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  1. What do you mean? Mods based on Westwood games? C&C Meets Star Wars RA Meets Star Wars (The Flame Dancers C&C1 and RA, mostly a campaign, has some modded stuff) C&C Classic Revolution (RA1) Tiberian Sun Retro (TSFS) Return of the Dawn (TSFS) The Dawn of the Tiberium Age (TSFS) Tiberian Future a Dying World (TSFS) Tiberian Sun Total War (TSFS) NCM Revolution (TSFS) Code Red (RA2YR) D-Day (RA2YR) etc....
  2. Well... the logo had a slight bit of tomsons26 magic to it too.
  3. Ever since I first played it on the Playstation 1 the original C&C has been my favorite (or one of my favorite) games of all time and I still find myself playing it: online and offline. It may lack the amount of map sizes of Red Alert, the convenient unit queues of later C&C titles and yet I still find it more fun. Of all the versions I think I prefer the DOS version, but C&C95 is great for online play. I own all the different versions of C&C1 as shown below. I did a 5 hour stream of me playing on CnCNet today and I might do some more later on this week.
  4. I agree with your article. The only way I can see EA handing over C&C to another company is for a gigantic sum of money, but even that is unlikely seeing that EA has never sold the rights of a franchise to another company. As for Ravendark's statement that RTS don't make enough profit is kind of a self fulfilling prophecy in a way. RTS games don't make enough profit because few are made because they don't make enough profit. Those who are made don't attract a big following because they either don't have a budget to make themselves known or the quality of the game is low. The only exception being StarCraft 2 whose popularity is fading due to mismanagement by Blizzard
  5. Osa is the real name of the vehicle..
  6. If needed DVD playback can be restored with VLC, MPC-HC and other programs. Media Center can be replaced with Kodi. I have been using Windows 10 for a while now and I have had no major hickups. I like it better than 8(.1), it feels faster and smoother than 7.
  7. Could be a cnc-ddraw problem. The 1.06 patch comes with comes with a configuration tool. Try and switch around some settings there especially things like renderer or just simply disabling cnc-ddraw.
  8. The Allies are not as hopeless as the article make them out to be. The Allies' units are cheaper, faster and quicker to produce. Not to mention that the medium tank is just as powerful as the Soviet heavy tank and cheaper. Two light tanks can kill a mammoth tank while being cheaper than one. Gun turrets are almost as powerful as a tesla coil and cheaper...
  9. Blue Tiberium was introduced in normal Tiberian Sun. What was introduced in Firestorm was the large blue crystals that regrows it once everything is harvested. Like the tree for normal Tiberium.
  10. Congratulations! Though I'm sure if the TTL setting on the domain was set to a lower number other DNS servers might have picked up the change faster.
  11. Tore

    Windows 10 vs Steam OS

    The good things I think Valve has brought to the table is a willingness by the GPU manufacturers to create better Linux drivers and make publishers and developers understand that there's a untapped market of millions of Linux users worldwide. The Linux community has also been making a lot of progress in usability and the UX area lately with more to come.
  12. Not just the power plant, but the advanced power plant. But the normal power plant resembles the first stage of the power station.
  13. Tore

    Deus Ex 4 is now in development

    Say that to Counter-strike (Half-life), DayZ (Arma 2) and DoTA (WarCraft 3). Mods drive sales long term. Many companies fail to see that. I hope the new Deus Ex becomes a good game.
  14. Tore

    Current Site Issues

    I'm glad the root of the issue didn't go that far Remember to update software regularly especially popular web facing ones.
  15. Tore

    Current Site Issues

    I don't know how your server is set up or how much access you have to the server. But this issue could be a problem with Apache or rather servers that haven't been updated in a while. Someone could've got high enough access to the server through vulnerabilities in old code to install a malicious Apache module. Many such modules have similar behavior (redirecting people to certain nefarious sites). Though if there are several sites hosted on the same server and only one of them have issue then this sounds more unlikely. If this turns out to be the case try and purge and reinstall Apache.
  16. Tore

    TFD issues... lots of them

    Try to patch C&C1 with http://www.cncnz.com/hosted-projects/command-patch/command-conquer-gold-unofficial-patch/ and patch RA with this: http://funkyfr3sh.cncnet.org/files/RA1installer.exe
  17. I think the file extension must have somehow changed when you downloaded...whatever you downloaded. I suggest you download this: http://www.moddb.com/mods/command-conquer-unofficial-patch-106/downloads/cc95-v106c-revision-3-full-game-installer and this for the videos: http://www.moddb.com/mods/command-conquer-unofficial-patch-106/downloads/command-conquer-english-videos-base-pack The solutions presented early in this topic are old and there's no need to download 1.06b then patch to 1.06c anymore as 1.06c rev3 is in the full download already. (By the way "this program must be run under win32" simply means that it is a 32-bit Windows program that can't be run under DOS or a 16-bit version of Windows (like Win 3.11). 32-bit applications run just fine on 64-bit versions of Windows)
  18. Tore

    New China's OS vs the world

    Oh look "news" about something China has been doing for a decade.
  19. Did you try to install the updated TS installer link I provided? (for TS) Uninstall TFD TS and try it. http://tore29.com/tsins/TSinstaller3-beta10r3.exe I'm just looking a for bugs in it at the moment before I replace the one on C&C Comm. (it needs some mirrors for certain files too)
  20. See if TS works with this installer: http://tore29.com/tsins/TSinstaller3-beta10r3.exe It should work right out of the box.
  21. Tore

    Do you have an IRC Client?

    I don't have an IRC client installed on my main PC, but I do access irssi though SSH for my iRC needs.
  22. Tore

    C&C - RA on PS Vita

    I don't have a PS Vita, but I do play C&C1 and RA1 on my phone from time to time
  23. Sound cards have been pointless for many years now. If you want better sound quality go with a external AMP and DAC. If you want a sound card for [insert reason here] I have heard good things about ASUS.
  24. Tore

    CNCSaga FanWars Mod Released

    TS-ddraw might even fix TS on certain Win7 and Vista PC's as well.