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  1. EdmundW


    Few days after.
  2. EdmundW

    New MOAR info

    Yeh, it is.
  3. if you make more i will build a mammoth tank out of lego and send it you.
  4. EdmundW


    Meh i watched Seth get shot in the head when i was about six on cnc 1.
  5. EdmundW

    EPIC Reflex game

    You need to think too much
  6. EdmundW

    Barack Obama

    i don't care who wins, as long as he won't do anything stupid in Iraq/Iran
  7. EdmundW

    Kid Crying Over Halo 3

    i would like to say 'funny videos' but they weren't really funny, quite disturbing.
  8. i would donate if i had a credit card and a bit more money
  9. EdmundW

    Now Playing - Music

    Its my life- Bon Jovi
  10. EdmundW

    Now Playing - Games

    Orange box, call of duty 4 and final fantasy 12 on DS
  11. EdmundW

    Upcoming Sequels and You

    Elder Scrolls 5, RA 3 (obvisouly), bfme 3 (if it happens), portal 2, half life 2 episode 3.
  12. EdmundW

    Smash Bros. Brawl

    me too. Do you know when?
  13. EdmundW

    Most favorite C&C unit

    Kane was never a unit.
  14. EdmundW

    Cabal Ownage

    i want a Core Defender one day.
  15. EdmundW

    Strange things in CC3

    What happens when a buzzer fights a buzzer?
  16. PC owners should get CTF
  17. EdmundW

    KW Tech Trees

    *cough* *cough* Gamereplays *cough* cough*
  18. EdmundW

    The Best Epic Unit!

    Sorry i was unaware of any jokes.
  19. EdmundW

    Scratched Disc

    Its not much money just to buy a game.
  20. EdmundW

    Two Question Epic Units

    1. All three cost 5000. 2. Cannot become veteran as far as i know.
  21. EdmundW

    New MOAR info

    Its an fps, cnc should be more well known for its rts games.
  22. EdmundW

    Empire of the Rising Sun

    i hope there are Apoc tanks too.
  23. EdmundW

    It Lives!(ra3)

    Not a bad idea.
  24. EdmundW

    Indoor missions

    Maybe an indoor mission in the Pentagon? Or the Kremlin?