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  1. It is designed around a mobile device. Even if it was ported, it wouldn't play like a proper RTS. It's bad as a mobile game and would only be made worse as a PC port.
  2. Well that much is obvious, they thought making Rivals in the first place was a good idea...
  3. That's not what they think, and what they think is the only thing that matters. I stand by my prediction, they will not cancel Rivals.
  4. Unfortunately, mobile games are cheap enough to make and easy enough to sell, the horrific reactions it got will probably not be sufficient for them to pull the plug.
  5. Ah yes, I have definitely experienced that. Quote boxes are quite difficult to edit without being able to see the code.
  6. You can still manually type in BBCode and it will convert it when you post. I still use BBCode all the time, it is just a lot less convenient to do so now.
  7. It is the first Monday of June, so it is time for another article from Nmenth's Research Lab. This month, we will explore the Grenades featured throughout Command & Conquer and see how they compare with reality. A new technology will be explored in Nmenth's Research Lab on the first Monday of every month. Return next month on the 2nd when I take a closer look at Super-Heavy Tanks.
  8. Nmenth

    Nmenth's Research Lab: Grenades

    Well two points on that. First, are you sure it actually is a grenade launcher? The C&C wiki (not that it is a reliable source) calls it a recoilless gun, which seems fairly logical. Secondly, I didn't include any vehicle-mounted grenade launchers. Apparently the ZOCOM variant of the Orca fires sonic grenades too. But this article is just supposed to be about the explosive things soldiers lob at each other.
  9. Nmenth

    Games of 2018

    That was my first thought as well, but when I considered it, I also came to the same conclusion as TaxOwlbear in that: I don't support Steam's decision, but I can't object to them making whatever choice they want either. If Steam was being coerced by some authority, then I would have to object. And that makes it a low-quality game, but being low-quality is a bad reason to ban a game from a platform full of low-quality games. And trying to be "edgy" certainly isn't a good reason either. If the developer is an asset thief, that is a valid reason to give him the boot. So if that bit is true, they should act on that aspect alone and ignore all of the offended Helen Lovejoys.
  10. Bad mouthing a critic, alive or otherwise, should not be career suicide. But was he fired for it? I was under the impression he did not work for Bioware anymore at the time he posted that. I would not support him getting fired for it either, if that was the case. Maybe temporarily suspended if he represented Bioware through the same Twitter account. I am sick of people expecting companies to take on the duty of morally judging what their employees say on their own time on their personal platform, and sick of companies kowtowing to such demands.
  11. I never approve of people openly celebrating anyone's death. If it was a terrorist or something, it would at least be understandable, but to celebrate the death of a game critic is just ridiculous.
  12. Nmenth

    Games of 2018

    To clarify, I couldn't care less what they do with the game. I never played any Battlefields and had no intentions of getting this one either. I am not going to waste any effort debating the role of women in historical wars. My only point was PurpleGaga27 was making an irrelevant comparison.
  13. Nmenth

    Games of 2018

    Those are fictional, WWII is historical.
  14. It is the first Monday of May, so it is time for another article from Nmenth's Research Lab. This month, we will explore Railguns in Command & Conquer and see how they compare with reality. A new technology will be explored in Nmenth's Research Lab on the first Monday of every month. Return next month on the 4th when I take a closer look at Grenades.
  15. I doubt I'll get a good answer here, since this isn't a proper tech support forum, but I figure it wouldn't hurt to try. What I want is a free program that allows me to plug two mice into the same computer and get two cursors on the same monitor that are both fully functional and independent of the other. If the strong emphasis in that seems unnecessary, it is because I have been searching for a solution for quite some time now, and all of the solutions I find are inadequate. I have found a not-free program that can do exactly what I want, but I don't see any reason why I should pay someone to let me use two mice. I already know how to get two mice to control one cursor. I know of programs that can get two cursors, but they are not fully functional. I'm sure I found such a program in the past, but didn't download it because I didn't have a second mouse at the time. Now I have a second mouse, but can't find the program again. After the searching I have done, it seems there are far more people who want this than there are solutions available. Also a lot of idiots who lack the imagination to figure out why someone might want to use two mice simultaneously, and they seem to think no one should want something they don't want themselves.
  16. Nmenth

    Two mice, one computer

    "Why?" is irrelevant to the topic.
  17. Nmenth

    Two mice, one computer

    Never mind, almost immediately after posting this, I found a program called pluralinput. Never mind never minding, it is almost good, but it does not seem to be fully functional.
  18. Nmenth

    Video of the day

    Hmm... if that's the best, I'd hate to see the rest of the season...
  19. Do you mean mounted as in like on a tri-pod? It could reduce the effect of recoil, but barrel length would still be limited and energy requirements an issue. None of the C&C games feature such a weapon though.
  20. Nmenth

    PCG Poll: Create the perfect RTS

    Next time PC Gamer has a poll, remind me to not participate in their stupidity.