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  1. Malevolence

    Windows 8... Again

    When did I or anyone say words containing "failure", "fail"? You may use the search function to verify your searches. I know there's one member like to use such keywords but that's not me for sure.
  2. Malevolence

    Pic of the Day

  3. Malevolence

    Windows 8... Again

    When did I or anyone say words containing "failure", "fail"? You may use the search function to verify your searches. I know there's one member like to use such keywords but that's not me for sure.
  4. Malevolence

    Windows 8... Again

    In the mobile side, Microsoft has decided to released their new "Surface" tablet to compete with the already popular Apple's iPad. Personally, I won't even bother with this. It always makes me wonder companies keep making bold claims such as the "iPhone killer" & "iPad killer"... how many of these such devices actually succeeded? All I see is small minor improvements over the existing Apple's devices. Of coz, Android fanboys would start going with their fanatic arguments and Apple fanboys will be doing their bias BS all over. These companies should stop with bold claims unless they really come out with something really revolutionary that changes the market.
  5. Malevolence

    Windows 8... Again

    I just hope that the final version will be easier and more user freidnly than the exisiting good Windows 7. If it turns out harder to use, I will stick to Windows 7 until the next OS comes out.
  6. Malevolence

    Origin a huge success, says EA

    TL;DR. Sounds like propaganda BS from where I came from. Its hilarious, its like how my government set ugly policies, control the press to release fake news to self praise and imaginary interviewees to praise how awesome it is. Story of my life.
  7. Malevolence

    Windows 8... Again

    It really seems there are a lot of skepticism going on even before Windows 8 is released. It does seem Windows seemed quite desperate in following the footsteps of Apple OS. Im not saying change is bad, I just hoping change can happen that improve and make userbility easier and better.
  8. Malevolence

    Windows 8... Again

    Take a read at this link. http://www.motherboards.org/gallery/8-changes-windows-8-will-drive-you-nuts
  9. Malevolence

    Video of the day

    Nice leak of THI4F! Anyways, you guys probably seen the leak short vid of that C&CG2. The comments are interesting, particularly this one: No doubt its an insider joke on EA's take on Battlefield 3. Similarly, Gen2 is gonna be based from Frostbite 2 engine, and I have to agree that its a matter of time the small expensive DLC packages and "premium" subscription thing will be pretty much applicable in future titles as well. How hardcore will you get? Will you pay more to complete the game?
  10. Malevolence

    Now Playing - Games

    Ever heard of Activision's Call of Duty franchise decided to some subscription thing called COD ELITE? Basically if you sign up with additional cash, you become a special COD player with more access to weapons and maps and some not so important stuff like skins etc. It's pretty profiting and EA also wants a larger slice of the same pie. So, Battlefield 3 at the moment wasn't really complete, even with the Back To Karkand DLC that was included for quite a number of people during pre-orders etc. DICE recently announced there will be additional 4 DLCS. EA pushed the idea of having special COD ELITE concept and viola Battlefield 3 Premium was born. The reason some of us decided to buy it, particularly me, is that after playing BF3 for quite a long while we need something new, new maps to play with and new weapons. Premium package is supposedly a "cheaper" alternative because it comes with not just the "Premium" BS, but also includes all the DLCs at a lesser price point than buying separate DLCs alone. The upgrade cost about the same as buying BF3 itself. The Premium thing has sparked tons of hatred and a clear split among the Battlefield community. Players who refused to get Premium argued that its not fair because they paid for BF3 these stuff should be included free for everyone. Some even argued that it's segregating the rich players and the poor players. Some servers, the loser admins, even went to the extent and banned any users who played in their servers and were recognized as Premium players. Quite childish isn't it? Close quarters, I'm very mixed about it. It does feel quite COD-ish actually, with better graphics. The maps were bigger than what you thought by looking at the trailers. The destruction is pretty cool. Some new weapons are okay but some needs fixing. For e.g. M5K is pretty much a pea shooter and accuracy is way off. If you aim at someone's head the bullet shoot more to the left and not onto the head. It's pretty underpowered and need serious fixing, especially if this gun is the most difficult and the last gun to be unlocked in the assignments. Gun Master mode is alright but if you start from the middle where everyone progressed halfway you may be in for a hard time. Imagine u are using a gun ur rivals are already using shotguns and rifles. I encountered some weird bugs and hopefully it can be rectified soon. Invisible guns, minimap to me is broken, yea.. oh well, story of my life.
  11. Malevolence

    Now Playing - Games

    Battlefield 3 Premium. Sigh I was dissappointed with the multiplayer experience. Origin is terrible. Battlelog is terrible, buggy and restrictive. When stats become somehow important, hackers and cheaters are unleashed. Insta-kills, see through walls, illuminating skins to see enemy more clearly, FXAA injectors, etc etc. That'll be the last FPS shooter game I'll buy for the sake of multiplayer experience. Not to mention people who rent servers and abuse them badly. Sigh, losers.
  12. Malevolence

    Need Replacement Video Card

    Cool cool cool.. sometimes dust acculmilation can mess up the PCI-e connectors and RAM connectors. What some of us did is before reseating back into the slots, use a clean eraser and gently give a good rub on the metal connectors first. I hope it turns out fine and can push for the next 7 months or so before your actual PC overhaul.
  13. Malevolence

    Need Replacement Video Card

    Oic. Hey just checking, you aint interested in AMD cards right? You prefer Nvidia as well?
  14. Malevolence

    Need Replacement Video Card

    DICE's Frostbyte 2 engine is pretty demanding. I've been playing Battlefield 3 regularly nowadays, and completed Need For Speed: The RUN a long time back, I was pushing my existing GTX 260 and could only play it at mid settings decently with decent acceptable frames of 30FPS-ish on a 1680x1050p monitor. From many tech reviews, only GTX 670, GTX 680, HD7970 are the cards that can run at insane over-the-top settings, but comes at an expensive price tag. Lets not talk about that. :/ Anyways... If you are using GT 640 don't expect it to run at high settings for Generals 2, I guess it should be able to play any Frostbyte 2 games at average settings too, about 36FPS on a 1680x1050p monitor; 29.7FPS on a 1920x1080p monitor. http://www.tomshardw...iew,3214-3.html