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    Old Commander reporting for duty

    Bah, you're practically new around here! :p Who knows, we might even see @Sonicpop his head up
  2. DeadEye

    Letting Go of CNCNZ.com

    @Sonic I haven't posted since 2008 (well, for the most part since 2005!). I have very fond memories of this site, and still remember conversing with yourself and others back in the 'glory days' as I'd term it - thinking of those such as @Luk3us, @Phreakly, @Saracen. All the best for the future, and I hope things are looking up for you. Sam.
  3. DeadEye

    New units you wanna see

    I'd like for some of the old units to still be in there - like the allied aircraft carrier. Also very happy to see the Kirov make a return!
  4. DeadEye

    Upgrade: Prepping For Red Alert 3

    THats a fair bit of money, and so soon after your wedding too I'm running: Athlon AMD 2400+ XP (2ghz) 512mb Kingston RAM, DDR 333 (Soon to be GeiL Dual channel 2x 512mb DDR 400) Leadtek 6600gt (recently upgraded.) Win XP Pro Asus A7N8X Deluex Mobo Next upgrade will be to a 64bit 3500 or there abouts, with a Asus A8N I think it is
  5. DeadEye

    Area 51???

    I want to go there, just to anger the security people
  6. It's made by a number of ex WW people, so it should be quite good
  7. Most who sign up seldom post past about 20 posts, for whatever reason.
  8. Congrats Sonic! 6 Years of dedication to C&C is quite an achivement! That makes CNCNZ one of the longest running C&C site, if not the longest?
  9. Yup..its not due out on PC for a while - even tho Xbox version is going gold soon I think
  10. DeadEye

    Building a New Computer Help

    For a case, I would reccomend the Thermaltake Tsunami - it has 2x 120mm fans, and 1x 90mm one. V.good case, I plan on getting one later this year. Also, in temrs of video card, perhaps look at getting a Nvidia 6800GT or 6800 Ultra, if you have the money. If you don't, look at getting a 6600GT. They are on par with ati 9800 XT's, and for about the same price, but with new technology in them. Very good card, with good reviews & heardtohead articles from anandtech and the like.
  11. It is....... and I personally am greatly looking foward to KOTOR II!
  12. DeadEye

    Half-Life 2 - Game of the Year?

    Well, they put 5 years into it! (I think they coated the stuff in e-nicotene.)
  13. DeadEye

    Half-Life 2 - Game of the Year?

    I'm getting it tomorrow, so hopefully (and according to Valve.....) the Steam problems are fixed atm
  14. DeadEye

    Half-Life 2 - Game of the Year?

    Hahaha, fair enough. Where abouts are you up to at the moment?
  15. DeadEye

    Half-Life 2 - Game of the Year?

    You just having issues with Steam, or the game itself - it terms of bugs?
  16. DeadEye

    Stuck on Half Life 2

    Perhaps ask on a Hl2 forum somewhere? If you are talking about the big pipe thingie, and trying to get into it, this could help: www.gpforums.co.nz/showthread.php?s=&threadid=248487&perpage=25&pagenumber=1 the first number of posts just have random pics, but near the end of the first page, and in the second page, ppl talk about a similar problem I think.
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  18. DeadEye


    Me giving orders....never :wink: :lol: As long as submitted articles have some sort of connection to C&C and its community I don't mind what gets added to the articles section. The only off-topic type of artcicles we have are Rogue Leaders Hardware Guides. Speaking of RL, haven't seem him around for a while , he doing ok?
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    Welcome! Glad to have you onboard
  20. DeadEye

    Favorite Web Browser

    Firefox version 1.0 has been released now, download it from http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/ I did noticed that CNCNZ.com loaded slowly but it was when I first visited it using Firefox, since then its loads up quickly. Oh I know, I meant I've been using it since 0.8 I have 1.0 currently
  21. DeadEye

    Favorite Web Browser

    Mozilla Firefox since 0.8 something Nice, quick, tabbed browsing, easy to use. Only thing I find, is CNCNZ is somewhat slow to load when using it
  22. Greetings all, Specs: Athlon AMD 2400+ XP Asus A7N8X Deluxe Leadtek Gf 4 Ti4200 128mb Seagate Barracuda 80gb Win XP Pro Sp2 Mouse in question: Microsoft 'Blue' Optical mouseUSB & PS2 compatible. (Plugged into Ps2 port with an adaptor that came with the mouse.) Problem: After applying SP2 to Win XP Pro, I've noticed that when I've tried to play THeme Hospital, the mouse is extremely sluggish/laggy. I am wondering if there is some sort of tweak or something I can use so I can play normally? Much Obliged, DeadEye