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  1. It's been almost 20 years since the last official server went offline... Is back! Many thanks to Chad1233 and N3tRunn3r for the screenshots! We (OmniBlade, CCHyper, tomsons26) are currently in the process of performing a controlled alpha test with selected players (including some of the original top-ranking Sole Survivor players!). This has been quite the journey for us to get Sole Survivor back online; Including reaching out to many of the old school Sole Survivor players for feedback and balancing, uncovering an early Sole Survivor beta test build, and also getting the game work on modern systems. These alpha testing sessions will help us balance the game modes to ensure they are as close to the original servers as possible. Once we are happy with the performance and stability of the server configuration, and we are able to perform player load tests, we will start to explore permanent solutions for hosting full-time servers, allowing us to finally open up the servers to the whole community! So, make sure to follow this topic to be notified of any updates! "Welcome to Sole Survivor"
  2. I decided to channel my motivation and interest in the C&C games into something more constructive and positive, doing my bit keeping the community alive. If people choose to leave, they can not complain that the community is "not what it used to be". It's nice to know people remember all the hard work and research I put in over the past 14+ years, even before these projects existed, it was the foundation that helped Nyerguds produce his C&C patch, and Iran's RA patch was based on my early work before I moved on to work on Chronoshift.
  3. The Chronoshift is now officially open source! NOTE: Chronoshift is the new title for the RedAlert++ project. It has taken almost 10 long years of blood, sweat and tears to get us to this point, but it does not mean we are done just yet! A cleaner version of the codebase which we have been working on for the past couple of years has been pushed to the GitHub repo and we will be continuing to clean up and rewrite our currently private hosted code, and then continue all development of the project publicly on GitHub. As it stands at the moment, Chronoshift requires the original Red Alert 3.03 installation as it hooks our code into the binary and allows us to test with 1:1 accuracy. But as we develop the codebase we will be also writing the code in preparation for when we can build a fully stand-alone binary. You might be asking, "Why develop another Red Alert engine from scratch, if we already have FreeRA, FreeCNC, OpenRedAlert and OpenRA?" FreeRA, FreeCNC and OpenRedAlert are far from complete and appear to be abandoned, while OpenRA is focusing on reimagining the classic Westwood RTS titles with modern era twists such as features found later Command and Conquer titles or other RTS games. Our focus is on a classic recreation with great attention to detail on the core mechanics, more akin to OpenDUNE, hence the Chronoshift project. At this time, Chronoshift has to be built with a specific compiler due to the way it hooks into the original binary, but we are in the process of also setting up an automated build system that will allow you to download the required files without going through the build process, allowing a greater number of people to help us with testing. The Chronoshift project is hosted on GitHub under our group, (which also hosts the Thyme project: https://github.com/TheAssemblyArmada/Thyme) The Assembly Armada, which you can visit here https://github.com/TheAssemblyArmada You can visit Chronoshift on GitHub: https://github.com/TheAssemblyArmada/Chronoshift In the meantime... Join the official Discord server for Chronoshift! Join the Discord Server now!
  4. This has a exactly identical "Info_Win32_final.BuildSettings" as the one I downloaded from a Reddit topic early last year, of that I'm sure is the only version that was released to the public...
  5. I actually quite enjoyed the Juggernauts that had the personality of a chicken.
  6. CCHyper

    Introducing RedAlert++

    Hey Plokite_Wolf, nice to see some familar faces still around! Like Question 2 covers in the FAQ, we are the spiritual successor to the original OpenRedAlert, as Damien mentioned to us he does not have the time to support such a large project anymore, so it seemed fit for us to continue hes project, but starting from scratch so we can focus on our goals of recreating the game engine with great attention to the core mechanics.
  7. CCHyper

    Introducing RedAlert++

    Introducing An open source re-implementation of the C&C Red Alert engine. Written from scratch in C++. www.openredalert.org www.twitter.com/OpenRedAlert RedAlert++ is a project to create an accurate reimplementation of the game engine used for the classic Westwood Studios RTS, Command & Conquer: Red Alert in C++. The team developing this are fans of the game who want to see it preserved and ensure it can be enjoyed properly on modern platforms. They do not have access to any of the original source code, and the project is being developed from scratch through careful examination and comparison to the original. This is to ensure that the new engine is as true to the original engine as possible, guarantee an authentically retro gaming experience. The project is not endorsed, sponsored or in any other way connected to EA/Electronic Arts and and has no intention to profit from the endeavour. In the coming months, we will be posting regular updates and working towards a public release in the near future. - Utilises the latest open source graphic and audio libraries (SDL, OpenGL and OpenAL). - - Fully compatable with the original game, allowing you to run the compiled binary as a direct replacement of your original installation. - - Fixes bugs that appear in the original game, without losing gameplay authenticity. - - Built on years of thorough research into core gameplay dynamics to deliver a genuine experience. - - Allows you to continue playing your favourite RTS on a device of your choice. - Q: Why develop another Red Alert engine from scratch, if we already have FreeRA, FreeCNC and OpenRA... A: FreeRA and FreeCNC are far from complete and appear to be abandoned while OpenRA is focusing on re-imagining the classic Westwood RTS titles with modern era twists such as features found later Command and Conquer titles or other RTS games. Our focus is on a classic recreation with great attention to detail on the core mechanics, more akin to OpenDUNE, hence the new project. Q: Why is it called OpenRedAlert, wasn't there already existing project called OpenRedAlert? A: Correct, but the project has been inactive for some years now. We approached the creator, Damien some time ago now and asked the status of the project, and if it was currently inactive, could we use the name OpenRedAlert. Damien's project is still being developed in private and he has given us permission to use the name and hopfully in the future we can bring him on board to help with development. Q: Where to download latest version of OpenRedAlert? A: At the moment, OpenRedAlert is being developed in private so we can ensure the basic engine works as required. Once we are happy with the state of the engine, we will release a public build and also create a public repository on GitHub. Q: What do I need to run OpenRedAlert? A: It's simple! - All you will need is a installation of the original C&C Red Alert (patched to 3.03), and a compiled binary from the OpenRedAlert source code, be that from a preview build or from the public repository yourself. EA released C&C Red Alert as Freeware in celebration of the release of Red Alert 3 and it is now possible to legally download a copy from the EA servers or official mirrors. CCHyper Core Engine Programmer - C&C Engine Researcher - OmniBlade Core Engine Programmer - SDL and OpenGL - - Cryptography & Algorithms - - Cross Platform Deployment - Additional Contributions tomsons26 - Branding Artwork and Design Tore - Web Technical Support Grant - Web Technical Support CNCNet Network - Website Hosting If you are a fan of using social media, you can also or for updates and other information.
  8. Everything C&C is under the BioWare studios/team at the moment, and lots of ideas are being thrown about. And there is only one poor soul that is handling it internally.
  9. CCHyper

    PortableRA Beta

    Why did you not use Get_String() and pass it onto HouseTypeClass::From_Name()? So that way you have Country=England or such...
  10. CCHyper

    PortableRA Beta

    It is possible to add an auto-save, but to be honest, making the game write a save game for every new mission (as RA2 does) would be much better. Adding a house that allows you to be an observer is possible though, and it could be possible to abuse the Attraction feature to save replays of games, but this would have to be enabled from the start of the match and then stopped on scenario finish.
  11. CCHyper

    PortableRA Beta

    Wait, where did that document come from...
  12. CCHyper

    PortableRA Beta

    Hex Workshop has a smart Compare, very good feature that i use all the time.
  13. Nice, i did this to create to create my avatar, but never finished it up in a higher resolution. Good job, got a slight web 2.0 gradient going on!
  14. No one has ever explored the game in this much detail? Myself and Nyerguds were messing with this feature a few years back, it even exists in Tiberian Sun... Attraction mode actually writes the same data the game sends over Network/WOL into a file. So really, its like its receiving data from another player, pretty cool idea in my mind. The Movie Capture feature works too. But it can cause extreme lag if not set right. It was used in conjunction with a Hot Key and was for snapping a event in a sequence, this is how they produced the screenshots for RA in the first place.
  15. Incorrect. They were developed around the same time as each other, possibilty of parallel to each other. Nothing is broken from C&C1 as RA is not built from it.