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    Blade Runner 9732 (A VR experience)

    VR "experience" might be more accurate than VR "game" here...
  2. Maybe he won't say it a third time if you don't post observations that anyone below the rank of captain in the obvious brigade already noticed.
  3. Nmenth

    Forged Battalion

    The over-saturated cartoony style graphics seem to have been "inspired" from RA3 too.
  4. Nmenth

    Pic of the Day

    I was listening to some music when I noticed these tracks won't be made for another 33779 years. I'm a bit disappointed in the quality of music they're making. I mean, it isn't unpleasant, I just expected something more after thirty thousand years of technological advancements. I suppose my primitive headphones can't handle it to its full potential.
  5. Nmenth

    Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

    Satisfied because you enjoyed it, or satisfied it was finally over and you could get out? Based on some of the reviews I've heard, I honestly don't know which. I'm going to guess you liked it though, as even the people who weren't so pleased with it thought it was entertaining at the time and only concluded just how bad they found it upon reflection.
  6. I have a long list of things that will be covered, Tesla Coils is one of them.
  7. Nmenth

    Does anyone here invest in Bitcoin?

    Investing in bitcoin is not a wise move for causal investors, as it is extremely volatile. In countries with an unstable currency prone to high inflation, it might be useful as an alternate currency though. Bitcoins are immaterial and so are incomparable to gold or diamonds; which is worth more, a t oz of gold or a t oz of bitcoins? The value per bitcoin is pretty irrelevant. It is usually traded in smaller decimal units, down to 1/100,000,000, which is worth about US$0.0002.
  8. I will not consider any new legislation acceptable. It is an authoritarian overreaction when not buying the product is a far easier and more sensible approach. Have people been enjoying too much freedom in the modern world that any minor grievance must now be met with legal subjugation?
  9. It is an argument against any and all content that one pays for which is not guaranteed to remain available after servers go down. It is an argument against microtransaction in the same way that blowing up a barn is a valid way to kill an intrusive rat. Maybe you want to take down the barn anyway, but that doesn't make the "because of rat" argument valid.
  10. Now you're just moving the goalposts.
  11. That is true for everything in the game. Therefore, while a statement of fact, it is not an argument against microtransactions.
  12. Nmenth

    MOD.str not working

    Did you include the "3"?
  13. I meant by legal definition, not personal or dictionary definition. That's a very narrow-sighted way of looking at it. It only seems safe to make such overreaching laws now because the game currently on the chopping block is widely condemned. Broadening gambling laws to fit this game in may include many other games you would not find objectionable, but someone else does. Laws, especially ones cropping up as the result of unharnessed knee-jerking, are often ambiguous and easy to abuse by the ill-meaning. In a different context, the exact words of a Westwood Whiner. Changing gambling laws instead of just not buying the product is utterly authoritarian.
  14. Loot boxes, and any microtransactions in general, are stupid. I do not support them, and think anyone who spends money on them is wasting their money. However, they are not gambling, and they should not be classified as such. Changing gambling laws to include this type of random reward system in games would be a extremely dangerous precedent that could negatively affect games in unforeseen ways in the future. People need to stop being whiners who will gladly destroy the whole world in a vain attempt to make it better.
  15. Nmenth

    Shellmap Creation

    The C&C community as a whole is slowly shrinking. In this case, you're in an unfortunate niche; there hasn't ever been much of a Generals modding group here.
  16. Looks more like a MOBA or RTT than RTS.
  17. Nmenth

    Pic of the Day

    I don't know a lot about the reward mechanics in this specific game, and I am also not familiar with the details of the gambling laws in all countries that might sell this game. That said, I am familiar with some gambling laws and how some games implement legal random reward generators that are played with real money. The simplest way to tell if a mechanic is legally gambling or not is if there is a possible loser state in the random chance. A loser state is where you win absolutely nothing; things like a free retry or a super low-value reward are not loser states. If you always win something, it is not gambling (legally). I highly doubt this game has loser states, that would be a really stupid oversight. There are a few other things that are important to keep a game legal, such as direct payments with real money or indirect payments through virtual currency (this is why games pretty much always have some stupid made up currency), but the no-lose game is really the most important indicator here. Addendum: I suppose I should have actually read the article before commenting. They do sort of mention what I wrote above, but do a lot of beating around the bush and if you don't pay close attention, you could easily miss it entirely.
  18. What about Nuka-Cola Quantum? Are you pretty sure it isn't named after that equally arbitrary and unrelated item too?
  19. Nmenth

    Video of the day

    Of all the improvised musical devices people have come up with, I have never been able to regard floppy drives very highly on that list. The sound is utterly terrible, their aesthetics is terrible, and the nostalgic value of floppy drives is terrible. The electronics engineering required is their sole redeeming quality, and that feat is no where near as impressive as many other improvised music sources.
  20. True, but seriously, the Juggernaut is the least interesting of the walkers.
  21. Tiberium also didn't spread properly, lacking the ability to overtake the entire map. Ion storms functioned so differently as to be hardly comparable. GDI walkers mysteriously vanished, only given to the Steel Talons to appease fans (possibly the same scenario with cyborgs and the Marked of Kane, not sure on the behind the scenes regarding those). I don't think the Firestorm ending was ever addressed, though I might be mistaken on that. There's probably a number of other things too that I'm forgetting...
  22. I am neither saying SC's storytelling, nor C&C's multiplayer is insignificant. I am saying what the franchise is most notable for. Some people really liked SC's story, but its current fame came more from the multiplayer than the story. Same with C&C's multiplayer, it made a lot of fans from that, but its story is what people talk about first.
  23. Indeed, it does, but... Multiplayer has its purpose, just because it serves its purpose well doesn't mean you should ignore what it does not do. SC is known for its multiplayer aspect, C&C is known for its storytelling. If you try to cram a C&C into a SC box, you won't please anybody.
  24. Perhaps so, I suppose I don't actually know his past opinions on the series. Yes, but I don't provide those numbers when I talk about the games. Suppose you didn't know me and I said TW was worse than TS, and RA3 was worse than RA2. I have a feeling you would be throwing Westwood Whiner accusation my way in a heartbeat. I think it is too presumptive to use that label if the person hasn't actually invoked Westwood by name.
  25. That is an unfair accusation. One can find the later games underwhelming without believing the older games were superior simply because they were built by Westwood. If you look at my personal ratings for the games, you'll see a notable arc that closely corresponds to certain events involving who was running things. Does this mean I am a Westwood fanboy? No, it means I think the games I rated higher were better than the ones I rated lower. I couldn't care less who made them, never has that influenced whether I liked a game or not. There is nothing wrong with people who enjoy playing or watching competitive multiplayer. However, competitive players are a tiny minority. Making a C&C game that can be played competitively is fine, a game designed specifically for them is a mistake. Generals 2 was putting far too much focus on the multiplayer aspect, and I think that did a lot to hurt it. StarCraft may have made a name for itself through its multiplayer, but for C&C, I think the singleplayer has played a greater role in its fame. The glory of e-sports and the rise of online streaming has caused EA to lose sight of C&C's foundation, which was created from a very different seed. If EA tries C&C again, and follows this multiplayer-focused path again, I strongly believe they will be headed into yet another repeat of TT and Gen2. Multiplayer RTSs can exist, but that is not the road for C&C, a series that has been story-driven from the beginning. If you take the story out of C&C, you will take C&C out of the story.