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  1. EdmundW

    Most favorite C&C unit

    Watch this funny video on the limpit drone and other uselss cnc units. Most useless cnc units ever
  2. It is a good quiz, I was the good old TD Nod Buggy.
  3. Thanks. I hate EA for buying Westwood, Westwood were the best game company ever (they made TD). I wish someone would make a MOD or Download which let you play skirmishes on C&C TD...
  4. I played C&C Tiberian Dawn on the PSX 10 years ago and still play it today. The controls aren't bad and you also get to cheat. But the controls on the PC are simpler.
  5. I've never played C&C Retaliation, is it good?
  6. EdmundW

    Most favorite C&C unit

    Mine HAS to be the Commando on C&C Tiberian Dawn
  7. I have read the readme file in the pack and it said to extract the files in your TFD folder. Ive done that, but I dont know what to do next. I've loaded up TFD and the DOS version isn't there to click on. And I have got the C&CDOS file bound with the VDMSound2.1.0. Also, when I try to run the C&CDOS file it opens then comes up with a black blank screen. Thanks if you can help.
  8. Hi! i have downloaded the file from cnc world, and i dont know how to get it to work. Ive extracted the files the the "C: Program FilesEA GAMESCommand & Conquer The First Decade" directory and i don't know how to play c&c in DOS version from there. Please Help me. Thanks.