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  1. The move cursor looks like the one from RA, not C&C1 Looks nice anyways
  2. CnCNet version 2 just reached open beta. CnCNet v2 is now open for everyone to test! Main features of CnCNet v2 are: - Faster speeds - Command & Conquer support - Red Alert support - Tiberian Sun support - Better routing support - Linux compatibility Users of the old CnCNet will have to disable their clients as the old CnCNet client are no longer in use and will not update to the latest version! To play on CnCNet please read the setup guide, as CnCNet v2 is still in beta some problems may occur, you will have to update your files regularly. To find players join the new CnCNet IRC; #cncnet at irc.freenode.net Visit our forums and website for the latest info! Read the rest at What is CnCNet?
  3. Tore

    Starcraft II release

    Company of Hero's sure does look nice, but pathfinding etc. can be discussed. The pathfinding of SC2 is great, my units actually does what I tell them to, no C&C harvester syndrome. I don't understand what you mean with "quality", CoH wasn't exactly "bug free" when it was released. Just FYI, CoH and Dawn of War have a lot in common, everything from cover to the camera. CoH isn't the only RTS Relic has made. For the support powers. In SC2 you are required to use support powers every game or else you will loose. A Terran which doesn't use MULEs is a dead Terran, same for a Zerg which doesn't use Queens to hatch extra larva or expand creep. SC2 might look easy on the surface but as with many RTS'es, when you dig deeper the game gets more and more complex. Just watch a few games from professional players. And yes they are professional as in they have SC2 as their job...
  4. Tore

    Starcraft II release

    No support powers? What do you call MULEs, warp gates etc. then? There are a lot of "support powers" in SC2...everything from creep expansion to larva...
  5. Looks pretty awesome too Remappable icons would have been sweet though.
  6. Tore

    1.06c Modding system

    I guess you have been ignorant of the awesome snow theater in 1.06 for a very long time? The sidebar button is there to hide the sidebar so it would be kind of stupid to put the credits box there.....
  7. Tore

    What is your favorite RTS universe?

    I like everyone, so everyone gets an imaginary +1 vote!
  8. after downloading the TFD 1.03 patch you should also get the 1.06b rev2 patch for C&C1: http://www.cnc-comm.com/community/index.ph...;sa=view;down=6 TFD 1.03 includes only 1.06b rev1.
  9. Tore

    Starcraft II release

    I grew up with C&C and StarCraft so off-course I'm going to buy SC2, I even have it pre-ordered. And I've played the beta a few times, it seems great. Even in the early beta stages it had the quality of a "finished" game.
  10. Hehe I was thinking of doing something similar but I couldn't get LAN working properly on DOSBox, but I didn't really try hard either.
  11. Tore

    Your Gaming Shopping List

    Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead StarCraft 2 Thats all the games I can think of at the moment.
  12. I think Command & Patch will find a better place here than on CnC Sector.
  13. Tore

    online game

    There is no need to register anymore, it doesn't even work. Just type in a username and password at the log in screen and you are automatically registered.
  14. Tore

    ZH Doesn't Run

    Have you tried uninstalling deleting everything Generals ZH related on your hard drive? The folder in my documents, and the folder Zero Hour is installed to? Then reinstalling patching it to 1.04 and running it as administrator?
  15. Tore

    Custom Mapping Programs?

    Tried looking in the Generals ZH folder? The World Builder is included with Generals ZH
  16. The C&C Community survived about 3 years without EA. I think we will be fine, and I think they haven't given up on us, well not yet anyways. People still create mods for "C&C" games, whenever it's C&C3, RA3, Generals, Tiberian Sun, RA2 heck even RA1 and Dune 2! And there are plenty of mod news around if you bother to look.
  17. Then that box is just my imagination then? C&C1 was released for Mac OS in 1996, 1 year before the Windows version. There have been no free release of C&C Mac and I can't find a download anywhere on the internet. But if you find one I guess it's legal to download it since C&C has been released as freeware anyways and there is no exclusive content in the Mac versions. Anyways you cannot run C&C95 in DOSbox but you can run it nicely on WINE C&C95 is extremely similar to the Mac version it even runs in the same resolution! Oh by the way don't forget Nyerguds' 1.06 patch! It increases stability and fixes in bugs in good ol' C&C95
  18. Why can't game companies just stick to the CD key and CD check method? I think that is enough. Or maybe in the future they can just have a CD key which the installation program checks with a server before installing, if it cannot connect to a server the game will try later to verify the key it got. So people with no internet can play. Though game companies are fighting a loosing battle. DRM's are usually cracked shortly after the game is released, maybe even a day after the game is released and sometimes even before the games release. I do not like piracy, it doesn't give the developer what they deserve. But when a game refuses to run only because you have two disk drives...then they are doing DRM the wrong way.
  19. What C&C mods are you playing right now? None, I just formatted my computer What C&C mods do you have installed right now but don't play actively? I just answered that What C&C mods have you ever played? Special Operations (TS) C&C Meets Star Wars (C&C1) Tiberian Sun Total War (TS) Tiberian Sun Retro (TS) The First Tiberium War (ZH) Tiberian Dawn Redux (ZH, beta) The Flame Dancers (C&C1 campaign) C&C Armageddon (RA1) MooMans Rules (RA2) Cold War Crisis (ZH) Middle East Crisis (ZH) Middle East Crisis 2 (C&C3) Tiberium Wars Adavanced (C&C3) Tiberian Sun Dusk (TS) Tiberian Future A Dying World (TS) Twisted Insurrection (TS, old beta/alpha) Exodus (YR, alpha release) Ultima mod (TS) Red Alert Revolution (RA1) Rise of the Reds (ZH) C&C Shockwave (ZH) Vietnam Glory Obscured (ZH) Starkiller (ZH) New Tech Mod (Gen) New Tech Mod v3 (ZH) C&C Reborn (Ren) Red Alert A Path Beyond (Ren) It Came From Red Alert! (YR) The Dawn of the Tiberium Age (TS) Blitzkrieg (YR) Blitzkrieg 2 (ZH) Tiberium Essence (C&C3) Return of the Dawn (TS) C&C Ants Mod (C&C1) and a lot of other mods What C&C mods are you eagerly waiting to play but haven't been publicly released yet? Tiberian Dawn Redux (ZH) Tiberian Dawn (C&C3) Tiberian Sun Rising (C&C3) Twisted Insurrection (TS) Tiberian Oddysee (TS)
  20. Nod is grey and red in C&C1, the units are grey and the buildings are red. The C&C3TD team is doing nothing wrong.
  21. There are many methods you can use to create a screenshot from C&C1/RA95. You can use Fraps You can use ArsClip just start it and take a screenshot with print screen and paste it paint. and there is a guide made by Nyerguds somewhere on CnCWorld which keeps the orginal palletes which makes the picture higher quality, but I cant find it....