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  1. RA3 graphics look downright gritty and realistic by comparison.
  2. Although I am not super familiar with Tencent, I think if you are going for a mobile game, they have the capability to make a high quality one. ...but it's still just a mobile game.
  3. Nmenth

    PCG Poll: Create the perfect RTS

    I was a little surprised to see that one in there, I must admit.
  4. Nmenth

    PCG Poll: Create the perfect RTS

    Many of those listed I have never played at all or very much. Nevertheless, of those I am familiar with, C&C really is the best among them. That said, I think C&C holds an advantage in that it covers three different universes and has spanned a good number of years, giving it a lot of opportunities to be better in any given aspect.
  5. Nmenth

    Windows 3.0 File Manager released

    I wish the picture was larger so I could actually see what has really changed. I never used Windows 3 myself, went from DOS to 95.
  6. It is the first Monday of April, so it is time for another article from Nmenth's Research Lab. This month, we will explore the Tesla Coils of Command & Conquer and see how they compare with reality. A new technology will be explored in Nmenth's Research Lab on the first Monday of every month. Return next month on the 7th when I take a closer look at Railguns.
  7. Investing in Kane Coin is not a wise move for faithless investors, as it is intended for those loyal to the messiah. In zones with a low tiberium density due to over harvesting, it might be useful as an alternate war fund though. Kane Coins are everlasting and so are incomparable to gold or diamonds; which is worth more, a hard chunk of rock or true dedication to the Brotherhood? Placing value on a Kane Coin is pretty irreverent. It is obviously more valuable than any GDI units, even 100,000,000 Mammoths are worth about 0.0002% of one good Black Hand.
  8. It is the first Monday of March, so it is time for another article from Nmenth's Research Lab. This month, we will explore the Hovercraft of Command & Conquer and see how they compare with reality. A new technology will be explored in Nmenth's Research Lab on the first Monday of every month. Return next month on the 2nd when I take a closer look at the Tesla Coil.
  9. More like generic bug aliens. I think if you aggregated all alien body templates and found the most frequent depiction in films, it would be human-form aliens.
  10. Nmenth

    Pic of the Day

    Ah yes, of course one should point out the frequent use of anti-materiel rifles in school shootings, where a massive ~14.5kg Barrett sniper rifle can easily be concealed in a backpack and the ease at which one can walk off a gun range carrying one they only paid $29 to shoot - less than the value of a full 10-round magazine.
  11. Nmenth

    Does anyone here invest in Bitcoin?

    He makes a really dumb argument against it. And his claim that it caused deaths in a "direct way" because it can be used to buy illegal drugs is not only a complete failure to comprehend the meaning of the word "direct," but could also be said about normal hard currency.
  12. Interesting choice for someone who claims loyalty to the Brotherhood.
  13. I think something to note about large companies and their profit goals when compared to indie developers, is the existence of shareholders. Indies get to put 100% of their net income back into their project and their pockets. However, a portion of profits is siphoned out of big company sales right into the pockets of the shareholders, requiring them to make even more money just to break even. Plus the shareholders will be constantly demanding more profits, after all, that is why they bought the shares in the first place. I do not think EA is being entirely truthful about how cutting loot boxes won't affect profits. Ultimately, they will probably figure out a new income to replace them (meaning it won't hurt profits in the long run), but they need to satisfy the eternal greed of the shareholders before they start losing faith, so EA will tell them whatever it is they want to hear. Small indie developers have a pretty distinct advantage here, allowing them to make a lower quality game and still walk away with a fatter wallet. I'm not saying this to counter any point brought up here specifically, I think this is just something you need to keep in mind.
  14. Nmenth

    Jim Sterling on anger and corporate bullshit

    The silent majority's money isn't doing much to stop the ridiculous overreaction to loot boxes.
  15. The mainstream news and politicians latch onto the most irrelevant things all the time, that's why a word like nontroversy exists in common parlance.
  16. Nmenth

    Jim Sterling on anger and corporate bullshit

    in almost everything, the majority is silent with a tiny, noisy minority making changes happen. In most cases, the quantity of people means far less than how loudly and persistently they shout.
  17. It is the first Monday of February, so it is time for another article from Nmenth's Research Lab. This month, we will explore the technology of the Electromagnetic Pulse and how its use in Command & Conquer compares with reality. A new technology will be explored in Nmenth's Research Lab on the first Monday of every month. Return next month on the 5th when I take a closer look at the Hovercraft.
  18. Nmenth

    Renegade-X Patch 5.31 Released

    Hmm, it just says by popular demand. Anyone know what these popular demands entailed? I am generally against the removal of content, so I am curious about the reasons behind it (haven't played Ren-X myself for a while, so I don't really remember them).
  19. I don't understand your question. You can't buy anything without a Refinery, it would be your new wallet/purse/account/duffle bag/nondescript attaché case. My computer is broken. All of my games and work are inaccessible, I have nothing to do and lots of time to do it.
  20. There's a possibility it will feature some highly stable and easily traded in-game currency that becomes the de facto world currency after a massive global economic collapse makes all other standard currencies explode into a hyperinflation that even makes Robert Mugabe shake his head in disgust. It is possible EA will take advantage of their position as the effective world bank to become the new world superpower. Possibly a military enforcement arm would need to be employed to make sure no one tries to develop counterfeit in-game currencies in black market sweat shops. It is possible Blizzard would raise a counter-revolutionary army to fight back, secretly developing a game with an alternate currency to undermine the power EA holds over the planet. It is possible a special ops task force that answers straight to Andrew Wilson will infiltrate Blizzard and assassinate the development teams so EA can continue to reign supreme. Possibly Blizzard would respond by seeding rebellion among all the small companies EA bought out over the years and secretly transporting weapons and equipment in to them for sabotage and guerilla warfare. There is a possibility one rogue EA developer will implant a bug into EA's game that breaks the system and causes everyone to lose faith in EA's currency. Possibly Bethesda will attempt to manufacture bottle caps as a currency replacement. This effort would fail - there is no possibility bottle caps will make a good currency. But possibly a bunch of C&C modders will band together and develop a C&C mod with a superior currency system and possibly escape notice because the one thing EA does right is not mess with C&C modders. The perfect C&C mod could possibly save the world and issue in the dawn of a new age where every person on the planet plays C&C, not because they want to, but because they can't buy a loaf of bread without first constructing a Refinery to hold their funds. It's possible...
  21. Nmenth

    So there will be a Duke Nukem movie after all?

    Despite or because of? I don't think development hell ever helped a title...
  22. Nmenth

    Pic of the Day

    Nuke fan? NUKE FAN? That's "Nuclear weapons enthusiast" to you, peasant. By the way, that is Upshot-Knothole: Badger in the background.
  23. Nmenth

    Pic of the Day

    Never played S.T.A.L.K.E.R., and after briefly reading its plot on Wikipedia, it doesn't seem to have anything to do with nuclear weapons. I see at least one person on their Facebook was offended by this obvious joke though, apparently another victim of the same media fear mongering that lead to the unnecessary levels of panic presented in PurpleGaga27's post above.