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  1. Split screen is fine for a while but it gets annoying after a while. That said, it should always be an option like real... you know... ****ING LAN PLAY.
  2. Doctor Destiny

    How do I add new weapons?

    C4=yes works without a weapon.
  3. Doctor Destiny

    Post Your C&C Collections

    I almost lost it when I found it for sale. Even got it for cheap, which is really awesome. Love having it in my collection. I mean, for a US collector, it's just awesome having EU releases in general. I really want the EU Firestorm release. That one looks way better than the US release.
  4. Doctor Destiny

    So there was a 8th continent named Zealandia

    It's a submerged continent and not really its own "thing" as it were. It's more like a tectonic plate. It has a pretty strict scientific definition. What most of us learned in primary school isn't really what a continent really is. I wouldn't call this research meaningless. The study of geology and tectonics is fascinating and it gives us insights into how the world formed into what it is now and what shape continents may take in the future.
  5. I would have been fine with this. I'd love to see another Red Alert title.
  6. Doctor Destiny

    Post Your C&C Collections

    Finally found one of these and I'm mega happy about this one.
  7. Doctor Destiny

    What Was Your Favourite Universe at War Track?

    I never even played this because it was so uninspired. Soundtrack was cool though.
  8. Even if EA rocks, purplederp just has to find something negative to say. Admit that you're anti-EA already.
  9. Doctor Destiny

    Post Your C&C Collections

    I've always had these so I guess the foreign aspect is more interesting. I like the US boxes too but the EU ones have more punch to me. Been so awesome getting these in. Can't wait to get more.
  10. Doctor Destiny

    Post Your C&C Collections

    My imports finally all made it in! I love these boxes. So much more interesting than the US releases. Bonus addons! Not C&C but it is still Westwood.
  11. The Nazis were evil because of it. Just because someone else does it does not mean it absolves anyone of guilt or being labelled as the bad guys. If that book is legitimate, those same people are sadistic assholes, just like the Nazis who perpetrated this bull****. Don't play this relativist bull****.
  12. Doctor Destiny

    Post Your C&C Collections

    Finally had this beauty come in.
  13. Doctor Destiny

    Has anyone seen this Global War: Generals

    What the hell did they do? Rip off Generals graphics?
  14. Doctor Destiny

    Windows 10 Game Mode

    Being able to edit config.sys and autoexec.bat without making DOS or Windows 3.1 crash is actually quite impressive. Those systems are very temperamental so the slightest misstep will give you an unusable OS until you fix it. Saying boot disk hacking skills is kinda stupid but the skill behind it is not.
  15. Doctor Destiny

    This mystery remains unsolved

    Don't insult Buzzfeed like that. And I hate Buzzfeed.
  16. I read the articles. It was spot on as always.
  17. Doctor Destiny

    Trump vs The World (the next 4 years)

    He's proclaimed a lot of ****, but it has to actually be approved. Granted, Republicans hold the majority in Washington, which is the worst part, but they still have to agree to it. Trump stating a bunch of **** doesn't mean a damn thing. In truth, I'm not worried about Trump by himself. He's a blowhard, sure, but he's an egomaniac and may actually have some decent ideas for the US. He's an egomaniac and will do things that make him look good to as many people as possible. Those things themselves may benefit the country, but they may not. That being said, it's the cronies around him that will **** up the nation.
  18. Doctor Destiny

    Half-Life 3 is in development

    I'm sure HL3 would be great but it's gone on too long. No matter how good it turns out to be or not to be, it will fail to meet the absurdly high expectations.
  19. Doctor Destiny

    Windows 10 Game Mode

    Do you have any evidence to support this claim? Sounds like unfounded conjecture to me.
  20. Doctor Destiny

    Half-Life 3 is in development

    Yeah, that's really the reason. And that was a perfect example of the cringe.
  21. Doctor Destiny

    Windows 10 Game Mode

    A Win32 app has nothing to do with the CPU instruction set and whether or not the OS is 32/64-bit.
  22. Doctor Destiny

    Post Your C&C Collections

    Awyeah. Got some updates! I found me a DEFCON 3 box in super great condition. I also got lucky and got a DOS original RA release! That Red Alert 2 comes with 3 discs. One being a manual CD, which is pretty neat. Not too much new here. I got a much better condition Renegade box and I have those cool figurines. I had to get two of each because reasons. I need some replacement jewel cases. Most of these are a little too damaged for my liking. :/ Finally got me the Deluxe Edition box and the box for the GLA general! And finally got a standard Generals Mac box! Finally picked up a First Decade with the cardboard sleeve without being covered in stickers. Really happy with that one. Almost got the second variant for Worldwide Warfare! SO CLOSE! Console editions! I have all of the US released console copies that exist. Oh, and that super neat Japanese C&C1! Just some EA rereleases for TS and RA2. Nothing fancy but I still think they're neat. I found a Generals promotional soundtrack that was never released to the public so I absolutely had to pick it up. I'm also trying to get unofficial addons, but they're hard to come by. Don't mind the cracks on Tactical Operations. Goddamn postal service damaged it in transit. Oh, anyone got links to cover art for the Command Companion? I can create my own inserts to make it look better. I have a few more things on the way and they're super cool... at least for collectors in the US. You'll see when I get them in.
  23. Doctor Destiny

    Modifying Red Alert 2/YR With Origin

    Name is used for identification in FA2. AtomDamage is for Red Alert 1 and is not used as far as I know. Parsed but not used. rules.ini edits change the missions as well. However, edits to maps will override the rules file. If you're editing RA2, use rules.ini and if YR, rulesmd.ini.
  24. Doctor Destiny

    Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

    The Last Jedi. Could they have picked a more cliche title? Goddamn.
  25. Doctor Destiny

    Half-Life 3 is in development

    HL3 is the 9/11 conspiracy of the gaming world. Sometimes funny. Most times, super cringey.