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    what you are watching

    Stargate: Atlantis season 3
  2. 0warfighter0

    nazi zombiez

    You type to much you know that?
  3. 0warfighter0

    I'm Back

    Look at that, it's Icarus
  4. 0warfighter0

    Random Act of terror

    Why do you need all that?
  5. 0warfighter0

    Favorite General

    General Towns tah lazor sorry
  6. 0warfighter0

    Computer AI not working in Multiplayer games

    Some of the maps don't have an AI because they're made for online multiplayer games, not skirmishes. Though, there's a tutorial for adding an AI here It's not that hard
  7. 0warfighter0

    Random Act of terror

    Mini-mall propaganda!!!
  8. He goes straight to busniss doesn't he? >_>'
  9. 0warfighter0

    pirates steal tanks

    Unbelieveble, they can't guard a ship?
  10. 0warfighter0

    EA Is Facing Lawsuit over Securom DRM

    Yes this way would be so much better, one time I went to the beach (wich is a while from here) and buyed the game: Microsoft Flight Simulator. After I got home and installed it, I found out there was NO serial in it! So I agree that you must make sure the product is being delivered at the customer.
  11. 0warfighter0

    combining 2 mods

    No, it's not possible. But you can do it by modding (there's an SDK isn't there?) So you create your own mod with those changes you want :/
  12. 0warfighter0

    We're All Going To Die!

    Yeah that's just you XD
  13. 0warfighter0


    You don't see this alot don't ya? BTW, so... you send messages from: a DANK cave?
  14. 0warfighter0

    We're All Going To Die!

    Mina said: don't encourage them
  15. 0warfighter0

    Pic of the Day

    Hey Doctor Destiny, do you speak dutch or so?
  16. 0warfighter0

    We're All Going To Die!

    Them? Doctor Destiny is/are multiple persons? And I thought I'd heard anything!
  17. 0warfighter0


    Happy birth-pizza-day Nmenth,... I guess XD
  18. 0warfighter0

    We're All Going To Die!

    lol XD
  19. 0warfighter0

    24, torture and Iraq

    It's not the IQ level, it's your view on things. (life, politics,etc.)
  20. 0warfighter0

    We're All Going To Die!

    Yes it's true, atoms look like the universe. I don't exclude this theory as they didn't believe the earth turned around the sun.
  21. 0warfighter0

    We're All Going To Die!

    Ok,... I just heard on the radio there was a technical problem with the LHC, don't know the exact details though.
  22. 0warfighter0

    We're All Going To Die!

    See 2nd test is already done a week ago (that's why I posted) and yet some keep believing something wouldhappen *slaps his head* You wanna discuss relegion? My opinion is, 1. That people saw it as an easy way to know how they were "created" 2. When someone dies it's easier to accept if you believe he'll live peacfully in a perfect world (or something like that) I can't come up with other things right now :/ Oh, yes I'm an atheist btw
  23. I don't think I'm buying RA3 :/ I say its C&C3 with slower gameplay, building on water, new looking units nothing more :/