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  1. First i'll make it then decide whether its worth sending or not. Unlikely that it will be much cop, although i do have alot of lego, me and my bro used to make CnC1 bases out of them.
  2. EdmundW


    Lol, i knew someone would say that, kinda set myself up there :lol:
  3. EdmundW

    Now Playing - Games

    DD, why did you quote yourself? Quite pointless as it was the same post again but further down the page.
  4. EdmundW

    Upcoming Sequels and You

    Yeh that would be soo awesome. They should call it the Red Box.
  5. EdmundW

    Smash Bros. Brawl

    The one is dislike about Nintendo is they release a game in a country then take ages to translate it for the other countries, so theres a big gap between when they get the games. Other companies don't do that. Why are nintendo so lazy?
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    Now Playing - Music

    Blind Guardian- Noldor
  7. EdmundW

    Kid Crying Over Halo 3

    Shame on those parents, he was really young so it was harsh, if he had been older then it wouldn't of been so bad.
  8. EdmundW

    Mental Omega mod

    i like the Centurion and the battleships
  9. EdmundW

    Most favorite C&C unit

    Meh, Renegade hardly counts.
  10. EdmundW

    Cabal Ownage

  11. EdmundW


    i'm in no hurry. like that guy says: "Slowly, slowly"
  12. EdmundW

    What is your favorite unit?

    Commando from CnC TD. He used to kick-ass with his rifle then waste buildings with c4. Could own a ghost stalker by standing on a ledge below or above if they ever fought.
  13. EdmundW


    Would be fun to use as a bomb truck.
  14. EdmundW

    Two Question Epic Units

    Awesome, didn't know that ^.^
  15. EdmundW

    New MOAR info

    i know which one i'm looking foward to the most
  16. EdmundW

    The Epic, BEST faction poll!

    i never used that. Only ever to test it on conscripts.
  17. EdmundW

    Empire of the Rising Sun

    Bah, Naruto is awesome! ^-^
  18. Starcraft has never interested me. i have played it a few times, nothing special. CnC is alot better imo
  19. EdmundW

    New units you wanna see

    How about suicide planes and terrorists for the Japs? And maybe some kind of hacker type robot (like the one of Star Wars) for disabling machinery?
  20. EdmundW

    It Lives!(ra3)

    i never lie.
  21. EdmundW

    Which campaign will you play first?

    Ain't this a bit off-topic?
  22. EdmundW

    Empire of the Rising Sun

    Do you watch 'Naruto'?
  23. EdmundW

    Most favorite C&C unit

    Ye , all hail kirov
  24. EdmundW


    Lol, thats exactly what i think too. When the nuke got blown on the campaign i was like: wtf... lazy EA