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    Indoor missions

    lul okey it's drained now
  2. allright whats's up with the hotpants, like that
  3. JahSpoR

    C&C in SWR

    Supa Robobrow warez for nevaar. that game was stoneshakinening.
  4. JahSpoR

    Deleting topics

    how come you make that statement?
  5. JahSpoR

    Possible PC, choose

    yeh like you know everything kid Every time Iv'e called to ask about drivers or software or something, Iv'e been treated good. And well, I haven't got any software I don't want.
  6. JahSpoR

    Barack Obama

    presidents doesn't?
  7. JahSpoR

    Indoor missions

    anyway I hope they bring the indoor missions back,. but it's higly unlikely since EA doesn't seem to do more to a game than the absolute minimum expected.
  8. JahSpoR

    Possible PC, choose

    XPS all the way! Have on myself,. haven't had a SINGLE bluescreen ever. It's really the best pc I ever had.
  9. JahSpoR


    are you serious? my friends brother on 8, bought GTA San Andreas last month,. one of the more violent games I say. hah rather that than an XBOX with Halo3.. someone help those kids.
  10. JahSpoR

    The Best Epic Unit!

  11. JahSpoR

    Indoor missions

    can you believe someone picked third? I definatly absolutely not. I lieked the indoor maps,. nowhere to run., only these shredding machines staring at you. (dogs)
  12. yeh you said it. and purple hair lul?! I really hope they aren't serious about that anime thang.
  13. JahSpoR

    EA Slaps Jack Thompson

    Now he claims he has a client that works close to Take-Two,. .. but we know the truth right? l-l-l-L I A R R !
  14. JahSpoR

    The Epic, BEST faction poll!

    Sovjets! based on what iv'e seen yet. The soldiers are epic, the new tesla armor is epic!
  15. JahSpoR

    Video of the day

    that was friggin hilarious!
  16. nice!.. too late to preorder I guess
  17. JahSpoR

    Who love wireless crap?

    well, you can buy a battery charger for 5$. I just don't like to mess around with batteries and stuff when your mouse starts to complain in the middle of something. guess the power supply is batteries for the keyboard also?
  18. JahSpoR


    Well,. finally installed Tibsun + FS with original cd's since TFD seems to **** up everything >_< But I can't stand that every pixel is 3x3 cm on my screen. So I need the SUN.INI file so I can change that. I spend one hour on google trying to find the file but failed. Is it possible for any of you to upload it? PS. It's kind of wierd the game doesn't start up with it. Or do you need a patch? PSS The SUN.INI does count for FS as well doesn't it? quick help would be appreciated
  19. JahSpoR

    cant find automatch server

    Or maybe becouse everybody chooses to play ZH with mod's becouse it's so much better.
  20. JahSpoR

    Crazy MIne Sculpture

    coul, It looks a bit wierd, liek it's in 2D or something