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  1. DeadEye

    Halo PC

    I'm considering getting it later on, looks wicked From GPstore?
  2. DeadEye

    Renegade building's

    That site is soo stale it's not funny.......... D: :roll:
  3. /me swears it munted my comp one time >_< Installed Generals, then got the SP1, then generals wouldn't work D:
  4. DeadEye


    Heh, I remember Ren.....cheat free...good ole March last year........(I was prety damn good, and yus, I rated myself as the man)........ *sigh* Ah well.......... In a month or two, when I get Jetstream, I might play with you sometime Sonic
  5. Well, it could be that the installer itself is getting hungup because the installers resident files on your comp are on the different partition to the Generals files? Just wondering........otherwise I'm nearly all out of options =/
  6. Check that your CD's are dirty, scratched etc Close all non-essential background apps, and disable antivirus & crash guard proggies for the install...... but yeah..... if all else fails, get your CD's replaced. _b
  7. Moving this onto Tech Support
  8. DeadEye

    Internet connection

    Its a MMORPG - Massively Multiplayer Online RPG - space based one.
  9. If you run windows XP, try looking in 'My Documents' / '<You user name>'s Documents, if its not there........ your hard drive, in a downloads folder (if you use a download manager) or on your desktop......
  10. DeadEye

    *Ping* Sonic

    No need for 2 topics such as this. :wink: I've replied in the other one.
  11. DeadEye

    Good Tiberian Sun Strategy or Not?

    Right, enough bickering. If you don't like the strat, don't use it, plain & simple. If you don't like each other, take it to PM or flamers corner / zone thingy; somewhere where myself and others don't have to put up with certain people acting childish. *!*~*!*Thread Closed. *!*~*!*
  12. DeadEye

    Good Tiberian Sun Strategy or Not?

    And the squabbling ends here, allright? Otherwise, this'll be binned. No need to insult and hassle each other over a strat.
  13. DeadEye

    Christmas just great.......

    Well, a lot can happen between now and Febuary. Saying that, it is somewhat disheartening when all your mates get valentines stuff
  14. DeadEye

    Christmas just great.......

    Same........... But Gpstore hax my bank accounts and take my money in exchange for their games But yer, I actually enjoy the little kiddies running around the place, reminds me of when I was that age......... good times
  15. DeadEye

    Christmas just great.......

    I for one, enjoy the time leading up to christmas, - the whole spirit of it all. The little kids aren't doing it to be annoying, it's just glee. Ah well, I have more points to make on this matter, but I have to go off 2 college......bbl
  16. DeadEye


    I have an AMD 2400+ XP, with an Asus A7N8X D'lux mobo, never any probs. I aslo have 512mb Kingston DDR RAM, gf4 ti4200 128mb, 20gig Maxator 20gb HDD, Win Xp Pro. Im currently saving up for a new psu (im on 200~240 at the moment, but adding new stuff to my pc soon.) - a 480watt ThermalTake PSU ALso getting another stick of 512mb, and another cold cathode or two + a 40gb HDD. (All nicely in a Lian Li case ) But yer, enough of me hijacking the thread. GJ on getting it working again Did you get a refund on what you paid?
  17. DeadEye

    Has EA Run Out of Idea's for CnC Games?

    I agree with a few posts- Zero Hour should have been Generals in the first part - in Zero Hour, they have you fighting against (& choosing to play as) different ''General's". - Wasn't that the proposed idea for Generals!? Also heres an idea I have: C&C Tib Dawn or RA1, remade with Generals graphics.
  18. DeadEye

    Internet connection

    You could so! - I played EnB from NZ with 56k. So
  19. DeadEye

    My New PC Case

    Good job getting a new PSU & case then. Sounds as if it was on the brink =/
  20. DeadEye

    News Comments

    If I do see somethng in there to discuss, I'd do it in here, or in the games forum, or perhaps with ya on ICQ. It's a cool feature, you just need to give people time to adjust , and get using it
  21. DeadEye

    Good Tiberian Sun Strategy or Not?

    Moving this one out to the ole Classical C&C Games forum ----------------> ----------------> ---------------->
  22. DeadEye

    My New PC Case

    Ahhh, shot Who did you order from?
  23. DeadEye

    Unreal II - Critical Errors.

    I'd forgotten aobut this thread I've actually fixed the problem, thanks to the solution Shocker gave me...... cheers Shocker! 128mb is my graphics card. I have 512mb of normal RAM.
  24. I know this isn't C&C, but the techie peeps here are often uite helpful so,: Lo peeps, I just got given unreal II today, and after installing, and I try to run the game, I get the following: Critical Error: Stack Dump: (7 Calls) Unknown(0): UNetDriver:NotifyActorDestroyed Unknown(0): UNetDriver:NotifyActorDestroyed Unknown(0): AMusicScriptEvent::execGetMasterVolume Unknown(0): DMCallRoutine Unknown(0): AMusicScriptEvent::execCallRoutine Unknown(0): UObject::CallFunction Unknown(0): UFloatProperty::`vftable' After clicking okay on that, I get another one: General protection fault! History: GetEventTool <- GetMusicManager <- GetMusicScript <- DMCallRoutine <- AMusicScriptEvent::execCallRoutine <- UObject::execClassContext <- (IntroGameInfo CS_Intro.IntroGameInfo0 @ Function U2.U2GameInfo.NotifyLevelChangeEnd : 0075 line 744) <- UObject::ProcessEvent <- (IntroGameInfo CS_Intro.IntroGameInfo0, Function U2.U2GameInfo.NotifyLevelChangeEnd) <- UGameEngine::LoadMap <- LocalMapURL <- UGameEngine::Browse <- UGameEngine::Init <- InitEngine Build: Jan 7 2003 18:16:21 Any help much appreciated. I've downloaded the latest patch but to no avail. My Specs: Win XP Pro (Not SP1) Athlon XP 2400+ Asus A7N8X D'lux [NForce 2 chip is sound driver whatsit] 512mb Kingston RAM - DDR, 2700 GeForce4 Ti 4200 128mb 20gig Maxator HDD 7200rpm. Latest Nvidia Drivers, for both my vid card and NForce 2 chip.[/b]
  25. DeadEye

    My New PC Case

    Lol.........Im thinking aobut liquid cooling, but too scared incase it leaks over my stuff. even with distilled water.