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  1. Huh... it is still 100% speculation at this point, but they are already saying, "We predicted this, don't you know." I looked at their prediction and it is laughable straight from the title, "EA will make another attempt at reviving the Command & Conquer franchise, made by Petroglyph." At this point, I think the only thing EA could do that would cause me to lose more faith in them to do C&C right would be to outsource to Petroglyph.
  2. As in a TW remake? Or C&C5 in the style of C&C3?
  3. Nmenth

    The Ultimate Free-to-Play PC Games List

    You mean Tiberian Sun? Tiberium Wars is not freeware.
  4. It was the upgrade to IPS4 that messed stuff up, Zee took over two months later.
  5. Nmenth

    CNCNZ.com Turns 20!

    I may not have been here for all 20 years, but in memory of the 11 years I have, I will use my very first avatar on this site for the remainder of the month.
  6. Nmenth

    This real-life robot just got citizenship

    What a stupid gimmick. It is, perhaps, ironic that the country often accused of having the worst human rights records in the world would give a machine citizen status. The rest of the world probably thinks it is in elevation in status, while in Saudi Arabia, machines likely have more rights than citizens.
  7. Nmenth

    Pic of the Day

    There is something very interesting about these pictures...
  8. Nmenth

    Pic of the Day

    They only need to withstand illegal immigrants, not an invading Mongol horde.
  9. Except when it became a prism tower in TT.
  10. Nmenth

    Forged Battalion

    I actually don't think this is relevant to making a preliminary judgment at all, it is only a distraction. Maybe this is just my opinion, but I've never seen a game where the soundtrack changed its worthiness. A terrible soundtrack on a great game can be muted. An awesome soundtrack on a Petroglyph er... lousy game cannot drag it out of the dung heap.
  11. I am not a lawyer, but I at least somewhat confident that I understand this subject, as I have done some research into copyright laws just to make myself more familiar on the topic for the frequent occasions it comes up (like now). Copyright licenses (which software licenses are a form of) can only go in one direction; more free. Once they move down a rung on the copyright ladder, they can never go back up for any reason ever. If freeware has ever been revoked, either it was never got the freeware license, or the company is lying and it is still legally freeware (not that the average consumer would be willing to go to court over it). Since a company cannot revoke a freeware license, if they don't want it to be distributed anymore, they will just remove all evidence of its existence. Just because it is free doesn't mean they are obligated to actually make it available. I do not know.
  12. Nmenth

    Board/card games

    Best board game ever made.
  13. If a game is legally made freeware, that status cannot be removed, no matter how much the company wants to do so. If it wasn't a legal change, but out of the "kindness" of their hearts, they can revoke it at any time.
  14. Everyone knows they are real. You used that very term in the post you just linked from 2010. They are not particularly dangerous. I am pretty sure that coil is only playing the bass... They also spelled Tesla coil wrong. This is definitely playing all of the music, unlike the first one... too bad the quality is terrible.
  15. Nmenth

    Are there any good games left?

    The response of a hipster, if I ever heard one... Name some "great games" that have come out ever so we know what your standards are.
  16. Yes. We will occasionally take it down temporarily, but the downtimes should be quite short.
  17. And arguably the superior ones to get.
  18. I detect a sense of entitlement coming from somewhere in the vicinity of this topic.
  19. Hmm, I thought it was ducentahexaquinquagesimal. Though I suppose they might have run out of ideas for new things to add sometime around versions 0.▓ to 0.╢, if not even before 0.⌂.
  20. Nmenth

    Video of the day

    The music 2 minutes in sounds familiar for some reason...
  21. “Petroglyph should get the rights to the C&C franchise” I think this is only a smaller part of the larger poorly-considered statement, "EA should sell the rights to the C&C franchise." I have honestly considering writing an entire article just on why this is such a stupid statement for the past few months, but I'm not sure I can write it in a way that isn't boring. “Red Alert 3 is all cartoony” If you hear people actually say this, I wouldn't be surprised. However, you may be misrepresenting what is normally said, "Red Alert 3 is too cartoony," which is a completely legitimate complaint, even if you personally disagree with it. Cartoony is also ≠ cheesy. “All Red Alert 3 does is advertise to teens who love to see boobs on the screen” This statement is hyperbolic, but your response takes it literally. The complaint is against the extent to which RA3 went with the sexual undertones and costumes, which far surpassed any previous or future title. As with above, it is a completely legitimate complaint, even if you personally disagree with it. I think the rest of the article is fair.
  22. I find my vocabulary lacking in coming up with adequate words to articulate what I think of that comment. I don't mean that figuratively either, I literally started writing several responses and ended up deleting them all because I simply couldn't express myself. I will just put it this way, the universe will suffer heat death before that happens.
  23. LoopCount=1 ; animation plays once LoopCount=-1 ; animation loops forever