the rules it has DominatorFirstAnim=PDFXCLD;gs this is the whole giant heeead DominatorSecondAnim=PDFXLOC;gs this is the ring on the ground -Not three, but two animations. I tried applying both of these to a test weapon, the first, as so cleverly stated, 'is the whole giant heeead', the second, as there are two ring effects, is the red cloudy wave (rather similar to the clone & Prime's mind blast attack - only red). When only one is used, it only shows that specific animation. Only when I put in both animations into my weapon, did it have the warping ring. This is not only very peculiar, but also irritating as that warpy ring would be a cool animation effect for numerous possibilities. How might I acquire this strange third animation, and how is it that it can elude me into two separate animation?
  16. Yes, so far that has solved the problem. And of course graphics can cause errors, but in this situation? Crashing while the faulty unit is shooting? I'd think the only possible why an art file (or lack thereof) could do that would be if it was the projectile's image. A side note for the fun of it: this particular map was the first one I tried making the AI actually use the new units I created in a mod map, I must say I enjoyed watching the computer players crush each other The purpose of this map was one additional special for each country. The AI was able to take advantage of Libya's 'Dirty Bomb Launcher' the best, totally wiping out my primary base defenses (something no ordinary computer opponent could have ever done). Here are what I gave each side: America-2nd air drop with 8 guardian GIs (AI didn't use very well) France-Mobile Grand Cannon (AI used fairly well) British-Rail gun infantry (Were cool, but AI didn't seem to agree) Germany-Laser destroyer tanks (My favorite new units, AI bug-don't build yet, never felt like fixing) Korea-Tactical nuclear bombers (AI is dangerous when it decides to make them) Russia-Ball lightning tank (AI use them like a dumb computer would) Cuba-Hijacker terrorists (AI stockpiles them, and then forgets to use, probably due to their lack of anti-tank weaponry) Libya-Dirty bomb launchers (AI really knows how to use these!) Iraq-Advanced demo truck (AI can hurt another AI or a very stupid person) Yuri-I never actually decided on a new unit for him, he is already a unique side, he currently has gattling infantry which I didn't like, so never programed the AI to use Of course, as I mentioned previously, this is an old map, so not my best work, but my friends enjoy playing it, that is why I felt an update was required for it. *Edit* Yuri side now has Telekinetic Blaster tanks, which I am rather pleased with (AI likes its classic strike forces better, but reluctantly builds these too)
  17. I created a very simple unit in a simple map (one I actually made quite a while ago, but needed to update a little), but this unit, a 'Tesla Ball Lightning Tank' always creashes the game for some reason I can't figure out. It seems to happen randomly when the tank shoots, but it may happen on the first shot or the hundreth. This is all its programing (leaving nothing out): [Tesla Ball Lightning Tank] (I doubt the problem is in this section...) UIName=Name:BLTNK Name=Tesla Ball Lightning Tank ROT=5 Cost=1500 Size=3 Armor=heavy Image=PHAL Owner=Russians Sight=8 Speed=6 Points=30 Turret=no Nominal=yes Primary=LightningBall Soylent=1000 Category=AFV Strength=300 Explosion=TWLT070,S_BANG48,S_BRNL58,S_CLSN58,S_TUMU60 MoveSound=TeslaTankMoveStart TechLevel=1 Trainable=yes VoiceMove=TeslaTankMove VoiceAttack=TeslaTankAttackCommand VoiceSelect=TeslaTankSelect Prerequisite=FACTORY,NAPSYA Insignificant=no EliteAbilities=SELF_HEAL,STRONGER RequiredHouses=Russians VeteranAbilities=STRONGER,SIGHT,FASTER AllowedToStartInMultiplayer=no [LightningBall] ROF=70 Range=8 Speed=70 Bright=yes Damage=125 Report=WeatherStrike Warhead=ShockCore Projectile=ShockOrb UseSparkParticles=yes AttachedParticleSystem=FirestormSparkSys [shockCore] Wall=yes Wood=yes Rocker=yes Spary=yes Versus=100%,100%,100%,80%,60%,40%,85%,75%,50%,100%,100% AnimList=KTSTLEXP InfDeath=5 Tiberium=yes CellSpread=2 Conventional=yes PercentAtMax=.05 [shockOrb] AG=yes Image=TORPEDO Arcing=yes Bouncy=yes Shadow=no SubjectToWalls=no SubjectToCliffs=no SubjectToElevation=no
  18. Nope, problem persists. I didn't fully believe the image could do it anyway as my experiences with crashes would say an art fault would cause a crash while game loaded, when unit finished building, or would not crash-but make the unit invisible. As I mentioned before, this only crashes while shooting the lightning ball. I tested the tank further, and it seems that it will only crash if shot at a building, which neither makes sense to me nor really narrows my search at all for where my bug is located... However, the tank can attack infantry, other tanks, force fire the ground, or shoot walls with no trouble.
  19. I have used FinalAlert and TibEd for years to create many mods, but never felt the need for any XCC programs until lately when I realized to make what I wanted, I needed to import no-longer existing TS units and cameos. I was surprised at what I had been lacking for so long in what XCC has to offer, but other than sections scattered throughout the internet world, I didn't see any intructions on how to use this. I at first attempted to figure it out the same way I tought myself how to use FinalAlert and TibEd - through trial and error, but unfortunately, all I managed to do was crash it multiple times. Basically what I need is a manual for the uses of XCC. I don't like having to scour the internet trying to find each detail. Of course if one is included with my XCC download and I was too stupid to find it, it would also help if someone would point out where that is located.
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    Well I hate to ask further, at risk of sounding like a noob, but I only have experience in map editing and unit tweaking through the use of existing images, UINames, etc. All these 'xif', 'shp', etc. things are new concepts I have never had to bother with before. Although it is true enough that I am figuring out XCC on my own (even since the last posting), it is too slow for me to waste time with these days as I have to work. I don't really want to be yet another one of those people asking how to transfer cameos and voxels when that is pretty much exactly what I want to know... it sounds noobyish (and I don't need anyone saying everyone has to start sometime, because it still sounds noobyish whether that may be so or not... and besides, I'm by no means new to modding, just XCC). ...I suppose, however, that a manual for XCC does not exist than?
  21. I must side with Kane in all his evilness. Yuri is twisted, to be sure, and if he was in Kane's time and power, he may have been able to create some real hovoc, but here's the thing: he wasn't. I must also point out that Yuri was your standard world dictator type, while Kane was into some unknown world destruction stuff. I would have to say that ruling the world doesn't really compare to turning it into a glowing ball of tiberium wasteland. As for all that technology ranting, these are games, you have to assume that these technologies would exist (if they don't all ready, as some people have already pointed out, many of them do). When equipped with some messed-up powers, Kane seems to use them in much more evil ways... Kane might not kick Yuri's butt, but he is the bigger villian here, no question...
  22. Nmenth

    RA2 Problem

    I had that problem once (with a LEGAL copy), it happened when I had two hard drives ('C' & 'D'), the game was on D and C crashed. The game still existed, but as C was the drive that ran Windows etc. it did not detect it. Although it seems unlikely that you have the same situation, I did repair the fault by reinstallation of my games.