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  1. DeadEye

    Good XBox Games

    But KOTOR 2 would also probably come out on PC
  2. DeadEye

    Good XBox Games

    Crystal Xbox! Gpstore ? I considered getting an xbox, but im right with the comp atm, saving up for a cellphone too.
  3. I think EA might get a bit upset if we apropriated one of their slogans, but we could ask if need be. 'On the battlefield, CNCNZ will be the first to step on, and last to step off. We leave no game behind.'
  4. DeadEye


    Heh, got FarCry last week.....am up to the level where you sneak into the building looking for Val, after she got pinned down.
  5. DeadEye

    Playing C&C videos

    Whats the file extension of the video you want to play?
  6. DeadEye

    diablo and signatures

    If ya don't mind me asking manhat, how old are you and where are you from?
  7. DeadEye

    which company honestly

    Westwood was great while they lasted, but Blizz consistantly put out topnotch games.
  8. DeadEye


    Yep, it should definately be out for you!
  9. DeadEye


    I just finished Pandora Tomorrow. Quite the game . On to FarCry next .
  10. DeadEye

    Which Tanya would you date?

    Meh. I'd take Lt. Eva. God knows she'd be better..more interesting, I mean .
  11. DeadEye

    IGN/GameSpy Merge

    :? HMmm........ I use IGN much more for its reviews..........haven't used GS in ages...........
  12. DeadEye

    Need help

    **Moved to ZH/Generals Forum**
  13. Perhaps ask your ISP? Could be something like they suddenly started blocking inter-isp connections or something?
  14. DeadEye

    CNCNZ.com - A look back

    Memories . The good ole days.....
  15. /me doesn't reall ywant a proper AI...... that uses teammates as bait / cover, flanks me, uses grenades, covering fire etc, then appears behind me a lone commando with a knife and guts me. No no no no no. Nor an AI which knows its an AI, somehow hacks my comp to get itself out of the game without my knowing, then hacks into some random robot factory, implants itself in a robot, and then comes to kill me in real life :/
  16. Sounds nice . Would the forum colours be changing too?
  17. I got 2 in one email today, Norton 03 picked them up no problems........ first virus I've recieved in email for ages.....it used to be Nimida or Code Red.......
  18. So you haven't been getting copies of this Novarg/Mydoom worm to your @cncnz.com account then? Nope...... and I am running Norton 03 AV, latest updates & Zapro. And I haven't recieved any random emails either, so I'm not getting them I think :?
  19. I dont often get viruses these days. Get one in my inbox aobut once a month
  20. DeadEye

    The "Games you want this year" thread

    I'd reccomend KOTOR.
  21. DeadEye

    System specs

    AMD Athlon XP 2400+ 512mb Kingston DDR RAM (plan to add another 512mb soon) Leadtek GeForce4 Ti4200 80gig Maxtor HDD Asus A7N8X D'lux Mobo 17" CRT monitor PC Company Keyboard (replacing soon, so old and grubby) Blue MS Mouse, optical. (actually silver, got it painted at work.) CDRW 8x4x32 (Old, but good. Prolly wont replace for a while) 16x DVD-ROM. Lian-Li 6010 (Standard silver, hoping to get it painted harlequin at work if possible). MS XP Pro
  22. What OS are you running? If possible, try installing to a different HD or partition?