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  1. Yeah! That's it, I'm confident my rig can run it so might be worth the look
  2. Julbri


    At the very least it was handy, always could have a discussion because one of you was on
  3. What was the name of that program for the last setup you had bio?
  4. Julbri


    I mean back at the start of 2008 when I first join rather then when I came back for a day
  5. Julbri


    DD is right, those two together were like 5 mals back when i was around
  6. Julbri


    Is it just me or has this place gotten alot quieter since i left
  7. It could be alot worse really.. but i geuss it depends on the game limitations. I think they may have gone too far if you can put grenades in their daipers or something like that but otherwise i think the "INA" needs to relax a bit
  8. how often does that happen? nz getting it first?
  9. Julbri


    no one should , when was the last time you saw a one tonne professor, or who was the last person who couldnt fit into the seats of congress? those are the only americans i pay attention too we are all crazy, but luk3us is crazy by our stanards
  10. Julbri


    Hey! some of us are canadian well some of uys might be but im a kiwi
  11. i think its silly to think of god creating man from dust and woman from mans rib but its not that big of a deal that we are related to lemurs
  12. Julbri


    ohhh thats a BIG BIG BANG
  13. im happy knowing who my great grand perants are, i dont need to know older then that
  14. Julbri


    i do love a big bang
  15. i do not agree with that at all, in order to have a better future we must not dwell on the past, but look on to the future that we could have and set about acheiving it