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  1. Australian (and New Zealand?) Collector's Edition of C&C. Very rare, even more rare then the Commemorative Edition. Finally we have a good picture of it, I've only see a 64x64px picture before
  2. Check ddraw.ini do note that you have some exe specific overrides at the bottom of the ini file.
  3. The version of cnc-ddraw included with the updated config tool allows you to use glsl shaders. The download even includes a few, of which are CRT shaders. It includes a DX9 renderer as well.
  4. Tore

    Crash research

    @Nyerguds This seems like a different issue. That is the GDI commando mission, the map is larger than that.
  5. Gentool works with most mods: https://www.gentool.net
  6. https://downloads.cnc-comm.com/?dir=generic/uaddons More stuff
  7. Resolutions 1080p 1440p UHD 4K 4k UItrawide Phone 1440p (9:16) Resolutions 1080p 1440p UHD 4K 4k UItrawide Phone 1440p (9:16)
  8. Added some extra sizes for phones and such
  9. Do you get any error message?
  10. Command & Conquer Sole Survivor Online: now with MOBA Battle Royale!
  11. Yay a JavaScript app that kinda looks like Win95. Using several hundred megabyes of RAM.
  12. In TS all cyborgs loose their legs if damaged enough (around middle of red health?) this causes them to move slower as they crawl forward. Healing them by walking on tiberium or by other means do not restore their legs or speed.
  13. I've been using Vivaldi for 2 years or so. I like it, one of the original founders of the Opera browser is working on it too.
  14. The only way currently to stretch TS, RA2 etc right now is through options on your graphics card/monitor. As far I can see VMware does not support such stretching. This is why TS has black borders around it if you run it in a res lower than your VM's resolution. The only reason why this works in C&C1 and RA1 is because of cnc-ddraw which can stretch the game to the res it is provided. You can however install TS on your host OS and enable stretching on your graphics card or monitor and all full screen applications will automatically stretch.
  15. For that to work your VM software must support stretching.
  16. That happens because the resolution you have chosen is larger than the map itself. Just open and close the options menu and the duplicate will go away leaving a black screen.
  17. What do you mean with "the mouse pointer only appears stuck on four corners of the screen"? You only see the mouse pointer at the corners of the screen?
  18. Ah yes, I like the Saturn version of C&C. CD quality audio and smooth framerates
  19. The Genesis/Mega Drive version is not official.
  20. Red Alert 1 on the PS1 is alright save for the derpy graphics and the occasional slow speed. Using the D-Pad can be a bit cumbersome, but you get used to it after a while. The PS1 mouse makes it a bit better. As for supporting the joysticks on the pads. C&C1, RA1 and Dune2k for the PS1 predates the release of the Dual Analog and the DualShock controllers.
  21. The black sections are there because you have chosen a resolution larger than the map itself, the first missions of C&C are on small maps, the later ones are on larger maps. If you choose a reasonable res it will fill the screen. As for windowed mode you need to enable cnc-ddraw in ccconfig.exe and select "run in windowed mode.". Note that in ccconfig there are different types of resolution settings one that changes game resolution, letting you see more of the map and one for cnc-ddraw that stretches the game to a resolution without affecting how much of the map you see. If you are getting crashes using cnc-ddraw you have to disable any compatibility mode you might have on C&C95.exe (right click on C&C95.exe, click on "properties", find the "compatibility" tab and uncheck all.).
  22. Cyborg Commando's do splash damage, they do not only damage one infantryman at a time. Same applies to disc throwers, sure you can mico to avoid them, but they can also be microed themselves for better range etc and they will most of the time hit a bunch of charging light infantry. The reason I brought them up is because if they are used right they are a decent multi purpose unit and are often used to support light infantry. Sure you can spend all your money on light inf, but if they meet a wall of Titans alone there isn't much they can do. I'm not saying light inf are useless as I said they are great if you manage to surprise the enemy and even as units to support higher tier units. Any decent player will be expecting an infantry rush and will have infantry there to counter them. This applies not only to tech centers, but every building that unlocks any tech in games pre-RA2. Tech is only lost if tech structures are gone and every production facility of a type is gone. As for anything I said about ZH it is based upon very fuzzy memories from ages ago, but I do remember the hum-vee thing too and something about quad cannons having insane DPS. TS is a bit fuzzy too. The C&C game I have played the most online is C&C1. and no I do not play "no rush" games.
  23. Wut While infantry is important in TS, spamming only light inf wont get you very far, maybe as a surprise attack. Disc throwers are pretty powerful though and infantry in general are useful. TS usually ends up with tons of titans, banshees, orca bombers and tons of disruptor, mammoth and cyborg commando drops. In C&C1 minigunners alone will be wrecked by grenadiers, flamethrowers, buggies, hum-vees and any vehicle that can squish. Infantry is still important though and can be used to support defenses or even attack. C&C1 games usually end up with tons of bikes, buggies, hum-vees, medium tanks, light tanks and the occasional engie filled APC, commando, stealth tank, rocket launcher and streams of infantry of different kinds pouring out of barracks. The most OP unit being the Apache, followed by the Orca. As for Zero Hour...quad cannon, aurora alpha........ As for RA you pretty much only need heavy tank, heavy tank, heavy tank, 7 MCV's, tesla coil, tesla coil, tesla coil, V2, V2, V2, tesla coil.....................................
  24. I for one like a good story in my RTS games, like StarCraft 1 or C&C games and I don't really like adventure (like point and clicks) games that much. The story doesn't have to be an epic dialogue heavy story (like StarCraft 1) just an enjoyable story that fits in with the missions you play (like C&C) it doesn't even need a lot of dialogue the sounds, units and environments can do a lot of story telling too (like Homeworld). As for the old 2D C&C the one that fits the description of buggy gameplay is Tiberian Sun, the rest are polished fairly well. As for one production facility units come out of. I don't know I kind of like that idea it keeps things simple, rather than having to click through several factories you worry about one while the others you build assist in construction. As for SC1 wrecking C&C in sales numbers sure, Blizzard did support the game for over a decade not to mention the 3D C&C's were "wrecked pretty hard" by SC2.
  25. Creating an entirely new OS looking like Amiga Workbench would be missing the point entirely. AmigaOS is about the passionate Amiga and Commodore fanbases. They want a continuation of the OS some of them started using 32 years ago which is compatible with the old software they still like to use. Not to mention that creating a new OS from scratch would take years to reach the stage AmigaOS is at now and be incompatible with the software library of Amiga's making the entire project kind of pointless. Implementing anything "basic" like TCP/IP into an OS is not easy especially with most likely a tiny group of developers. Initially even Microsoft didn't entirely write the TCP/IP support built into Windows themselves even with their gigantic budget and tons of developers the TCP/IP stack in Windows was based upon BSD. Not sure about that. "Playing with 80's micros" even for nostalgia's sake can be a very educational experience especially if it leads in to an understanding about soldering, electronics repair, PCB design, how operating systems work, microcode, the manufacturing of chips, programming etc. while the methods used in creating old microcomputers are obsolete, the basics behind it all are still highly relevant today and skills regularly sought after. Even if things are old doesn't make them automatically bad.