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  1. Have to disagree on BFME2's pay to upgrade system being better than BFME's time/usage based one. Time is the hidden secondary resource in every RTS game. This system better takes that into account - if you harass your opponent effectively and force him to sell buildings while preventing him from doing the same to him you'll gain a significant edge in the time game.


    Hopefully RA3 won't have C&C3's runaway economy, but even if it does this system would help control it somewhat. Huge cashflow won't automatically mean you can just carelessly place buildings and fully upgrade them off the bat whenever you want. It also addresses the problem of keeping structures and defenses from being used offensively in place of units without making buildings/defenses ridiculously weak. Most importantly, the system adds considerable depth without burdening the player with a lot of extra management, an issue RTS games have struggled with.

    That encourages camping.

  2. And veteran recon bikes.


    They also get a new unit called the 'Mantis' which specialises in anit-air and they get a tiberium-core missle upgrade for SAM sites recon bikes and the mantis.


    Confessor cabal is good but not great.

    Napalm upgrade, who cares flame already almost instakills.


    Napalm would be useful at destroying structures quickly and the confessor Cabal are very good btw, they get anti-tank energy weapons later on in the game and they cannot be crushed i believe.