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  1. I was purely disappointed, yet really not surprised.


    When it comes to RTS games, EA FAILS, quite literally.


    And HEY! Whats a great way to finish off a series? Giving what fans want? Nah. Staying true to the series? Nah


    What should we do! OH! We should basically take entire concepts from other games, scratch the ones that C&C has used for many years, and on the final game use mimics of another game, and even fail at doing that.



    Bad, just bad. Whos the idiot that thought of on the FINAL C&C game (as they stated). They should destroy what made C&C great and literally mimic another game...


    Very large, intense battles?: Nope


    the original base building concept?: Nope


    the original harvesting concept?: None


    That alone kills a C&C game...


    Thats my thought on the subject.


    And anything with a C&C title, many will buy. Just like if something on ebay was called a ps4, people would pay HUGE bucks to get it, merely because of the name. Its quite interesting.




    Hai thar, I just woke up from my slumber!

  2. I do enjoy generals, I do agree it seemed rush, and the story was poor but the gameplay was great. Sure it didn't fall into the same storyline, it was a more modern game, but it infact worked as a C&C game, may not be the same story, and to me is good enough for the C&C title. I'm a C&C Veteren and C&C 3 didn't seem oh aw godly like some people think. Yea its a good game, and lot of complaints were made about the story until the expansion, when they filled gaps. But I didn't find the game to be addicting, I would rather play WoW, or even generals then C&C 3, just wasn't addicted, played it a lot at first, then just over time I stopped, and sometimes I go off and on. Online wasn't fun at all, mainly because, most people didn't care about having fun, just winning, and would just rush, rush, rush. lost my interest. Though now it won't even let me online no matter what, I have no idea why, tried making 3 accounts and it wont let me.


    The AI in Generals was just sucky and predictable, C&C 3 has a very good AI, Brutal is difficult to beat. Generals survies alot on mods but thousands still play online in non-mods.


    So yea lot of people do play, half go online. I normally only play it with the shockwave mod(Best balanced, oldest mod for it) with Advanced AI mod. so then when your going against GLA on hard they literaly sends hordes of basically random units, and are persistent so it can get hard.

  3. EA really sucks at trying something new. Almost all the RTS games they made they add "SUB-FACTIONS" Jesus try something new, they use so much of the same crap in RTS games... For proof at sucking at new things look at the new global conquest in KW... Pathetic for a turn based game... They don't show any regions and its kind of boring, just a small distraction from normal gaming. For a turn based game I would of or Rome:total war. Anyway RA2 wasn't real good with variety of differences between sides besides the single unit on each side, they should only add the most powerful factions


    (Russia,Germany,Britain,France,Japan,U.S, maybe even Italy) They need to really fix how they make RTS games, because they ain't so great at it besides Graphics, which almost half the game is based off of which also unless made well, fails a lot of games. Gameplay is better then graphics...

  4. He wasn't saying Starcraft sucked, he was saying CNC 3 and EE3 sucked

    No, actually, I was saying that EE3 was so bad it made C&C3 look like StarCraft - ie, good.


    And for the record, I'm the biggest StarCraft fanboy on the boards Punny.

    I see, you werent very specific, that could mean good or bad. But i get it now

  5. yes indeed.


    but it would make a little more sense if it was like a salt and pepper set.


    I'm jealous i wish i was that special to get a salt can.... You know what they put in Salt cans right? They make me feel special.... Then i feel this dryness in my nose, then i feel like it wasn't a very good idea to sniff salt... But it does get your minds off things! besides pain.


    Where do you live? I WANT IT!

  6. see I think of people like Sushi and Punwisp as boys. Hypnotist is a guy.


    I actually havent watched DBZ in years... Ive only chatted on forums and play the fun fighitng DBZ games. Im 16 years old, DBZ doesnt matter what age you are. I even have dragonball z AMV's on youtube and vsocial.com


    People have there own opinions about Anime. I even stopped looking, watching, and posting on anime forums and such. Just never got around to change my siggy.


    Some people like anime some dont.


    Some people love World of warcaft, some don't know why they play cus its dumb


    Some people play guitar hero... I don't know why the hell someone would play a dumb game like that. Thats just my opinion. The anime in my sig does not show what age I'm at. Hell if i was 24 i would laugh at you. I'm not so i cant.

  7. EE3 makes C&C3 look like StarCraft. It was that bad.... so bad that it gave me AIDS.


    what? That is pure opinion. Startcraft has been a Very popular and addicting game. Its been out a long time and thousands still play it... Its a classic RTS. No im not being a fanboy, this is true.


    Starcraft didnt suck, otherwise it still wouldnt be very popular

  8. PunWisp means nothing, its a scratch name i put together back in 04, starte don newgrounds as pun-wisp, thsi was before i played warcraft 3 so dont think thats where i got wisp from...


    pun is from punisher


    wisp is from whisper... just without the h


    Also ill edit my sig now


    So if you see anyone run around a forum its either me or someone who likes my name and stole it, i searched deep into many many forums. Im the only one so far.. so if u see me on a game or youtube or anything its me!


    Anyway my name is from scratch soo yea. I got tired of using popular names with numbers behind them