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    CNCSaga FanWars Mod Released

    Their "Windows 8 fix" which is WineD3D with some fixes by Aqrit is missing a few required files such as libwine.dll and wined3d.dll. Everything can be downloaded from this zip file: http://tore.cnc-comm.com/TS_Win8fix.zip Though hifi's TS-ddraw: http://funkyfr3sh.cncnet.org/files/ts-ddraw.7z might work better.
  2. Tore

    New Look CnCNet Site

    Well we did get the cursor idea from the source (CCHyper).
  3. If the sidebar doesn't show up you might need to enable the "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings" compatibility setting on C&C95.exe. if that doesn't work you need to lower the DPI scaling setting for Windows.
  4. Tore

    Watch Dogs in GTA IV = absurd!

    Not that the the PC port for GTA4 was that great either....
  5. Tore

    Tiberian Sun 15th Anniversary

    The Platinum Edition is pretty cool. I'm on the lookout for one. The coolest version of the one who has the red visor.
  6. Tore

    Tiberian Sun 15th Anniversary

    The freeware release of TS isn't really a installer as you need to install it manually. Happy 15th anniversary TS!
  7. Tore

    Etherium RTS

    or Act of Agression
  8. Media Player Classic is one of the best (if not the best) video player applications for Windows.
  9. FunkyFr3sh also has a nice installer for RA1 that can help people install from original CD's, isos and patch TUC and TFD, and automatically download isos and install them or just download a mini version for multiplayer. It adds all the community patches automatically so the game runs flawlessly even on Windows 8.1. and don't forget Nyerguds' C&C95 1.06 full version
  10. Tore

    What is Your Diet Like?

    I drink water, "flavored water" (Don't know of any other way to put it) and eat varied food. I like chocolate a bit too much though and putting any sort of potato chips/crisps near me usually ends up with it disappearing. .
  11. Hamachi is not meant for gaming it is just a straight up "easy to use" VPN service. I don't like Tunngle as last time I tried it it was filled with advertisements. If I'd play through some "gaming" VPN network I'd use Evolve or Gameranger.
  12. Eh, I'll just keep to Counterstrike, unless they do something interesting.
  13. The only value I see in this card is maybe video editing, game development or any other income generating work that makes use of what the card has to offer. Otherwise just buy a massively overkill gaming/everything PC instead of using money on this dual GPU card.
  14. Generals + Zero Hour uses Gamespy too if I remember correctly.
  15. There goes Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Vietnam, Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142
  16. Tore

    Red Alert Arda problem

    There's no pack of C&C games called "The Last Decade", you might be referring to The First Decade. You should take a look at PortableRA: http://iran.cnc-comm.com/ra/ it also has a high res mode. Don't forget to play though the original C&C too if you're playing through the series.
  17. That happens when you set the resolution higher than the size of the map itself, going to the options menu fixes that issue somewhat. As for laggy movies there's an option in ddraw.ini that might fix that. Open ddraw.ini with a text editor and change singlecpu=true to singlecpu=false
  18. Tore

    Why new video games are always the same price

    Most new PC games cost $40 like WarGame: Red Dragon or $30 like Men of War Assault Squad 2.
  19. Click on "show settings for all users" then you should get a new window where you can uncheck the "run in compatibility mode for" option.
  20. At the bottom of the compatibility menu you will see a button that says "change settings for all users"
  21. In order to use version 1.06c by Nyerguds on The Ultimate Collection you need to disable compatibility mode for all users on C&C95.exe or else it will crash. For RA1 you could download this: http://funkyfr3sh.cncnet.org it can patch any install of RA or just download the entire game as RA is free. (as is C&C1 and TS)
  22. Tore

    Specs of the halted C&C G2

    I didn't really look at the files in Command & Conquer Free to Play but I know these things. - It used Frostbite 3 - No clue most likely the same as BF3/BF4 - Not sure about the actual count, but the units and buildings themselves looked very detailed from what I can remember. - See point 2 - No, it was a desktop game.
  23. Tore

    Full Download

    I don't think they have. The simple graphics style and overall simplicity of them both means that they have aged rather decently. Though C&C1, RA1 and TS are not selling points for TUC as those games are freeware.
  24. Tore

    Has Lion bitten the bullet?

    Sad to see the CNCDen go, I sometimes go there looking for some old C&C stuff.