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  1. EdmundW

    Will Yuri make a comeback?

    Totally agreed. T-rex is like my favourite dinosaur now.
  2. EdmundW

    RA1 tips

    i wasn't saying that mammoths were better. i said they were impractical which means they are useless basically.
  3. EdmundW

    Am I the only one...

    And veteran recon bikes. They also get a new unit called the 'Mantis' which specialises in anit-air and they get a tiberium-core missle upgrade for SAM sites recon bikes and the mantis. Napalm would be useful at destroying structures quickly and the confessor Cabal are very good btw, they get anti-tank energy weapons later on in the game and they cannot be crushed i believe.
  4. EdmundW

    Why ?

    She has a lazer, thats got to count for something.
  5. Yeh that would be so cool!
  6. EdmundW

    Automatic FAIL for this game.

    i love cod4 too but i don't want Tiberium to be just a clone of that.
  7. EdmundW


    i agree with luck3ues, Japan should be the good guys and the USA the bad guys who want control the globe.
  8. EdmundW

    It Lives!(ra3)

    Aparently there will be bears for the Soviets.
  9. EdmundW

    I want RA3 on 360/PS3

    It would be good if computer owner could connect and play against PS3 and Xbox 360 owners.
  10. EdmundW

    Leveling up structures

    its only fair if you have to pay like on bfme 2.
  11. EdmundW

    Will Yuri make a comeback?

    i don't want a Yuri x-pack. Yuri can die.
  12. EdmundW

    Prequel or Sequel?

    it did seem like you were.
  13. EdmundW

    Empire of the Rising Sun

    They better not have rocket buggies. *shudder*
  14. EdmundW

    Red Alert - IS a C&C Game!

    Yes that is true, i have read one that links ra1, td and ts. It's awesome and it works perfectly.
  15. EdmundW

    Empire of the Rising Sun

    i think they will get kamakazi stuff, like suicide boats and suicide trucks and suicide planes and suicide men.
  16. i'm just glad to hear your working on it i'm a big fan of the other ones.
  17. Whats wrong with GR? Anyway i think its very optimistic to say this game will be more popular than Halo.
  18. EdmundW

    Automatic FAIL for this game.

    That would be so aweosme but i'm afraid that looks doubtful tbh
  19. EdmundW

    Tiberium Petition

    i don't have high hopes for this game, it seems EA is trying to appeal less to the die-hard fans who played Renegade (minority) than players who are new to the game and just want any old simple high-graphical fps (majority). Also you can't play as Nod in single player which imo should definitly be implemented.
  20. EdmundW

    Am I the only one...

    You get veteren units, 2 commandoes, confessor cabal, napalm upgrade, confessor upgrade free and a uber avatar
  21. EdmundW

    Why ?

    Who would win in a fight GDI commando or Nod commando?
  22. EdmundW

    KW 360 Price

    Console prices are generally higher than PC game prices.
  23. MoK first but also the Blackhand and Steel Talons will be the ones i play.
  24. EdmundW

    Prequel or Sequel?

    The story is going to be somewhat light-hearted from what i've heard and won't link with the Tiberium storyline in any way.
  25. EdmundW

    Leveling up structures

    i think you should have to pay to upgrade structures.