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Im actually me. Since 1990 iv'e been me. And I can say I kind of like it. So in 1991 I was also me. I was even me in 1992.

So iv'e been me for about 18 years now?. yes indeed I have. So why where I me? yeah I tell me it was becouse I was happy with me, so I liked being with me. Now Im a student. I am a good student. I also work in the lokal supermarket. It's good that im me there, becouse I can't see who else I would be, other than me ofcourse.

So im a fan of me, wich I know becouse im still me. And I actually like me witch someone else reading this (probably noone or a bored admin) So now I will write a whole lotta shiz about me. I live in Copenhagen. Iv'e lived there as long as iv'e been me, wich Iv'e written above. I like this city. Im thinking about leaving the city. Take a long trip on my moped. It's really dope by the way. So Im packing my power generator, My laptop alot of stuff used for surviving a loooong time alone. Im simply going to live in the nature. Build a little tent/house on the side of some mountain in spain or italy. There I will write about my little adventure. Ofcourse I will bring my gun in case I need to protect myself against bandits or crazy american scientists ;) Anyway I hope to meet Bruce Wayne over a cup of mushroom coffeeeeEEeeEEee. Ill try his motorcycle and he can try my moped. We would then dance to hardstyle and eat extacy and LSD. maybe some liquid fantasy when Jessica Alba arrives. Im just affraid the Joker should suddently arrive. He know hes not invited!! HE KNOWS THAT!!! HE ****ing KNOWS!! ****ing CLOWNS I ****ing KILL ****ing CLOWNS!! ... the mushroom coffee where just about ready when the tiberian dawn arrived. "hello my best friend" , "oh hi dawny" (that's what I call him) "I see bruce left his cigar, mind if I take a puff?" , "no, no not at all".. so after having some good times watching the moon rise, It was time to get some breakfast. "so you leave me here all alone?" Alba said.. "yes. you can play with dawny meanhvile I harvest some cheese fruits" I said. "Darling you know I don't play with dawny. He's no bigger than 800 x 600" she said while making a twirl. "THATS A LIE ALBA!,. you know dawny is gold now! he's about 1200x800 now or something!! ain't that right dawny?" I shouted. "Affirmative you are my BULLETPROOF TOAST RIDER!"... I am what I am and you ain't what I am and will never be. Forever psychedelic,- !!