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    YRTG Screenshots

    Love it, the missle silo looks a bit "vulnerable" not? Though it's the deploy anim, right?
  2. 0warfighter0

    Losing, ... lost intrest, for RA3

    Yes it is You said it yourself, it's C&C3 with some extras. But this is only my way how I think about RA3.
  3. 0warfighter0

    Losing, ... lost intrest, for RA3

    Yes delete it then :/
  4. 0warfighter0

    Losing, ... lost intrest, for RA3

    @Doctor Destiny You can't stop me! I'll be getting endwar in place of RA3.
  5. 0warfighter0

    We're All Going To Die!

    Oh noes, we're being sucked in a black hole! ... not. See what some people can believe, some sientist's even got death messages :/
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    You can play the demo, really it's great. It's not like those giant map games but ... just play the demo
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    Mina, if you wan't a FPS (not mindless though) play SWAT4. It's kickass!
  8. 0warfighter0

    'Sup guys

    Sup, a cncnz veteran I haven't seen before eh?
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    *starts to doubt :s*
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    Epic snail?
  11. 0warfighter0

    dub comes to cncnz

    Yes, you are really mad Welcome to the forums dub
  12. 0warfighter0


    I'll be waiting for your review then Saracen.
  13. 0warfighter0


    I think I'll get it to.
  14. 0warfighter0

    Red Alert 3 OPEN for EVERYONE!

    I have key but never played the beta :/ Yes call me sick
  15. 0warfighter0

    Russian Invasion of Georgia

    The americans in Irac give the kids toys and candy. And with the adults its like: Soldier: hey that fridge looks old, We'll give you a new one! Civy: eh, ok. Was just an example but they do such things because they want the people at they're side. That are some suiceside bombers and road bombs less...
  16. 0warfighter0

    Russian Invasion of Georgia

    You really try to get the russians mad heh?
  17. 0warfighter0

    Favourite mod

    I like contra and tib sun rising when it comes out ...
  18. 0warfighter0


    Generals: Zero Hour Q1:Is it possible to play an animation when units exit a vehicle? for ex. door of hum v opens and infantry gets out Q2:Can you give units a name? family name like: Jhonn Smith light infantry health:68/100 ... Q3:Add new roads and terrain?(guess its possible new terrain in G:ZH but asking just to be shure) Q4:Let reinforcements come by clicking in the promotion screen? like: 2 bradley IFV's and 6 infantry or 4 hum v 's or etc.
  19. 0warfighter0

    cant see the pictures ..

    Have you browsed your CORRECT game directory? Though, some units,buildings (those who aren't used in the game) don't have icons
  20. 0warfighter0

    Tibed has stopped working...

    Just ask Koen ...
  21. 0warfighter0

    How to mod?

    If all the games where that easy to mod ...
  22. 0warfighter0

    Beta Tournament

    If it's at a moment I'm on vacation not. But else, than I'm in
  23. :omg: EDIT: I kinda .... come at the main page here! Linky