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    EA to aquire Take-Two?

    Uuuuu, The good old times when you could touch the game and feel all the hard work that where put into it,. Actually it's wierd that even though there are so much competion in the games branche these days, they still seem to leave quality behind quantity.
  2. yeh, im kinda in love with that game
  3. JahSpoR

    DUNE Theory

    Indeedz,. My dad once told me there was a Dune book or something, (can't remember,. long time ago) or was it movie?
  4. I think the reason HM2 was so good was becouse it was Frank himself that did the remix,. I wouldn't get my hopes up for the new remix of AoI since it obivously ain't Frank that is going to do it.
  5. JahSpoR

    Renegade 2007 Video Preview

    Love the atmosphere!. Very nice!
  6. JahSpoR

    Were can i...

    I kind of regret I bought TFD becouse it's so buggy, I have all original discs so I guess it was only for the DVD included.
  7. JahSpoR

    Scratched Disc

    Iv'e actually heard that too somewhere.
  8. JahSpoR


    Finally some usefull help. thanks.
  9. JahSpoR

    Empire of the Rising Sun

    they seem to have done nicely with the new "tesla trooper" already, it's kinda mechie ya know
  10. JahSpoR

    Automatic FAIL for this game.

    well, at least let's hope doesn't end up as QuakeWars or something. that **** doesn't even deserve to have "Quake" in it's title.
  11. JahSpoR


    well, yeah but had to turn it down a bit. everything is pretty small.
  12. No matter how good it might be, it can't beat the original.
  13. JahSpoR


    wtf?! I downloaded the SUN.INI file that appearently didn't come with the original CD for some reason. I fixed what I wished to, (that means changing the resolution to 1920x1200) are you DONE yet or will you continue your self-pwn rampage?
  14. JahSpoR

    Automatic FAIL for this game.

    nah defenatly ain't gonna buy it if Nod ain't playable in MP.
  15. JahSpoR

    Prequel or Sequel?

    why so negative, they could have done GENERALZ 2 !! now with hawaii as 9'th faction!
  16. yeh. If they did it with TS and RA2 what is the problem in adding it to newer games? I know they can release games as they change underwear but at least they could add this little detail.
  17. JahSpoR

    Kids Rock!

    Electro ftw, beetles are things you step on
  18. JahSpoR

    Now Playing - Music

    Asys - No more ****ing Rock'n Roll
  19. Does that mean we get a jukebox?
  20. JahSpoR

    Pic of the Day

    oh and:
  21. JahSpoR


    uses original discs (not TFD) and windows can hide nothing from me got it fixed so theres really no need for further discussion.
  22. JahSpoR

    Kids Rock!

    Never really loved rap,. more to the groovy hip hop beats. nice partymusic.