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  1. Let's get in here to clarify some things:


    - Sean Decker's answer actually hit me by surprise. But i will give you guys a little bit more insights on how to read the "2 factions at launch" quote. "At launch" isn't really the best term to describe it - The beta will only have two playable factions, yes. This is considered launch for us, as the service needs to be up and running, obviously. The beta period is all about working on stabilizing the game and it's KPIs. But obviously we have more Generals inspired factions in the works, that will be introduced later during beta or when the game drops it's beta tag.


    - Pay to win: I wrote some things to consider regarding to P2W in another thread. But again, just because you can buy SOMETHING in a store, doesn't mean it will be pay to win! There are good examples out there, that incorporate a non Pay 2 Win store. I've raised that flag within the developer team multiple times now and they are aware that a p2w store in an RTS will harm the consumer experience.


    - Command & Conquer as Service: The announced Command & Conquer will indeed be a whole C&C service platform that leverages the power of Frostbite 2. We will start by visiting the Generals universe as first content. Over a long period of time we ultimately want to visit the other great C&C Universes to become part of the platform. The details on "Do i chose the universe on start" or "Can i play GDI vs Sowjets vs GLA" are not finalized yet - It's more of a rough idea - However, No exact details on the how itself.




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