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  1. For example, Dawn of War 1 recieved a patch after 5 years, that moved entire game multiplayer to Steam servers. Sadly, that sucky Electronic Arts will never do something similar
  2. I think, the story-briefing must be on loading screen, which will wait for your key-press to continue when loading is finished. Right now not everyone will read the story briefing
  3. Woah, time to install RA2: YR!
  4. Epic! Can't wait for it and for a new campaign. I'll specially install RA2: Yuri's Revenge to check this mod again. I think this mod may be an official expansion for Yuri's Revenge, because it's really a high quality modification.
  5. Petroglyph now don't work on EoN. Trion World not taken entire game development, and Petroglyph is out of game, they had tons of layoffs. You're a bit out of date. Read the latest news please. http://www.vgchartz.com/article/250589/end-of-nations-developer-petroglyph-games-hit-with-layoffs/ http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/182893/ http://www.computerandvideogames.com/382228/layoffs-at-end-of-nations-studio-petroglyph/
  6. The funny fact is that John Van Kaneghem was a founder of TRION World, who is working right now on End of Nation after Petroglyph disband.
  7. Funny thing is that Petroglyphs is closed at this moment, and they sold End of Nations to TRION World who turned EoN into MOBARTS (more worse than C&C4)
  8. Existor

    New EU General Unveiled - Salvo

    I mean, who will ever pay money for just 1 redesigned unit? I understand if there will be 2-3 units and abilities, maybe then it will feel that it really costs something. Or it looks like buying for $0.25 every achievement in any game to acomplish it. Kinda crazy comparsion but you may understand my point. If EA wants me to buy something, then it REALLY must be worth to buy. 1 unit and 1 ability is not worth to buy. 2units/2abilities maybe better, and new generals that are same different as ZH/KW subfactions - even better. .
  9. Existor

    New EU General Unveiled - Salvo

    Disliked just for castrated general. I mean, 1 unit and 1 ability? And then sell it for some money? Really?
  10. Existor

    New C&C Logo Wallpapers

    Added GLA wallpaper
  11. Existor

    C&C Logo Font

    Eurostile font is already available for free. You can just extract it from StarCraft 2 resources. All Eurostile fonts are located here: StarCraft II \ Mods \ Core.SC2Mod \ Base.SC2Data \ <open it with MPQ Editor> \ UI \ Fonts \ <Eurostile fonts here>
  12. Existor

    C&C Logo Font

    Hello again. This time it's not a fanart or wallpaper. Here you can see slighty edited copy of the official font from Command & Conquer logo (right above this forum). Original font is Miedinger Medium, which isn't available for free, but I have recreated it via FontCreator programm. Free font for free game! This font copy includes some changes with letters and symbols, which you can see above on the banner. http://dexistor371.deviantart.com/ar...font-396527879 And a small bonus - fully recreated from scratch C&C logo from CnCSaga.ru
  13. This is a simple remake of original China & GLA loading screens from C&C: Generals - Zero Hour features refreshed Asia-Pacific Alliance and Global Liberation Army logos from the new Command & Conquer (2013-2014) game. Later I will do similar wallpapers and logos for EU faction. Wallpaper is available in 1920x1200 (16:10) and 1920x1080 (16:9) resolutions. You can also find two versions of APA & GLA logo in the archive - colored and greyed one. You can use it as you want (forum avatar, desktop icon, in your userbars, etc). Just credit about me. http://dexistor371.deviantart.com/art/GLA-Wallpaper-and-Logo-406772474 http://dexistor371.deviantart.com/art/APA-Wallpaper-and-logo-396343272 Also, this is my second wallpaper around new C&C game. Previous one you can find here http://dexistor371.deviantart.com/ar...aper-396346896