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  1. Rogue Leader

    The Return of Rogue Leader (well, sorta...)

    Thanks guys, it's nice to be back. I like the EaW site, when I heard about the game and who was making it I was sure that CNCNZ would be leading the way with a fansite.
  2. Man it's been awhile since I've been here... For those of you who don't know me, my name is Chris and I used to be an article writer/forum admin here at CNCNZ for a few years. Due to unfortunate events in my personal life, I kinda disappeared from the online world about a year ago. But life has once again figured itself out, and I'm back online and better than ever. While I probsbly will not be doing much in the C&C community anymore, it's nice to see that it is still active and thriving. I'm looking forward to Empire at War, and talking strategy with everyone. It's awesome to see some familiar faces still around: Sonic, C&C King,and Area. I hope everyone is doing well, and I look forward to getting to know some of the new fans joining in the fun around here. If anyone needs to get ahold of me by e-mail for any reason, send me a private message and I'll give you my new address. Take Care, and Happy Gaming Rogue Leader Chris Styles
  3. Rogue Leader

    Jobs and careers???

    My job right now is Theatre Operations Manager. It's actually alot of fun, meeting lots of people, playing with projectors, getting to see movies early I actually get to see Spiderman 2 tomorrow morning, so the job has lots of perks
  4. Rogue Leader

    PC Games development...

    In all honesty I'll be very suprised if we see a Tiberian Twilight. I think the C&C franchise as we knew and loved it is now dead, to be replaced with posers like Generals, Battle for Middle Earth, and so on. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Generals, and I'm sure BfME will be good, but it just isn't C&C. Only time will tell if there is any life in the C&C franchise anymore.
  5. Rogue Leader


    Awesome. Nvidia and ATi write different drivers for different operating systems, even different Windows. The drivers for ME are different from the ones for XP, so if your computer had no problems with the old ME drivers, the XP ones may have problems unless you update them.
  6. Rogue Leader


    I use WinXP Pro and haven't had any problems. This sounds more like a driver issue than a Windows problem. Or it could potentially be a virus.
  7. Create another administrator-class account under a different name and see if it works.
  8. Rogue Leader


    You may have to open specific ports on the Router's firewall to be able to play. I'm not familiar with the D-Link's configuration software, but you should be able to set a range of ports that will allow traffic through, and then tell Generals which ones those are so it can use them.
  9. Rogue Leader

    Favourite foregin country

    Spain was a nice country, and lots of beautiful women populate it
  10. Rogue Leader

    Home Networking and Other Stuff

    I'm assuming you use high-speed internet (I thought you had said sometime that you had DSL). The best route is to use a 4-port router from Linksys and Windows XP can do the rest for you. I prefer Linksys because it is reliable and user-friendly, but you can really use any router for the job. The reason for the router is mainly security - the NAT firewall is great protection against hackers, better than software firewalls for sure. It also handles DHCP, which makes sure all your computers get an IP address and can communicate with each other. Once you set up the router and have both computers plugged in, you can use Windows XP network setup wizard to guide you through the process of configuring the system to communicate through the router and with the other computer. Once you have completed setup on that machine, you can create a floppy disk which will automatically configure the Windows 98 PC, which is an awesome tool. Home networking is painfully simple these days, just follow that instructions and you can't go wrong. I don't recommend using Wireless networking if you have a business computer unless you are comfortable working with the security options. You wouldn't want any valuable information left out in the open, so be careful if you do choose the wireless route.
  11. Rogue Leader

    Formatting My Computer

    It really depends on which operating system is on C: partition. If it is Windows XP, then you can just format the D: and there will be no problems. If Windows 98 is on the C:, then things will be trickier. If Windows 98 is on the C:, the first thing you need to do is back up anything you want to keep from the Windows 98 drive onto the Windows XP drive. Once you are satisfied you have everything, you can format the C:, erasing all data on that partition. Insert the Windows XP CD in your computer, and boot from it. You will install it on the primary partition (C: drive). Once you have installed Windows, you can transfer the files from the D: drive to the C:, and then format the D: drive to clear out all data. It takes some time, but it is really the only option.
  12. Rogue Leader

    I'm getting married!

    Your MSN nickname is, and I quote: "David & Emma Pender (6th November!!). I kinda figured it must have something to do with marriage
  13. Rogue Leader

    which company honestly

    Although I don't like Starcraft or Warcraft, Blizzard does produce highly-polished, well-made games. They wait until they feel their games are ready to be released, rather than just throwing them out the door to meet a deadline.
  14. Rogue Leader

    Firewall Port

    You have to find out which ports on the firewall are open from your brother. Those are the ones you want Generals to communicate through if you are planning on playing online.
  15. Rogue Leader


    I'm not that familiar with Serial ATA, but your hard drives all contain what is called the master boot record which controls what drive your computer boots from, and which it thinks is the primary drive and any secondary. There shouldn't be an issue, as long as both hard drives aren't competing to boot an operating system.