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  1. tibed: click and scroll INI: extract he files, search for the part you need to change
  2. 0warfighter0

    How to mod?

    Or tibed (if you don't want to know how to mod. Now happy Docter Destiny?)
  3. How do you add NEW units (with new graphics) in tibed? Do not post things like: don't use tibed it's no real modding, ... THX for the reply!
  4. 0warfighter0

    Tibed has stopped working...

    Maybe it will work after reïnstalling the games.
  5. Ok, ... I started with tibed, it's easy. Now I'm started to work with the XCC tools (and still trying to figure out how to add new units). I've to agree with Alpha bear to it's easy to do small changes so, begin with tibed (is free but when time limit is reached you've to wait like 10 sec.). It's NOT faster/easier to change small things in INI! DO NOT argue, it's TRUE !!!
  6. 0warfighter0

    the blimping bomb

    Yeah it'be better to do the normal attack but it would still be funny to do it!
  7. 0warfighter0

    the blimping bomb

    Would be sweet, 30 kirovs crashing on your opponent's base ... BOEM!!!
  8. 0warfighter0

    different apocalypse tank

    Ok, a pink one just for luk3us
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    Why is TIBERIUM capitalized?

    Why is TIBERIUM capitalized? Why does 'santa man' wear red clothes? Why is the sky blue? Why do I have 0's in my nickname? Why am I typing this? Why ...
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    Ho Hum

    Wow we now know the beta test date!!!
  11. 0warfighter0

    twisted insurrection

    What do you think of it?
  12. 0warfighter0

    twisted insurrection

    This is my favorite TS mod at the moment, ...and look at that terrain! twisted insurrection Link fixed. ~DD
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    Hello CNCNZ

    to the CNCNZ forums
  14. 0warfighter0

    Fat Aussies

    Heheh... I'd be carefull... 1 against 14 000
  15. 0warfighter0

    What happen?

    yeah, there back!
  16. 0warfighter0

    What happen?

    ..... What happend ?
  17. 0warfighter0

    The new Economy model

    You mean something like Yuri's slave miner? Only without slaves so it's actually a moving refinery?
  18. 0warfighter0

    best thing in ra3

    He means they'll remove the blood in the FINALE version (demo video is just alpha I think)
  19. 0warfighter0

    10 min Video!

    I can't wait until the beta!
  20. 0warfighter0

    Favourite SuperWeapon?

    I guess not. My fav. superweapon is the nuke. It just gives you that satisfied feeling. I personnally don't like supeweapons, like it the normal way better.
  21. 0warfighter0

    Favorite Lines

    Conscripts under attack: Mommy! :lol:
  22. 2 sweet missions from tiberium sun firestorm (think you wouldn't overlook them but just to be sure) 1 CABAL's escape mission from GDI when you need to get the doc. away and capture a base ... 2 NOD or GDI final mission When you need to take out CABAL's core + the sweet core defender ( if you could make it,though for you're creative mind it shouldn't be a problem) PS: that stupid song of ZLAD! stays in my head, I'm getting crazy
  23. 0warfighter0

    Putting Units in a map

    Click on this icon: |_ (with arrows on the end) . Than select the faction you want . Civilian= garrisonible buildings, civ units , ... for example... search in those maps for what you want... Mutant hovel and tiberium spikes are found in the neutral map. (I think) if you're intrested there's an tutorial availeble on the official EA site.
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    Reinstall until it works. Had this problem to. BTW is it normal that it takes worldbuilder a 10 min. to start up?(can understand if it's diffrent than other PC because my PC is getting slow!!!)
  25. Does annyone know how to add RA2 Units/buildings/...to TS?