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    Half-Life 2 - Game of the Year?

    Ditto . 'Cept I'm 200mhz less, but that shouldn't matter too much. And my PC is fully tweaked out from Doom3 & FarCry, so it should run just fine. Sonic, have you seen 'Vampire: The Masquerade' ? Looks to be a good game too, HL2 engine.....
  2. DeadEye

    Half-Life 2 - Game of the Year?

    I won't get it until It comes out on PC, which is May 05 ish. Wonder how they will work the 2player aspect for PC that they have on PS2?
  3. DeadEye

    Half-Life 2 - Game of the Year?

    I possibly wont be getting it until December, when I start work, as atm I have no money :[
  4. DeadEye

    I'm Married!!!

    Congrats! /me awaits the pictures
  5. DeadEye

    Half-Life 2 - Game of the Year?

    As Sonic pointed out elsewhere, for us Kiwi's at Gpstore, it has been pushed back to the 17th. (Even if it was released on the 16th, us kiwis would have to wait roughly until 9pm for it to be released stateside, so it could be unlocked for us :/ )
  6. Its not banned in Australia, just been given the highest rating it can be given - MA 15+. Also, the Aussies are getting the uncut version / have it allready of San Andreas too
  7. Awww no.... and I just used the only cash I had to pay my telecom bill. I'll try and scheme $139.95 tho. Considering I'm owed $150 from my Mother...... :x
  8. Supposedly coming out late November (fingers crossed!!), this awesome looking game looks to be on the imminent horizon. After reading 2 reviews of the game from PC Mags, I can say this looks truely awesome! (And hoping I get my fulltime Xmas job, a new vid card & some RAM for Stalker, San Andreas, and KOTOR II ) 2 Ways to get it, multiple choices tho I myself will be getting the Collectors edition...... (For those slightly stupid, retail is buyig it from the stre, Steam is purchasing & downloading off the internet ) THE COLLECTOR'S EDITION OF HALF-LIFE 2 ships on a single DVD and includes: * Half-Life 2 * Counter-Strike: Source * Half-Life 1: Source * Half-Life 2 T-shirt * Prima book sampler. ATI/Half-Life 2 bundle owners may redeem their product key for the Bronze offer or apply their key toward the purchase of either the Silver or Gold offers, receiving a credit equal to the price of the Bronze offer.alf-Life 2 Steam Offers: BRONZE -- $49.95 -- 74.0882 NZD * Half-Life 2* * Counter-Strike: Source *To be made available upon product's release. SILVER -- $59.95 -- 88.9309 NZD * Half-Life 2* * Counter-Strike: Source * Half-Life 1: Source* * Day of Defeat: Source* * Valve's back catalog currently available on Steam *To be made available upon products' release. GOLD -- $89.95 -- 133.433 NZD * Half-Life 2* * Counter-Strike: Source * Half-Life 1: Source* * Day of Defeat: Source* * Valve's back catalog currently available on Steam * Complete Half-Life 2 Strategy Guide from Prima Games * 3 different Half-Life 2 posters * Half-Life Collector's box * Half-Life 2 hat * Half-Life 2 postcard * Half-Life 2 stickers * Half-Life 2 Soundtrack CD * Chance to win a trip to Valve! (1 trip offered for every 5000 Gold packages purchased). * To be made available upon products' release. **1 trip offered for every 5000 Gold packages purchased. For contest details, click here.
  9. DeadEye

    Halo 2 Gone Gold!

    My job doesnt start till November 28th or thereabouts, until then I have about 7~8 games on my gpstore wishlist
  10. DeadEye

    Are YOU getting Halflife 2?

    You may have paid for it, but you don't have it yet. CS:S maybe, but not the actual HL2...........
  11. DeadEye

    Are YOU getting Halflife 2?

    Yeah, Good ole GPstore . I'll wait till the release is confirmed for late november before I pay tho,, means the money can be used to pay off my telecom bill.
  12. DeadEye

    20 Second Skirmish!

    I had that with Generals once after patching. Only wasy I could fix it was to reformat :/
  13. DeadEye

    Best AA Unit?

    With Newbie007's temperment, I can see this deteriorating :/ Sorry people, but take it to the Flamers zone or PM, or whatnot. ~*~Topic Closed~*~
  14. DeadEye


    Hahaha, I remember those days of UBB. Good times!
  15. DeadEye

    How to create cracked server??

    Either I'm behind the times, or its something dodgy. Best to steer clear, and just Start a server online, password protect it
  16. DeadEye

    Best AA Unit?

    Play nice, or play in another sandpit.
  17. DeadEye

    What's Your Dream Car

    You sir, having a wedding to pay for . For me, I'd like an Aston Martin V12 Vanquish. Ferrarri F50. HMMVW (matte black, up-armoured, with Stingers ). Or a 2004 Maseratti. Or a big beastie holden GTO .
  18. DeadEye

    Halo 2 Gone Gold!

    Nice. But I haven't even played Halon (1) at all yet
  19. DeadEye

    DVD Rom

  20. DeadEye


    I ordered it from MS a week or two ago, and will install it when I get it.. After backing up my registry, files, game saves etc!
  21. DeadEye

    How did you get your community name?

    Well, I was looking to join another forum board, but the nicks I wanted were taken. And since, at that stage I was only posting in the C&C Renegade forum, and I'd just been playing Ren online, I didnt want to use the main chars name from Renegade cos it would be too obvious. So I chose DeadEye, cos he was a cool char in the game
  22. DeadEye

    Away for Awhile

    Oooh. Do tell us the new parts
  23. DeadEye

    Hey! Im new here.

    Welcome to CNCNZ
  24. DeadEye

    I'm getting married!

    Congrats Dave . GL to the both of you
  25. DeadEye

    Favourite foregin country

    Spain. France. American Samoa. Hawaii. Norway. Sweden. Denmark.