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  1. See 2nd test is already done a week ago (that's why I posted) and yet some keep believing something wouldhappen *slaps his head*


    You wanna discuss relegion?


    My opinion is,

    1. That people saw it as an easy way to know how they were "created"

    2. When someone dies it's easier to accept if you believe he'll live peacfully in a perfect world (or something like that)


    I can't come up with other things right now :/


    Oh, yes I'm an atheist btw ;)

  2. It's CnC3 with infinite, yet limited ore nodes, free-of-charge secondary abilities/support powers, 3-tier-upgrades, a very strict hard counter system, different build mechanics/2 superweapons for each side, navy, height boni, units with two distinct abilities, force composition, micro, high unit mortality, single infantry...oh wait, that means it's not like TW, my bad :P

    Yes it is :huh:


    You said it yourself, it's C&C3 with some extras.


    But this is only my way how I think about RA3. :ra2: