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    Most favorite C&C unit

    Got to say the wolverines pwn with AP gunz. They somehow wreck buildings 10 times quicker.
  2. JahSpoR


    Yippie dippie dope your butt is deep in soap. And if you look liek a toad have a yellow coat.
  3. JahSpoR

    Video of the day

    wut's up with all the yeses? eh? yes we saw you yessed back at the yessing yesser that wrote yes as an reply to yes yes yes. yes?
  4. JahSpoR

    The Epic, BEST faction poll!

    and nice chick commandoes in hotpants
  5. JahSpoR

    LCD Monitors

    I wouldn't recommend Acer. Id rather say you should try and avoid. LG and Samsung on the other hand is the best in my opinion. I know they usually cost a little more, but they are usually worth it too.
  6. Sounds like a reunited US and Soviet Union.
  7. I went to Gamestop/EBgames store today and told him I wanted Kanes Wrath. He gave me the normal one and a Pre-order edition. That's wierd,. I didn't preorder. Haven't opened the "Exclusive Pre-Order Pack" yet. Is the game included in that one too?.
  8. JahSpoR

    Barack Obama

    so, it looks like Obama is going to win?
  9. JahSpoR

    O.o bought KW double-time!?

    Thanks, Just watched some of it. It's really great. man, It was nice of that Gamestop dude to give me a preorder pack
  10. JahSpoR

    New MOAR info

    yeah "Need for speed tiberium". that would be even wierder
  11. JahSpoR

    Empire of the Rising Sun

    his brain is frizzed. guess the ship is the trasport for the tank.
  12. JahSpoR

    Most favorite C&C unit

    so... anyone has a new favorite unit after KW is realesed?
  13. JahSpoR

    LiveWire Comes to An End

    man, just discovered Rewind now. that's great dude. (not that its stopping, just great "show")
  14. annother av/sg combo. (I was bored)
  15. JahSpoR

    O.o bought KW double-time!?

    If it's annother Game CD, I will sell it. .. I got it for free.
  16. JahSpoR

    New Red Alert 3 Wallpaper

    Yeah, we need a close up wallpaper of the new Tesla Trooper,. Its Awesome!
  17. JahSpoR

    Kane's Wrath Reviewed by GameSpot

    Fully matches my oppinion about KW.
  18. JahSpoR

    I phail

    damn, I could use a format. Can't find the damn recovery CD
  19. JahSpoR

    I'm back!

    Then wut? O_o
  20. JahSpoR

    I phail

    once stomped my old screen becouse of a similiar problem.
  21. JahSpoR

    Renegade X - Vehicle Test Trailer

    Going to be the best total conversion mod to it's date. My UT3 won't lay useless in the closet anymore
  22. JahSpoR

    Its Raj Versus Dave!

    take-the-blue-pill-take-the-red-pill awesome!
  23. JahSpoR

    Video of the day

    The artist got a bounty on his head, muslims daily burn our flag, even OSAMA BIN MF-LADEN made a tape saying Denmark will pay. thats AWESOME! Irony. why did I creep to your level?
  24. JahSpoR

    I Need Headphones

    buy Skullcandy proletariat headphones. I have a set of those, and theire the best iv'e had yet (have like 9 different headphones), Not expensive for such quality. Click here Anyways, they also have other models that really kicks ***